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Morning Humpers! I'm back with a paragraph from my free read, Decadent Medicine.  Here a nurse and a doctor have an unintentional meeting at a night club that turns into something more...

“Want to do something a little bit… decadent, Meagan?” he whispered to her, voice full of promise.

Meagan stared into those blue eyes, mesmerized. That was a rhetorical question if she’d ever heard one. But part of her held back. Her more sensible side the one she wanted to tell to shut the fuck up right now side… “I bet you do decadence with all the girls, Dr…ah I mean, James.”

He frowned. “Actually, no.” That deadly smile was back. “Can I let you in on a little secret?”

I hope you enjoyed! The entire free read is available here:

Catch the other authors participating in Hump Day Hook here:http://humpdayhook.blogspot.co.uk/

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Today, I'm honored and pleased to introduce the dynamic writing duo of Adonis Devereux and their awesome Lotus Trilogy!! Oh, and they're offering a giveaway today. Just leave a comment in the comment section with your email address telling them a little something surprising about your own love life!! Take it away you two....
Adonis Devereux is two people made one. He grew up in Michigan and in rural Indiana, a Midwestern boy with a passion for story. She was rootless, a Virginia native who lived in London, Paris, and Rome before her parents settled just outside Tokyo. Like him, stories burned in her.

 They met in university at a poetry reading, and their love story continued into marriage, graduate school, and half a dozen children. Now he teaches at a Japanese national university, and she teaches children to invert fractions and decline Latin nouns, all while researching ancient Roman and medieval recipes for their novels.

Together, they are Adonis Devereux, and they’re proud to have published their entire line of Gilalion books with Evernight. They’re sad to say goodbye to the fantasy world that has cradled seven amazing couples, but they’re excited about moving on to a new line of books.


The Lotus Trilogy, 3

Konas Seranimesti was present eighteen years ago when the last Lotus in Arinport gave birth to twins, Soren and Sillara. Sillara was betrothed to Konas's brother the day of her birth, and Konas has fallen in love with his brother's promised wife.

But what can Konas do? Sillara is the daughter of a Lotus, and her life has been planned out in advance. She has never been allowed to choose anything for herself. But when her twin brother, Soren, who is himself feeling the pressures of his station, joins her on a desert hunting trip arranged by his best friend, everyone's plans for Sillara are ruined.

Lost in the desert and assumed dead, Sillara is given choices for the first time in her life, but how can she choose a love she has never recognized? Will Sillara's choice ruin Soren's chance for love? And can Konas win a heart promised to another man?

Be Warned: public exhibition, anal sex, multiple partners, m/m sex, f/f sex, bondage, spanking, erotic asphyxiation

Soren had no more time to pursue his dark thoughts, for the shaking of the tambourines summoned everyone to the main tent. A male and female pleasure slave, clad in near-nothingness, stood at the entrance and greeted the revelers. Nathen gave Orien a light kick.

“Get up, sleepyhead. Delight calls.”

Orien groaned, squinted against the light, and rolled over. He rose, shook the sand from his massive, muscular frame, and stretched. His face broke into a wide grin. “Is it time to travel the marshes already?”

Soren nodded.

“Merieke brought plenty of herbs, so no one has to worry about bastards, so I am going to take one of the girls for myself. You all can fight it out over whoever's left.”

Orien, Nathen, and Soren entered the tent and were carried along on waves of music, incense, and herbs. Soren watched as a slave crushed the petals of a purple flower in his hand and threw it into the brazier. Immediately he felt his mind slipping away to that thrilling realm of supreme carnal gratification. The slaves had some touch of their master, and though Konas was not here, his influence remained. Soren knew he was in for another unforgettable orgy.

