Friday, January 25, 2008


Last night I received my edits for THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION from my editor. I'm so excited. The upside, I'm that much closer to publication of my first book. The downside, I have to learn to use Track Changes.


A teckkie I am not. Especially, when it comes to computer software. Give me an IV, urinary catheter, administer blood, perform CPR on a crashing patient--GREAT! I'm your nurse!

Why should such a little thing be so intimidating? I'm sure I'll be proficient when I've published my 100th manuscript!

I should look at the entire thing as a learning experience, right? I do have some simple directions. Any experience or thoughts any of you can offer to make this as painless as possible, I'll gladly take.

Wish me luck!


Sarita Leone said...

If you need help, please feel free to give a holler. I remember the first time I saw track changes I was a little shaken. It gets easier with every manuscript, though. :) Really, feel free to give a shout if I can help you at all.

And have fun with it! This is an exciting experience! :)

Take care,

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Hear, hear! I thought I knew how to use track changes until I had to use it for my OWN edits - slightly more intimidating! But you'll soon come to know it as your best editing friend, I promise you. Like most things, it's easy-peasy, once you know how. You'll be fine, and like Sarita said (and she knows what she's doing), just holler. You'll be fine. :)

Jane x

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thanks Sarita and Jane! I stayed up (work nights at the hospital) to get it done this morning. After about the first 30 pages, I got the hang of it. Thank goodness I was mostly comma happy and had to delete commas! LOL. But I'm feeling good. I am no longer a VIRGIN TRACK CHANGES USER! :)