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Before I get to the birthday bash winners...I have one winner to announce from the Stuff Your Stockings Blog Hop!  The winner of a $10 Evernight gift card goes to:

elizabeth@bookattict !!  Thank you for participating!

It is my extreme pleasure to announce the winners of my Birthday Bash Blog Hop!  This was so much fun. I loved reading all your comments!  I will definitely do this again next year!  So, without further ado....Here you go:

The winners of the books are:











$5 Evernight Gift Certificates go to—

Na S. Cambonified
 Mary Reiss
 Sue B katsrus

Marie Lisk

June M. manning

The $50 Amazon Gift Card goes to:

Kimmy L

And the Kindle goes to.....

Drew Soltesz

Congratulations!!  You all will be hearing from me shortly! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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My darn computer won't upload any pictures...ugh!!  But I wanted to say thank you to all of you who participated in my Birthday Blog Hop!  The response was more than I expected and the real work has begun.

I'm currently gathering all the names  of those who commented from all blog sites so I can start drawing winners from my Santa hat! So, please bear with me. The response was more than I expected and this process is taking a bit more time than I anticipated.  I hope to have the winners posted soon!

Thank you!!  This was so much fun and the comments were delightful to read!  I definitely plan to do this again next year!!


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Time to stuff your stockings with even more prizes!! I'm offering a $10 Evernight Publishing Gift Certificate...But there are loads and loads and loads of great prizes!! 

Prizes Galore:
$450+ In Gift Cards to Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Other Publisher Sites
150+ In Ebooks of all heat levels
Jewlery, Gift Baskets, Christmas Ornaments, and all kinds of goodies
Each participating author is going to hold a contest on their blog with so many treats up for grabs it’s enough to make every reader’s Christmas just that much happier! In each contest post the author will link the others participating in the blog hop to help you find each and ever stop to increase your chances to win.
The contest will start Friday, December 16, 2011 and go till midnight Sunday, December 18, 2011.Go to and click on all of the author's names to enter to win!

Have fun and Merry Christmas to all of you!

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Welcome to my birthday bash! On Friday, December 16, I turn 40 er...something... LOL I've put together a little blog hop and it's a chance for you to win!  I just love giving stuff away! A lot less awkward then opening presents myself...

The Birthday Bash starts today and goes through the 16th!  Basically, all you need to do is comment on each author blog to be entered in the drawings for the prizes. The more blogs you comment on, the higher your chances of winning! Easy as a piece of Grandma's pie!! I will hit each blog Saturday Dec 17 and draw random winners from each blog and post a list here on Keeping A Pulse on Life & Romance blog.

The prizes up for grabs:

Free e-books by your favorite authors!

$50 Amazon Gift Card

Five $5.00 Evernight Gift Certificates

Don't forget how easy it is to be entered in the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING for the KINDLE!!

Just Follow and comment on all the blogs listed here on THE KEEPING A PULSE ON LIFE & ROMANCE BLOG AT .

There is a link that goes to each participating author! The more you comment, the more chances of winning! And don't forget your email address when you comment!! Have fun!

Drea Beacraft  

Doris O'Connor

Lee Ann Sontheimermurphy

Lorraine Nelson

Kathleen Grieve

Kerrianne Coombs

CR Moss

Sandra Sookoo

Stacey Espino

Jean Joachim

Jennifer Labelle 

So, lets blow out some candles before a fire starts in here! Whew!


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Welcome!  On Friday, December 16, I turn 29...again! Well... I can dream, can't I? LOL.  But to celebrate my 40+ birthday, I've put together a little blog hop and it's a chance for you to win!

The Birthday Bash starts on December 12 and goes through the 16th!  So come back on Monday to start entering!  Basically, all you need to do is comment on each author blog to be entered for drawings for the prizes. The more blogs you comment on, the higher your chances of winning! Easy as a piece of Grandma's pie!!  I will hit each blog Saturday Dec 17 and draw random winners from each blog and post a list here on Keeping A Pulse on Life & Romance blog. 