Merieke came, too, and her natural beauty shamed the crafted appearances of the pleasure slaves. She wore nothing save her jewelry, and even her brothers turned and gasped at her arrival. Gold and malachite earrings dangled from her lovely earlobes, and a wide necklace of gold and silver fashioned in the likeness of two birds' heads looking in opposite directions lay across the upper half of her breasts. Her lips were red as the ripest apples, and black wings of kohl rose from her eyes, giving her a cat-like look. Soren was almost convinced that she was purring. A belt of thin gold coins linked together hung on her hips, drawing his attention to her exposed and beautiful pussy. Clean. No hair. Just the way the Sunjaa liked it. But most magnificent of all was Merieke's headpiece, an ornate black wig decorated with cold-worked glass of varying colors.
“Hello, boys,” she said.

No one responded, so stunned were the men by the sudden revelation of her charms.

Soren noticed that she held something in her hand, but whatever it was, it was small enough to be concealed in her closed fist. The only thing he could see was the long ribbon of silk that hung from her hand. It put him in mind of something fun, and with a grin, he walked over to a nearby casket and rummaged through its contents of toys in search of a blindfold.
Orien took one of the slave-girls and commandeered her. Due to Orien's unpleasantly oversized cock, that was no more than Soren expected. That left two male pleasure slaves, one female, and Merieke.
Merieke walked over to Soren, reached up inside his skirt without breaking eye contact with him, and grabbed his cock. “It's about time, don't you think? We've known each other all our lives, and still we haven't fucked?”
Soren untied his skirt and let it fall. “Well, I've been at sea.” He liked bantering with her.
Merieke's eyes glowed. “From what I hear about what you sailors do to each other at sea, I'd say you're more than ready to take what I'm offering.”
Soren grinned and ran his hands through his long hair, freeing any small tangles from his horns. “I'll make your first time with an Ausir something to remember.”

Merieke went up on her tiptoes and kissed Soren's mouth. “And I'll make your first time with me unforgettable.”
Soren smiled back at Nathen, who nodded his approval. Merieke's brother turned his attention toward a female pleasure slave, invited a male pleasure slave to join them, and moved off. Knowing that he was going to tell Sillara everything about this afterward, Soren resolved to thoroughly thank Merieke for her kindness in giving Sillara her first climax.
The part of Soren that was the attentive lover wished he had asked Nathen what kind of lover Merieke was, what she liked and disliked, and what she liked even if she did not know she liked it or just would not admit it to herself. But the other side of Soren, that adventurous side that liked a bit of a surprise, was glad to be sailing into uncharted waters. The sea had never looked more inviting.

Soren sensed that Merieke, in her excitement, wanted to lead, and he obliged her. He knew that some people dealt with their nervousness by overcompensating in matters of control. Soren could wait to assert himself; besides, he was happy to see what Merieke would do.

Merieke laid Soren down on a pile of soft pillows and leaned over him, arching her fingers in order to press her nails into his chest. Her hands played with Soren's body, traveling over his shoulders, and down his muscular arms. She traced the wide wings of the proud falcon tattooed beautifully across his chest. She leaned in closer to play with the hair at the nape of his neck, and as she tousled his locks, she kissed his throat. Soren moaned and relaxed into the pillows. Merieke only used her left hand. Her right hand still held her secret.

The passion of Merieke's kisses increased, and she, too, moaned as she rubbed her tits against Soren's skin. Soren kneaded her breasts, ending each long caress in a pinch of her nipples. He breathed deep of the spices in the fibers of her wig, and his cock surged to life. In moments it was achingly hard. Merieke trailed her kisses across his collarbone and down his chest. She stopped at his nipple for a nibble, and Soren thrust his cock up into her stomach. The hard shaft slapped against her skin, and she looked up into his eyes and smiled.
Her kisses continued down to his navel, and there she paused to lick. With her left hand, she reached down and grasped Soren's cock, working it in preparation for her tongue. She jacked him off against her throat, moving the head of his cock down her jawline and across her chin. Merieke's tongue flicked out, almost touching it but not quite. Soren smiled at her game. Soon it would be his turn.
Without warning, Merieke devoured Soren's cock, the pleasure of which caused him to suck in his breath and hold it. Her lips held his hard shaft against her ever-moving tongue. Her head bobbed up and down, and Soren groaned in pleasure to see his cock disappearing into the mouth he had wanted to fuck for so long. Merieke looked up into his eyes while she sucked. She knew exactly what to do.
But then something happened that surprised and impressed Soren, a man impressed by nothing where sex was concerned. Soren was so far more advanced than any of his lovers that no one had ever been able to catch him unawares in the bedroom.
Merieke did. As she sucked, she dropped both her hands below Soren's legs so that her hands were out of sight. Soren knew she was up to something, but he could not guess what. Then he felt something cool against his asshole, and he looked down in surprise. Merieke managed to smile while still keeping his cock in her mouth.

