Sunday, October 31, 2010


One of my new favorite songs is called, "Gimme That Girl" by Joe Nichols.  The lyrics touch the romantic inside of me.  Don't most women want to be cherished? Especially if she doesn't look or feel her best.  I've attempted--and I do mean attempted, to post the video here.  My blogger skills are ameture at best...LOL!


Friday, October 29, 2010


Sunday, Halloween 2010 marks the anniversary of my Mother's death. She passed away in 2008 after a long and valiant fight against breast cancer. And when I say fought, I do mean with everything she had in her, she wanted to live so much! Unfortunately for me, I only truly realized how brilliant and wise my Mother was once she was no longer around. There are so many questions I have for her, and I'm deeply saddened that I can't just pick up the phone and give her a call.

Frances King was an amazing woman who triumphed over a lot of adversity in her life. With only an eighth grade education, she owned not only one business, but two! She taught herself everything she needed to know.

She owned and operated a Mexican Restaurant in a small town in California called St. Helena. The menu cover is listed below:

The name in English is simply, "Frank & Frances". Obviously named for my parents.

My Mother had several failed romances, but at last, she found my dad, Frank King. An amazing man who took in a young woman and her three girls and raised them as his own. He was the love of her life!!

As you can see, he courted her in style...took her a lot of places over the years...

But never was she happiest than on the day they were married...

She always had a strong sense of family and loved her children and siblings dearly...

My Mother was a gourmet chef and took her talents further when she opened her own catering business in Sonoma, California. She designed wedding cakes and planned elaborate dinners with the ease of any surgeon wielding a scalpel.

I'm proud to say that I inherited my Mother's strong work ethic and compassion for others. The older I get, the more I physically look like my Mom, too. Which is amazing to me.

I hope and pray that she is in a better place because she is well missed and sooooo loved, we would've loved to have had her around for a lot more years.

Love you Mom! Miss you so very much! Hope all is well with you and hope you're watching and proud!!


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sometimes, it is fabulous when someone stops and says, "Hey, I appreciate you for..."

That was my experience tonight while at work. I had a really great conversation and the end result had me thinking "What do I appreciate?" And as I walked to my car to drive home, I had a list a mile long.

I'm grateful for many things. This last year has been especially challenging. I've had to make many adjustments, but I feel like I'm just finding my stride. Of course, if I could, I'd turn back time and do things just a tad differently. I firmly believe that no one goes through life without wanting to change a thing or two on the road to where he's landed. That is how we grow and learn--from the past choices we've had to make.

At this stage in my life I really feel lucky and here's why...

I'm lucky to have love in my life...

I'm lucky to have 4 beautiful, healthy children...

I am relatively healthy...

I have a job (ok, 2 jobs--LOL)

My writing is getting back on track...

My cake hobby has turned into something that I not only enjoy, but allows for yet another creative outlet that helps me relieve my stress...

I have goals to achieve. These goals will constantly evolve and change, but I will always be there for me to strive to be a better person...

There's laughter and joy around me...

And just as there is that gorgeous sunset above, there is beauty for me to appreciate all around me!

The list could go on and on and like me, will evolve and change as I do. But I am appreciative...are you?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


While at work tonight, I realized how a breakdown in communication can disrupt work flow or cause potential detriment. Which is why as nurses, we are constantly badgering doctors with, "Did you really mean...?????"

It is so important to mean what you say and say what you mean when dealing with every aspect of your life whether it be personal or professional situations. Miscommunication or breakdown in communication builds mistrust, frustration, anger and causes potential errors.

Then there's that old phenomenon of too much information. Where sensory overload can cause a person to just shut down and not even listen to what you're trying to tell him/her any longer. Which again, will build mistrust, frustration, anger, and cause potential errors.

So, what is the key to communicating?

Strong listening skills. Listen to what the other person is trying to say. You may even want to repeat what they had said just to be sure you are hearing him/her correctly with a... "So, what I think I'm hearing you say is that...."