The prizes up for grabs:

Free e-books by your favorite authors!

          $50 Amazon Gift Card


    Five $5.00 Evernight Gift Certificates 

     Grand Prize: Kindle

Don't forget how easy it is to be entered in the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING for the KINDLE!!  Just Follow and comment on all the blogs listed here on THE KEEPING A PULSE ON LIFE & ROMANCE BLOG AT
There is a link that goes to each  participating author!  The more you comment, the more chances of winning!  And don't forget your email address when you comment!!  Have fun! 
Drea Beacraft

Doris O'Connor
Lee Ann Sontheimermurphy
Lorraine Nelson
Kathleen Grieve
Kerrianne Coombs  
CR Moss 
Sandra Sookoo

Stacey Espino
Jean Joachim
Jennifer Labelle
So, lets blow out some candles before a fire starts in here! Whew!

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I know that it isn't's Thursday.  But with all the author guest posts and the promo for my current book, a lot of my regular posts I like to do have been put aside.  For those of you that know me, know that every once in a while I post medical facts every now and again.  I usually reserve Mondays for anything Diabetic related.  I am in a unique position as a health care professional to share my knowledge with you all and if anything seems familiar or if you have questions, I encourage you to call your doctor and make an appointment to get yourself checked out!

Today, I wanted to discuss a little something called diabetic gastroporesis.  Gastro--what?  Gastroporesis!!  It can be a very debilitating, painful, complication of diabetes.  Simply speaking, it means that the stomach's ability to move food into the small intestine (one of the main functions of your stomach) is impaired because of severe nerve damage.

The exact cause of this condition is unknown.  But it is believed that consistently high blood sugar levels and insulin deficiency may be contributing factors in damaging the nerve fibers that control the motility of your gut. 

Symptoms you may experience if you have gastroporesis are but not limited to the following:
~abdominal pain
~poor appetite
~excessive weight loss
~low blood sugar levels followed by a spike in blood sugar
~difficulty swallowing
~a feeling of fullness after on a couple of bites of food
~constipation alternating with diarrhea
~nausea and vomiting
~malabsorption of nutrients & medications taken orally
~electrolyte imbalance such as low potassium and sodium
~foul breath
~Worst case scenario would be coma...death

Since this has hit so close to home as my very dear sister is a diabetic and now has this permanent chronic condition, I'm sad to say there are very few treatments available.  But there are ways to manage the condition.

~Medications may be used to manage the nausea/vomiting and increase gut motility to try and keep things moving along.

~Diet modification may be necessary to allow for adequate intake so you do not become malnourished and/or dehydrated.  It can includes frequent small meals, a restriction is fatty foods and plant fiber, an increase in liquids or shakes packed full of nutrients.
Sometimes it may be necessary to place a gastric tube for feeding. It is a relatively small procedure where a puncture through the abdominal wall is performed and the tube is placed.  Placing a G-tube like the one shown "bypasses" where the main nerve damage is located and allows a person to get the important nutrients he needs.

~Enterra Therapy System~While doing the research for this blog post, I found this really cool therapy where an electronic device can be inserted and it provides electrical impulses to stimulate the stomach muscles to do it's job!  It's like a pacemaker for your stomach!  Watch this video!!

Very cool, indeed.  Don't you just love technology??? Thank you all for stopping by today!  Take care of yourselves!!


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This Author Spotlight features Drea Becraft.  She's going to tell us a bit about her Christmas release that has such a delish cover!  Take it away Drea...

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today Kathleen.

Tis the season…yes that’s right the Christmas season.

I have most of my outside family already bought for but my children only a few things so far. I am so looking forward to seeing all the faces of my loved ones as they open their gifts.

Below is the info on my newest release The Real Saint Nic…ONLY $0.99...I hope it strikes your fancy.

Free Read (My Wish For Christmas Is You):  

The Real Saint Nic Buy Links


Barnes & Noble:  



Aimee’s life changed one night, not long ago, when she staked a vampire to save another. Still reeling from that life changing night, Aimee decides to go home with Brenda, her best friend, for the holidays. She never expected Brenda’s brother, who comes off more like the Grinch then Santa, to have so many saint like qualities. Years spent alone, with no family or friends, plays heavy on her mind but Nic could possible be the one who changes it all.