Soren was open to anything, so he trusted Merieke to please him. So far she was doing an excellent job. He relaxed his asshole and let Merieke slip inside whatever she wanted to put there. Whatever it was, it was not very big. Not as big as a cock. And then a most pleasing vibrating sensation filled his back passage.
Other Books in The Lotus Trilogy:

The Soldier's Lotus
A Lotus for the Regent

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Today I'd love to welcome fellow EP Author, Shyla Colt to my blog! She's sharing her latest Romance On The Go release, Vixen Claimed! And look at that HAWT cover!! This is definitely one to singe the pages!  Take it away, Shyla...

 A pin-up model, a Brit and a mechanic.  It sounds like a punch line to a joke but it's the start to the first story in my series of novellas, Vintage Vixens.  Devlin, Claire, Judy, and Dahlia aren't you're average heroines.  Tattooed with attitudes, and sass, these best friends have unique journeys on their way to love.  In Vixen Claimed, we explore Devlin's story. 
When Devlin's car breaks down on a stretch of empty highway, with the sun going down, the last thing she feels is lucky. A moonlight stroll to what looks like an abandoned garage brings her face to face with the first man who broke her heart and shattered her belief in love.

Jace has spent the past six years furious at Devlin for a rejection she never truly delivered. The truth sets them both straight and allows a chance to begin anew. But this time around Jace has a very special request, that they include his best friend.

Plagued by sexual impotency after being in a wheel chair after a career ending car accident Tristan has grown bitter and disinterested in the opposite sex. The sexy vixen who steps in to the shop unexpectedly changes all of that. Problem is she's his best friend's ex.

“You know, Tristan,” she placed her hand on his knee, “if you’re not really attracted to me, it’s okay. I know how Jace can be once he gets something in his head.”

“No I am—very attracted.”

He pinned her with blue eyes darkened with lust. The stark need made her gasp and her fingers dug a little deeper into the flesh of his knee. “I didn’t want to be a third wheel in what you two have going on. That’s happened enough.” His eyes lowered. Devlin held his chin until he glanced up to return her gaze. “That’s over now, Tristan. From the moment I set eyes on you, something sparked. It was a feeling I’d only experienced once before and it scared me. Still does honestly. But I’ve never been the type to run from things and I do want this—want you.” She moved in and captured his lips. The intensity of the moment took her breath and she pulled away.


“I second that, dear.”

“I want to do it again.”

Their lips melded once more. He explored her face with gentle sweeping touches that made her feel cherished. His tongue entered her mouth, starting a sensual tango that engaged her senses and consumed her. He smelled like man and citrus. The skin on his neck was warm beneath her hands. Her legs parted and her eyes popped open to see Jace kneeling between them.

“Don’t stop, baby,” Jace whispered. He hooked his thumbs in the elastic of her panties and rolled them down her legs, leaving them at her ankles so her movement was constricted. Tease. All thoughts were obliterated by the feel of Jace’s magical fingers caressing her honeyed heat as Tristan worked her mouth in tandem. They were like two parts of the same whole. Tristan pulled up her shirt, gliding his hands underneath to cup her breast through her bra. He pinched her nipples, plucking them like a gifted musician with a guitar.

“This needs to come off,” Tristan growled. “Arms up.” She replied without thinking, hissing when the cool air caressed the chocolate drops of her nipples, making them pebble further. He sucked one into his mouth and Jace thrust a finger deep into her tunnel. Emotions rocked her from above and below. Her pussy quivered.