Take a deep breath before you speak. Just to let out a little of your own frustration and give you a chance to organize your thoughts. Count to ten, even. This will help keep you from saying something really stupid or just reacting in anger--especially if the other person has just chewed your butt for something.

If you're not even sure how to reply to something...maybe you shouldn't. What's wrong with saying, "I'm not sure how to respond. Obviously you're upset. Let me look into the problem and I will get back to you..." But make sure you get back to that person when you say you are planning to get into contact with him/her so that he/she knows that you haven't blown them off.

Have any communication issues lately? Let's hear them!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm gearing up for November's National Novel Writing Month! I have a couple of characters who've been swimming around in my head for a while, dying for their own story to be told. So, I've dusted off my brainstorming book, worked out their GMC's, and am keeping my fingers crossed that all flows well.

What a person does for NaNoWriMo, is attempt to write an entire novel 175 pages or 50,000 words in 30 days. Sounds like a huge undertaking--that's no lie. I'm happy
to report that even though this is a monumental task, it can be achieved. And has by many many writers. To reach the ultimate goal--A complete novel--a person must be organized, dedicated, and above all, energized!!! Having your very own cheering and support section, doesn't hurt at all.

After reviewing my options, I decided not to officially sign up on the NaNoWriMo website. Instead, I'm going to keep my own unofficial talley and post my progress either here or on my facebook page. I should twitter it, but I'm twitter inept. LOL.

So...want to write a novel? Here is your chance to make an attempt. The work doesn't have to be pretty. Editing can go by the way side. Just get those words down on paper and get that draft completed. Here is the link to get more information on NaNoWriMo. They have all the tools and support you need in order to get started!

Happy Writing!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Years Resolutions in October

Morning all...or should I say almost goodnight? I'm at the tail end of my nightshift and had a few thoughts I'd like to share as the night winds down. I do my best thinking about my writing when I'm driving on the road. Which probably makes me one of the world's worst drivers, since my mind is on my characters, story developement ideas, promo/website ideas...etc...

So, tonight on my drive to work, I thought about all the things that I wanted to accomplish in the next year with my writing and my personal life along with the myriad of steps I needed to take in order to accomplish my goals to get everything done. Then I realized that I was already making a New Year's Resolution type list. Definitely something I usually try to avoid, because in my mind, resolutions made just because a new year rolls around almost always fall to the bottom of the to do list.

So...How am I going to accomplish my writing goals and keep my personal life in order while at the same time, avoid the pitfalls of making a New Year's Resolution?
I have no clue!!! But I'm sure as I tackle my list, I will find a way. If you have any suggestions for me, make sure you let me know!!

My first step, is to put the list into being. So, here it goes....

First, professional writing goals!!!!

+Complete 2 full manuscripts and start a third
+Redesign my website
+Learn to use Twitter
+Complete Nanowrimo (This will definitely help with #1)
+Blog more
+Make weekly critique group meetings (although this one is very challenging because I work nights and the meetings are usually at night)

That's a great start to that list. I will add more as ideas come to me! Now, for that personal list!!

+Spend more time with my children
+Planning spectacular trip with my children next summer!! Three weeks of sunshine, fun in the sun, and my 4 beautiful children!! I can't wait!
+Spend meaningful time with those that I love.
+Cherish every day that I'm healthy and alive.
+Make yearly doctor check-up. This is especially important because my mother died of breast cancer, and I had a medical scare last summer which turned out minor thank goodness--but no more 7 years between gyno checks! :(
+Complete mammogram. Which, I have to confess, I should've had done a couple of months ago, but just haven't had the time, and honestly, I don't see myself getting there before January! My schedule is just too jammed packed!
+Get my large rear end to the gym at least 3 days a week! This, I've been sorely missing the last couple of months and my expanding waistline shows!
+Eat healthier. Along with the gym, I haven't been very good at keeping the sugar out of my diet (damn Halloween candy jumped into my shopping cart the other day)!!

Whew! I'm sure there's more to add to that list, but again, that's a great start. I'm feel motivated already....well, after I get a few hours sleep, that is!