Has always been a sore spot for Nicolai. He’s the real saint Nic, but society has him all wrong. He’s no saint. In truth, he’s a vampire. Over the centuries, Nic has spent the holidays fighting off the ridicule from his younger brother and giving to those less fortune, not seeing his own worth. Until one mortal, brought home by his sister Brenda, changes the holiday and his outlook on life for eternity.

Is it possible that Nic has finally found his Mrs. Clause? When worlds meld, can Aimee find the happy ever after she once asked Santa for so many years ago, or is she doomed to spend forever lonely on Christmas?


With a flick of his hand, the lights next to the bed turned on as did a few lamps across the room. Once my eyes adjusted, I got a better look at the amount of presents. Hundreds, littered the room. The only space not filled was around the bed and a path to two doors in opposite directions. Red, green, and golds splattered the room in a festive show of color.

“You really are Saint Nic.” Astonished I tried desperately to keep my mouth closed.

“Please don’t call me that.”

“Why not?” Turning away from the presents I turned my gaze to Nic’s in question.

“Because I’m nowhere near a saint.” Brows furrowing Nic stared intently at the computer screen.

“Then how did you get the name?”

“That would be Jaysen’s doing. One day, not to long after I started giving the gifts, we got into an argument. I don’t remember most of what was said, after all, it was quite a while ago, but I do remember the comment was rather snide. To this day neither of us knows how it ended up outside our argument, but it still reminds me of that comment. Besides saints are deemed so because of the greatness they do for mankind all I do is give a few toys to some kids.”

Moved by the noticeable hurt in his eyes, a relentless knot twisted in my stomach. Though I still didn’t know him, the connection between us grew with each passing moment.

Whether it was hormones or the fact that we were supposed to be mates, I didn’t know, but I couldn’t stand to see him sad.

I scooted out of the bed and made my way to him, wrapping paper shuffling under my feet. Then, as if it were the most natural thing to do, I lowered myself into his lap and hugged him close. “To those kids you are the world.”

“That’s why I do it every year. Though not in the grand scale that everyone thinks. I try to help at least a few orphanages and hospitals each year.”

“See, you are a saint. Every year you create the biggest rush of hope and joy to the children across the world. Though you can‘t help them all, the small sacrifices you have made over the centuries have helped to shape our world and helps friends and families learn the true meaning of giving. Without you there would be no hope of a perfect

Christmas. If that isn‘t the act of a saint, I don‘t know what is.”

With a grunt in my ear, Nic’s arms tightened around me as he buried his head in the hair between my shoulder blade and ear.

Pulling away slightly, I raised my hands and held of each side of his head. My fingers ran though the silken strands of his hair using that leverage I brought his head up until our eyes met. Leaning down I kissed his full lips with a slight brush of mine.

You are the best mate anyone could ask for. Speaking while our mouths were still fused, Nic sipped from my lips slowly.

Thank you so much Drea! Definitely on my TBB list!
Happy Wednesday, Everybody!


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 Today, I have the lovely, Kellie Kamryn on my blog.  She gives some really great advice, so pay attention! LOL  But the best part...she sent me 3 really awesome book covers of current releases. I put Pleasure Island first, because I just bought this one! I can't wait to read it!  So, I want your complete and full attention while Kellie gives you a little insight and as you scroll down, you will see her other awesome book covers!  Drum roll please....

My Five Ways to Find Happiness in Life and Love

I’m sure people are thinking, “Oh right – let’s take advice from the woman going through a divorce!” Well, don’t consider this advice. These are five things I’ve learned throughout my life so far, that I’ve found to help me through whatever life throws at me.

1. Laugh. I’m sure people wouldn’t admit it, but have you ever hit your girlfriend in the eye with your, er, you know – member? Ever slipped and fell, putting your knee through the drywall? Or how about feeling kind of flexible in the moment and though it seemed like a good idea to put your leg in that position, you then couldn’t walk for a week?