“Damn, you’re gushing, baby. You like what we’re doing to you, don’t you?” Jace asked.

“Yes,” she said, her voice strained and low.

“Look at how wet she is for us, Trist.”

She opened her eyes to see her blond lover peer down. His nostrils flared as Jace moved back and spread her legs as wide as her underwear allowed.

“You smell ripe for the picking, Devlin,” Tristan said.

“Have a taste,” Jace said, holding his soaked finger up to his friend. Tristan’s pink tongue shot out to sample her juices off Jace’s finger and she came on the spot. Once minute she was fine and the next she exploded like a bottle full of soda and Mentos.

“Holy shit, Devy, don’t stop!” Jace said.

He rubbed her clit with his thumb, prolonging the orgasm as her honey shot out in spurts. A mouth joined his rubbing. Her heart stuttered in her chest when she opened her eyes and saw blond hair where she expected black. Tristan pierced her with his stiff tongue over and over, burying his face as far as it would go as Jace flicked her sensitive clit.

“We want you to come for us again, Devy. Spray your sweetness into Tris’s mouth. Give him a little taste.”

“Oh God.” A lusty moan ripped from her mouth when Jace pinched her clit. Tristan was like a ravenous beast, never letting up. Soon the stimulation was too much and she detonated.

“Tristan!” She imploded and screamed like she was being tortured, which in a way she was. A delicious punishing she would misbehave to receive time and time again. Devlin slumped back in the chair, letting them move her limbs around like a doll.

“Catch your breath, Devlin. We’re not done with you yet.” The wicked tone in Tristan’s voice tightened something low in her stomach.

“I-I can’t,” she huffed.

 “You can and you will,” Jace whispered from his new position beside her. She lifted her heavy lids and found herself under the million-yard stare of her sexy Brit. Jace kissed her bared shoulders, whispering in her ear.

“I want to watch you fuck him, Devy. Make him come with that tight little pussy of yours.” Tristan sat back against the couch, reclining as he stroked his thick prick. He was shorter than Jace, about seven inches, but he made up for it in girth. Thin veins ran along the underside playing peek-a-boo in her vision with each stroke he made. Desire pooled in her belly, heavy and hot, and nectar flowed from her center. Maybe I can do this again.

“I can feel your liquid heat on my knees. You’re ready for me, aren’t you sweet girl?” Fuck, how had this seemingly shy man become the pied piper of dick?

“Shit, yes.”

“Oooh, you’ve a dirty mouth, dove.”

“Keep talking to me in that sexy lilt of yours and you’ll see just how dirty I can be.”

“Mhmm, is that a promise? Lift her up, Jace. Let’s show our girl what I have to offer her.” The possessive noun made her heart soar.

“You ready to take him, baby?” Jace asked.


She crawled up his body, raising up and taking his tip into her pussy. Even with lubrication, he stretched her wide, pushing the limits of pleasure and pain as she shimmied down to his base.

“You feel so good wrapped around me love.” She pushed up and lowered herself down slowly, taking his entire length inside her. Pleasure sparked along her nerve endings as she bounced up and down on his cock.

Vixen Claimed can be purchased at the following places :

 About Shyla Colt~
Shyla Colt is a sassy stay at home mom who lives in Southern California with her Marine husband and two tiny tots. When she’s not crafting, teaching Abc’s, or playing make believe, she writes full time, and works a job in the publishing industry. As you can tell she thinks sleep is overrated.
A fan of romance from the moment she picked up her first paranormal romance at thirteen, she strives to provide you with stories that bring the heat, make you fall in love with the characters, and show the power of true love. She invites you to come and get lost in her world.

Where to connect with Shyla and her work:

Twitter: @shylacolt

Be sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming release from Amira, Sorrow’s Muse

Previous Works


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Welcome to another fabulous Hump Day Hook! This week leaves off after my drama queen tosses her cookies all over an unsuspecting resident doctor...   Enjoy!