Sex, like life, should be fun, an adventure. That means laughter. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. If mishaps happen, hopefully you and your partner can chuckle about it and make it work. The point of any relationship should be to enjoy yourselves and if you’re not, ask yourself why. If you can’t get through those “funny” moments, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate.

2. Take a chance. This is pretty much a theme in all romance novels and it’s certainly one in mine. What’s worse – having a secret crush and never saying anything OR taking a chance that the object of your affections might hold affection for you. And if they don’t, at least you can get over it. In my opinion, never knowing is worse than finding out the truth. And use this in all areas of your life – not just your love life!

3. Own your feelings. How you feel isn’t dependent on how someone else feels about you. Often in real life, we wait to tell someone those 3 little words to make sure they feel the same. But what’s wrong with admitting you’re in love with someone? It doesn’t make you weak. Letting love into your life gives you power. It doesn’t mean you have to shout it from the rooftops, or even tell them. If you suspect they don’t feel the same, keep it to yourself and think about whether or not they might feel that way about you one day. You’ll know when it’s time to make a decision about staying or going.

4. Listen to your intuition. Even if you have no concrete evidence that this person isn’t for you, but your intuition is screaming at you to run the other way – listen. Most likely you’ll be right, and it’ll save a lot of heartache down the road.

5. The “Mate List”. Before you jump into another relationship, make a list of traits you desire in a potential mate. Read it over, and eliminate anything you can live without. I’ve seen this work more often than not. A few of my friends married exactly the kind of person they were looking for by making the “mate list”. And this doesn’t just have to work for relationships – make a list for the kind of job you want, the kind of major purchase you want to make. Having a clear idea of what you want in any area of your life will bring you that much closer to your goal.

And sometimes for all our good intentions, we fall in love with the wrong person anyway. Or maybe they were just “Ms./Mr. Right Now.” Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us something. Hopefully, the lesson won’t be too painful! Stay true to yourself, take a chance, and find someone to laugh with! Life is too short to be miserable. 


Chelsea Hunter didn't come to the resort looking for sex. Jake Davis intends to change her mind. Will they be able to turn up the heat, or will their visit to Pleasure Island leave them cold?

After finalizing her divorce, Chelsea Hunter came to the resort island of Paradise for some peace and quiet so she could figure out what her next step would be. She hadn’t expected to find herself at an exotic hotel dedicated to pleasures of the flesh. Too bad she doesn’t want sex.

Jake Davis is back in Paradise after visiting a year ago when his own marriage fell apart. This time his fantasy is to guide a woman through her sexual journey. He hadn’t counted on being paired with the only woman in Paradise who prefers privacy over pleasure!

Will Jake be able to discover what Chelsea truly needs, or will their journey to Paradise remain


Going for Gold

Monkeys, Sex and Other Birthday Surprises

Readers can visit: to find out about my newest releases. Drop by the blog to read excerpts and find buy links:  Or facebook   or on twitter @KellieKamryn

Recently, Kellie shared some really great recipes for some awesome treats for the holidays.  So be sure to stop by and check those out, too! 

Enjoy your day!

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Character Interviews Continue with Heather Heistand's Linet Fenna~1862 Style

Linet Fenna Interview Blog

December 24, 1892

Eliza Dunney: Welcome to London Housemaid Monthly, Miss Fenna, and thank you for being our subject for this month’s feature. How long have you been in service?

Linet Fenna: Three years now.

Eliza Dunney: Did you start out as a housemaid?

Linet Fenna: No, I was a maid-of-all-work for a small household, starting when I was seventeen. Last year I came to the Guterman’s house as second housemaid.

Eliza Dunney: Is it your dream to be a housekeeper one day?

Linet Fenna: Well, if I don’t marry. Not many other choices these days.

Eliza Dunney: Did you once have different dreams?

Linet Fenna: She smiles. My early life was anything but traditional. Of course, I can’t speak about it, since my family was a bit, well, unusual.

Eliza Dunney: What happened to change the course of your life?

Linet Fenna: Prime Minister Gladstone decided only the British Air Force, the Blockaders, belonged in the skies. Anyone who was known to have an airship was arrested. She shudders.

Eliza Dunney: Wasn’t anyone who owned an airship an air pirate?

Linet Fenna: A free trader, more like. Don’t you think taxes on luxury goods are too high?

Eliza Dunney: You do have a point. Did you have help escaping during the arrests?

Linet Fenna: No, I’m completely on my own now.

Eliza Dunney: The sound of chugging can be heard in the air. That sounds like an airship, Miss Fenna.

Linet Fenna: Yes, I suppose you are correct. Looks wistful. I remember when that was a happy sound.

Eliza Dunney: Do you think the free traders will ever rise again?

Linet Fenna: The prime minister is an old man. Hopefully the next government will be less restrictive. But Gladstone wiped out a generation of airship captains. When the new captains emerge, they will be young and hungry.

Eliza Dunney: And handsome, I hope?

Linet Fenna: She grins. Airship captains? Trust me, they are always handsome, and very sure of themselves!

Eliza Dunney: Thank you for sitting with us today. I’m sure you must get back to your duties.

Linet Fenna. Oh yes. The first housemaid is ill and the Gutermans have many guests arriving later today for the holidays. I have much to accomplish!

Eliza Dunney: Good luck to you, Miss Fenna!

Author bio:

Heather Hiestand is the author of seven novels as well as many novellas and short stories. Her imagination keeps her entertained with romance, mystery and futuristic/fantasy story ideas, many of which eventually become words on a page. She lives in Washington State with her husband and son. For more information, see her website at

Captain Andrew’s Flying Christmas Blurb:

Housemaid Linet Fenna would rather be an air pirate than a servant. When she finds the ladder to an airship dangling outside her garret window on Christmas Eve, 1892, she ascends to the skies above London on her late father’s flagship dirigible, the Christmas. The new captain is someone she never expected to see again, a dangerous, sexy foe. Is the Fenna family nemesis offering Linet her heart’s desire or a dastardly trap? Captain Andrew’s motivations are as foggy as the coal-soaked sky. Prime Minister Gladstone’s Blockaders, a horde of automen and a teenage girl named Hatchet want Linet to fail in her quest to discover what happened to her missing family, but she is determined to have a happy Christmas.

Captain Andrew’s Flying Christmas links:





Happy Saturday everyone!!

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Just need to share with you that it's my birthday coming up!  Yes...I will be 29 years old--again! So, my plan is to let all my readers benefit from my growing age! 

Here's my plan.  A birthday blog hop.  The more blogs you visit and comment on, the more your chances of winning.  What you say can I win?  Well...How about...

A Kindle....

And a $50 Amazon Gift card....

Five--yes five $5 Evernight Publishing Gift certificates....

And a free book from me to you from each participating author!

Who's participating?  Well, yours truly, of course!

Jean Joachim
Lindsay Downs
Kerrianne Coombs
Drea Becraft
Doris O'Connor
Stacey Espino
Lorraine Nelson
CR Moss
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Sandra Sookoo

More details to follow as I get myself orgainized.  Dates will be December 12-16 and winners announced on December 17th!
Stay tuned!


Good Morning!  Happy Friday to all! Today, Morgan Kearns introduces Grayson Pierce!  I'm a huge baseball fan and I can't wait to get to know Grayson a bit more personally!  Take it away, Morgan!

I am Morgan Kearns; former journalist, current author, and mother of four children to keep things interesting. I write contemporary and paranormal romance.

My second novel, IN IT TO WIN IT, is the story of Sportscaster Jane Alexander and Baseball Bad-Boy Grayson Pierce.

Tabloids love Grayson, and I’ve gotta admit I’m pretty fond of him myself.

MK: *shakes his huge hand* Hey, Grayson, it’s really good to see you.

Grayson: It’s great to see you, too, Morgan. How are things? You torturing Xavier yet?