    "Whoa!  Lady, if you're going to be sick again, let me get you a nurse or something. Jesus!"  The owner of the ruined shoes said.  He gingerly stepped back, slipping in the muck that covered the nondescript cream linoleum, his feet, and his brown slacks. 

     "She is the nurse, Ryder," the doctor who'd sucked her into this mess said with unveiled contempt behind her.

     Heat flamed Anne's cheeks.  She straightened and swiped the back of her hand across her mouth.  Her gaze latched onto the greenest pair of eyes of the owner of the shoes she'd just assaulted. Recognition deepened the emerald color as he realized who'd just puked all over his shoes.

            Ryder!  An onslaught of memories from last night rushed her.  She now recalled the name of the man whose bed she’d awakened in this morning, along with vivid images of their love making.   

Well...that's all folks! Don't forget to stop by and check out the other authors who are participating. You can find the link here:http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/  

Happy Hump Day! Out sick, but I promise to get to all your posts! Wouldn't miss it for the world! :)

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Welcome Hump Day Humpers!  This week's hook pick's up the morning after the meeting in the bar. Setup:  My heroine is hungover, can't remember the name of the handsome stranger whose bed she'd woken up in, is late for her first clinical, and is dragged into a room to assist a surgeon who has mistaken her for the nurse.  Poor Anne, the drama in her life is just about to spin out of control... 
As she approached, the scent of rotted flesh slammed into her nostrils.  The dry, whole grain bagel she'd choked down earlier sloshed around in her stomach.  The patient's belly looked like someone had sliced him from stem to stern, the flesh halved and gaped open.  The tissue within oozed yellowish puss and bilious fluid.  Anne wretched and squeezed her eyes shut, covering her mouth with her hand.  Don’t puke.  Don’t puke.  Don’t puke. Please God!  I will be a good girl from now on, just help me out here, would ya?  Prayers unanswered, she pivoted as her breakfast rushed from her stomach.  In her haste to escape, she bumped into a solid mass which loosened her grip from her mouth.  She clasped her arms around her waist as she bent and spewed her breakfast right there in the room.  A loud splat echoed off the tiled floor.

            "Hey!" A familiar male baritone exclaimed.

     Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to get the rest of your hump on with the rest of the fabulous authors participating in this week's #HDH here: http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/hump-day-hook-participant-list/
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Please welcome my sensational crit partner...Kerrianne Coombes here today to talk about her latest release, Snow White The Demon Huntress!

Thank you so much for having me today!

I am having a BIG Giveaway over on my blog that ends on the 1st of February, and anyone who comments on this post will be automatically entered into the prize draw!

I am offering ALL THREE Demon Tale books (Ebook) A £10 Amazon voucher a £5 Secret Cravings Publishing Voucher AND a box of chocolate from the French chocolatier Voisin!!!

Snow White The Demon Huntress, is the third book in my series of Demon Tales.

Snow and Sam are possibly my favourite couple I have ever written. They are complete opposites. Sam is cool, level headed and humorous. And Snow is fiery, short tempered and pretty dark.

But when you put them together they just work.

Snow needs no one to protect her, being a demon huntress that cannot be rivalled, she is in no way feeble. Her heart is cold and rational, until the moment she sets eyes upon Sam.

Sam, a king, a warrior in his own right and self professed comedian, knows that his time is coming to an end. For years he has accepted his fate and concluded that he doesn’t care…whatever.

But the moment Snow—demon huntress and figure of his dreams—comes into his life, Sam, for the first time ever, wonders what life would be like if he had a different fate.

Here is a little snippet of them together…

Snow said nothing as she allowed Sam to brush his hand through her hair, all the way to her scalp.  It felt nice to have someone look at her the way Sam was right now, as if he actually liked her—desired her.  His warm, strong fingers worked through the strands gently, the slight tug of each hair sending electric bolts all through her body.  The intense look in his eyes made her blood heat and sizzle, all the way to her core.

Sam sat on the edge of the bed, and Snow couldn’t find the strength to tell him to get off.  For once, she wasn’t alone….and it felt good, nice even.  Sam was looking at her with something other than fear, disappointment or anger.  Snow drowned in his dark eyes.

“You have nice eyes," she said honestly as she gazed into them.

Sam, the king, the man she was supposed to murder, had eyes so dark, so deep and so honest, Snow wanted to melt into them and hope never to come out.

He smiled, and Snow watched tiny creases pull at the sides of his eyes.  He looked roguish, boyish—yet all man as he hovered over her.  How had he got so close?  Snow no longer cared.



Hired demon hunter and paid debt collector, Snow White lives with her heart encased in ice and her mind set on survival—until she accepts the one job that threatens to turn her world upside down.

Blackmailed by hell gate demons, Snow has no choice but to accept the task of murdering a king. Dragged into a world of violence and death at a young age, Snow has no idea how to deal with king Sam, and his charm.

When Sam’s evil bitch mother died fifteen years before, she left a him with the knowledge that one day, she would return unless Sam breaks the spell.

Living with the knowledge that he has to die on his wedding night in order to break his mothers spell, Sam has never allowed himself to dream of love…Until a little assassin breaks into his castle and steals his heart.

But deals have been made and magic has been cast. Fate has no power over what is in the past…
Where to connect with Kerrianne~ Her Blog~http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com


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Welcome to another HDH and happy Hump Day to you! This week, I'm gonna try and hook you on my new wip, Temperatures Rising as Dating Impossible, book 2 of my Dating Series was contracted by Evernight Publishing and I hope to have a cover and release date for you all soon! This is a different story from last week's hook as I got sucked into the characters right away.  My plan is to submit this for Evernight's Cupid's Conquest Line.  My heroine a bartender who is a nursing student gets her first glimpse of the hero...
           As she placed a napkin on the gleaming wood in front of him, his green gaze swept the length of her.  Anne could swear she heard the heat radiating off her skin with a crackle and hiss.  Sort of like the breakfast cereal. Boy, would she like to snap, crackle and pop with this guy!  She chuckled, coming down off the momentary high that often accompanied the sight of a gorgeous hunk of man in her vicinity.  “Welcome to Jolly’s.  What can I get you?”
Hope you enjoyed! Please don't forget to stop by and read the other author's participating in this week's HDH here:
http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/hump-day-hook-participant-list/  This is a super talented group and I promise you won't be disappointed in the variety of genres you will get to experience! ;)

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Evernight Authors got together and decided to revamp the Facebook Reader's Group.  We have so many fun and exciting plans to let you all get to know us better! In addition, there will be lots and lots of give aways! Who doesn't like free? Right? Books, swag, giftcards...the possibilities are absolutely endless right now as we are brainstorming how to entertain you all! There's even talk of meeting some of our NYC area authors for lunch!  More details to come as things get hammered out and we settle into a routine of fun, madness, and all things romantic! 

If you're not a member of Evernight Reader's Facebook Group, you can join here: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=tn_tnmn&__req=b#!/groups/177685308958123/



Guess what else? Evernight now has a book club! And the book will be 50% off. Follow the link to buy the book and come chat with us about on Feb 3rd at this link is where you can find the featured title of the month! First up, Half-ling: The Discovery by Allison Grey! http://www.evernightpublishing.com/half-ling-the-discovery-by-allison-grey/

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Hey! Today, fellow EP author Rebecca Brochu has stopped by and is sharing her new release, The Lawman's Librarian!  This book is heating up the internet and getting top reviews!! I'm so excited to share!  Caution, this excerpt contain explicit language and sex...