MK: Torturing? Is that what you think I do?

Grayson: *laughs* Hell, yeah. You’re pretty sadistic.

MK: *rolls eyes* It’s a good thing you’re story’s already done.

Grayson: Seriously, you’re writing his story, right?

MK: I am. He’s an interesting guy.

Grayson: *nods* He needs a good woman who’ll love that chip off his shoulder. Do you know who she is yet.

MK: Of course. You know her, too.

Grayson: Really?

MK: *holds up hand* Before you ask; no, I won’t tell you who she is.

Grayson: Damn.

MK: Let’s talk about Jane.

Grayson: My favorite subject.

MK: How are things going between you two?

Grayson: *shakes his head and grins like a fool* She’s good. She’s great. We’re great. Did you know we’re getting married?

MK: I did hear that somewhere.

Grayson: *laughs* Yeah, I’m sure you did.

MK: How’s the long distance thing working?

Grayson: *frowns* It sucks. Last year was brutal. But I don’t have to report for spring training until February so we’re spending every possible second together ‘til then. After that … I don’t want to think about it.

MK: Tell me about the first time you saw Jane after fifteen years.

Grayson: Seeing her was like a two-by-four to the chest. She looked amazing, better than I’d imagined. I didn’t expect her to be standing in the locker room.

MK: She is a sportscaster.

Grayson: Yeah. I know, and I expected she’d be shoving a microphone in my face at some point, but I didn’t expect her to show up when she did. I really threw me for a loop.

MK: You were kind of a jerk to her.

Grayson: *laughs* Kind of? I was a complete and total ass! The stricken look on her face nearly killed me. I wanted to scoop her up in my arms and never let her go. I’m surprised she didn’t slap me silly.

MK: What does the future hold?

Grayson: I don’t know beyond the wedding. I travel a lot. Her job keeps her in Salt Lake. We’re taking things one day at a time. She loves me, that’s all that matters to me. And she’s amazing.

MK: What about kids?

Grayson: *big cheesy grin* Yes.

MK: Is that an announcement?

Grayson: *raises brow* You tell me.

MK: *laughs* Touche. Okay, this question is for Liza; Do you have any available friends she could date?

Grayson: *shrugs* A lot of the guys are still single. Would I set them up with someone as sweet as Liza? Probably not. But, if you’re to be believed, and Xavier can be tamed, then anything’s possible. Give me her number, I’ll see what I can do.

Jane sticks her head in.

Jane: Oh, hey, Morgan. I’m sorry to bug you guys, but I need to steal him away. We’re going to be late for the appointment to pick out Save-The-Date cards.

Grayson: Thanks, babe. We’re almost done.

Jane leaves.

MK: Last question. What’s Santa bringing Jane?

Grayson: *grins* I know it’s cheesy, but I got her diamond earrings.

MK: Not cheesy at all. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Jane and Grayson’s story is IN IT TO WIN IT and can be found on:



Other ebook:

Autographed Paperback:

Why thank you, Morgan for introducing Grayson to us! I can't wait to read this one!
In other news today, my virtual blog tour continues with my current release of Dating 911 over at Paranormal & Erotica Musings

Stop by and comment on my post of "Nurses Naughty or Nice"for your chance to win a free digital copy of my book! I hope to see you there!

Happy Friday!

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Character Interviews Continue With The Fantastic, Lindsay Downs

Such a lovely, holiday cover, don't you think? It's warm and inviting!  It's Lindsay's current Holiday release that became available on Black Friday.  And speaking of invites, I'm pleased to have mystery author, Lindsay Downs on my blog today with an interview with Special Agent Emily Dahill.  Take it away, Ms. Downs....

Interviewer: Today I’m joined by Special Agent Emily Dahill, CID.

Emily Dahill: *nods greeting*

I: Why don’t you start by telling us a little about yourself?

ED: Is that a size joke? Just because I’m only five one doesn’t make me small. I like to think of myself as a stick of dynamite packed in a bullet.

I: I’m sorry. What I should have said was tell us where you’re from and some of your Army background? Like, did you always want to be a CID agent?