When Sheriff Nick Grey is talked into playing Santa at the local mall by his devious sister Lana he fully expects to have a miserable time.  What he doesn’t know is that Lana has convinced Peter DeKell to play one of his elves.  Peter’s the town’s librarian and the object of Nick’s affection since they were both children.  The only problem is that while the entire town knows that the Sheriff is head over heels for the quiet librarian, Peter seems at best oblivious and at worst not interested.  
After being faced with the temptation of Peter in tights Nick finally breaks down and asks Peter to dinner and is elated when he accepts.  When disaster strikes in the form of an ill-timed kiss Nick has to make a choice.  Is he willing to finally give up on being with Peter?  Or will the lawman fight for his librarian’s affections?
Teaser Excerpt: 

He tastes better than Nick had ever imagined, salty but not too bitter, and he still smells like soap and fresh clean skin.  Nick sucks slow and hard, his mouth sliding up and down Peter’s shaft in an easy rhythm while his tongue swirls around and across the head of his cock, pausing every now and again to dip into his slit and wiggle slightly.  Peter’s moaning and thrashing, trying to buck his hips up but unable to escape the iron grip Nick has on his hip.
      Nick just loses himself in the act, in the taste and feel of Peter hard and throbbing in his mouth, in the knowledge that he finally has him where he’s always wanted him.  Peter’s panting and calling his name above him and tugging gently at his hair in warning, but Nick ignores it.  He wants Peter to come, wants to taste it, to have him lose control inside of his mouth with the knowledge that Nick was the one who drove him to such extremes.
Peter comes hard and suddenly across his tongue, and Nick swallows it down and keeps sucking.  He cleans Peter with his tongue, makes sure to get every drop there is and then keeps going until Peter is tugging at his hair harder, his cock too sensitive for what Nick’s doing.
He finally pulls off, but he doesn’t really give Peter a chance to recover.  Instead he grabs him by the hips and flips him over onto his stomach so he can spread him open and press his tongue against his hole.  The normally tightly furled muscle is loose from Peter’s orgasm and Nick just presses inside ruthlessly.  Peter moans low in his throat and squirms, but this time he’s pressing back into Nick’s mouth instead of trying to escape.
He fucks Peter slow and steady with his tongue, bites gently at his rim just to feel him jump and twitch, and then slides a finger in alongside his tongue just to hear him whine high in his throat.  Nick keeps going, adds another finger and then another, licks around them and between them, loosens Peter up for his cock because he wants nothing between them, not even the slick slide of lube.
“Nick.  Nick, please, please I’m ready.  I’m ready, Nick.  I want it, I want it, come on, Nick, please. Give it to me.  Come on, come on, come on!”  Peter groans and presses farther back onto Nick’s tongue and hand, and Nick growls and pulls himself away slowly, like it’s painful to leave and it really kind of is.
“Fuck, Peter.  Fuck.  God, I can’t wait.  I can’t.”  Nick’s frantic now, his own cock is full and heavy, curving up towards his stomach and leaking desperately.

About Rebecca Brochu

I am proud to say that I live in a small town in North Carolina, surrounded by fields and fresh air. Naturally I spend most of my days crouched in front of a keyboard or curled up with a book. As an avid video game and anime enthusiast, it is an understatement to say that I have a vivid imagination. With a collection of games, dvd's, and books that number too many to count I am often neck deep in some fantasy world. I am also the proud owner of two haughty cats and one encouraging dog. I truly do owe it all to the readers. Thank you so very much.

 Where to connect with Rebecca:


Happy Hump Day!  Here is the first HDH of 2013!  Working on a new short story for submission it is unedited...  Happy New Year! Here's my hook. 

            Men sucked Lips twisted in an uncharacteristic sneer, she snorted.  Suck seemed to be the word of the day.  Why couldn’t she just do it all over?  Go back in time twenty years and change that one single choice she’d made.  Then maybe…just maybe, she would’ve met Daren sooner.  Back before the women he’d had relationships with had turned him into a complete commitment-phobe.   A whisper echoed within Cherry’s head.  Had she imagined it?  A tingle of electricity skittered along her spine.  Startled, she sat up straight and listened intently.  An impression of impatience swept over her. “Wish granted” buzzed within her skull in a voice weathered by an ageless time.  She lifted her coffee mug and glanced around the near empty corner coffee shop.  Lips dry and hands trembling, she sipped the straight double espresso.  God, she must be losing it. 
I hope you enjoyed!  Don't forget to check out the HDH authors participating this week here: http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/  So get Humping!