ED: Being a Army brat I really never had a home, a house yeah, in one Army base or another all over the world. It wasn’t until I took the post at Fort Del Gue did I finally get the home I’d wanted all those years. And as for being a CID agent, yes that was a lifelong dream of mine. I get the best, for me at least, of both worlds. I’m still in the Army and I have a wonderful opportunity to help protect soldiers from criminals.

I: Even if the criminal is a soldier?

ED: Even more so. There was this one case, you all will get to read about it in January I think. Anyway, this one soldier had committed a crime before enlisting and wasn’t caught until years later. It’s a really fascinating story that I’m sure everyone will enjoy reading.

I: Isn’t that the case where *scratches head thinking* what’s his name makes an appearance again?

ED: *her brow furrows in disappointment* Yes, actually this was the second time in recent memory, which with him is the only recollection I have. If it’s the same person, whom we’ve come to call ‘the brown-haired man’, I think we first met in Iraq but with the helicopter crash and everything that part of my memory is lost. The shrink says it’s some form of amnesia that may or may not improve.

I: *interrupts* But you can describe him, right?

ED: Ah, no. I recognize him at the time I see him but put me in front of a sketch artist and forget it. Blank. Too bad Dakota can’t talk then he’d be able to give a really good description of the man.

I: Speaking of Dakota, where is he? I’d have thought he would have come with you today.

ED: He was going to come but decided to stay back at Richard and Alison’s house. Seem the kids and their new puppies are stopping over for some training.

I: Those are the ones from the newest book, A Dog Gone Christmas?

ED: Yes, and I hope I didn’t give too much of the story away. It’s really sweet and very heartwarming. I did bring the backcover blurb so everyone who stops by can see for themselves. The author is also donating a portion of the royalties to the local collie rescue group.

I: Great, you didn’t by any chance bring the blurb for your first book, you know the one where Dakota out fishes you and your friends.

ED: *BLUSHES* Grrrrrr. Yes I did and I was told by the author that one lucky person who leaves a comment gets a chance to win both books. *Emily answers her cellphone* Sorry but I’ve got to get back to the house. Seems Dad just showed up. It’s been nice talking with you. Oh, here’s the blurbs I brought. *hands a sheet of paper to the interviewer.

I: It’s been a pleasure having you and say HI to your father for me. *Shakes hands with Emily then turns to the camera* here are the blurbs my guest mentioned:

Emily Dahill, CID Part 1
Final Mission-After being seriously wounded in a copter crash in Iraq Sgt. Emily Dahill meets her new partner as she embarks on her new Army career as a CID agent. Who could this new partner be?

A Body in the Snow- Emily and her partner, Dakota, cross bullets with their most determined foe. Who will survive?
Right Place, Wrong Day-On leave to hang with friends Emily gets the surprise of her life.

Dog on Fishing-When it comes to knowing how to fish, and catch the big ones, never underestimate your partner. He might surprise you.

A Dog Gone Christmas
When a call for paws goes out, five friends bring their collies without question to a friend’s house. They learn the collies are needed to help seven children with the grief of losing a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan. Now, with seven friends, four collie yearlings and their mother, they set out to help the children.

Not far away a mother hopefully leads her seven puppies to safety from a man intent on selling them for illicit purposes.
By a miracle of fate the two mother collies find each other right before the man sells the puppies.

That Christmas morning will be one the children will remember all their lives and they are united with the puppies.

Buy Links for Emily Dahill, CID Part 1
To request an autograph on your kindle (my author page)

Astraea Press
Barnes & Noble

Links for A Dog Gone Christmas
To request an autograph on your kindle (my author page)

Astraea Press
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Thank you, Lindsay! I have Emily Dahill, CID Part 1 on my iPad! I can't wait to have a few days to myself so I can read it!  **rubs hands together**  My VBT for my latest release Dating 911 continues.  Today, I'm sharing some of Roxanne's recipes! Stop by Fictional Candy Blog at this link:

Have a wonderful Thursday, Everyone!