Saturday, April 30, 2011


For this week's post,
This Six is from Dating 911 where my heroine is a little bit peeved...

Roxanne stormed into her house and slammed the door.  How could she have kissed the jerk?  Especially after he’d embarrassed her?  Had Jett really expected her to spend the night with him?  One kiss and poof!  She’d follow him home?  She snorted.  As if…

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Wrapping up a project this week and trying to decide what to do next as I have a couple of open projects that need completed. 

But...have you ever been distracted by a story idea that really, really, really, makes it impossible to work on anything else?  Well, that's what I am grappling with right now.  So, I have buckled down and am ignoring that little voice--for now!

I'm hoping to have some good news soon...I will keep you all posted. 

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Saturday, April 23, 2011


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Again from the same old wip I pulled off my flash drive, this week's Six is a continuation from last week where my heroine has just lost her patient who coded.  She is doing the post mortem care to ready his body for the morgue. 

It was a good thing Seamus couldn’t see what a mess he looked, even after she'd bathed his body. He'd surely scold her about ruining his reputation with the ladies. She pushed his dentures into his mouth for the third time, but they popped out farther than before. “That looks awful.”

“At least your not thinking about using duct tape,” a familiar voice whispered in her left ear.

She whirled, swinging her arm through a flash of light and staggered into the night stand, knocking the pink basin filled with bath water to the floor. Her gaze shot around the room--empty.
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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Something a little different for my Six.  I pulled out another old wip, tentatively titled Sunshine After Showers...Let's see what you think of my opening chapter 1.  As always, thanks for stopping by and commenting!


Warm tears streamed down Rachel O’Dea’s face. She pumped on Seamus Jameson’s chest and tried to swallow the pain and helplessness  that formed the lump in her throat. She couldn’t even verbally call out the concise compressions to the code team anymore. It was all she could do to maintain composure and continue to assist.

Her gaze shot to the cardiac monitor reading his oxygen level, blood pressure, and heartbeat.

Come on, Seamus. I need something to work with here. Give me a sign. Beat, dammit!

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Enjoy what's left of your weekend! Left you all with a little hawtness to oggle! I do love my firemen, and this one reminds me of my firefighter hero, Jett Avery in Dating 911!! *Wink*


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Morning all...I have a few loose ends to tie up with my writing this week, so no blog posts until Six Sentence Sunday this weekend.  Thought I'd leave you with a little taste of what has all my focus...LOL.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today's Six comes from a wip I started a couple of years ago, sitting in my Mother's hospital room before she passed away.  It's been on my mind lately.  Guess that is her way of nudging me from beyond to get it finished...It's tentatively titled "Temperatures Rising".  Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget to check out the other great authors and their Six at . 

A roar from a crowd of men stationed behind her at the mahogany bar drew her attention. They enthusiastically slapped their hands in high fives as they greeted a newcomer to their group. He was extremely attractive in an Ewan Macgregor kind of way with wavy brown hair, prominent brows over eyes she could easily immerse herself in, a squared jaw with a hint of five o’clock shadow, and a fantastic pair of lips. A sigh of bliss escaped her. All contemplation of the commitment she’d sworn to herself vanished from her brain as the cells sizzled.

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Friday, April 8, 2011


This week's Yum is courtesy of Tracy Ames...Thanks for posting such great pics!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


A facebook friend sent me the following funny!  Thanks, Johnathan!  Stuff like this happens more than you think!  LOL...

A young man is lying in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask over his mouth, A beautiful nurse walks in to check up on him,

"Nurse,"he Mumbles from behind his oxygen mask,

"Are my testicles black?"

Embarrassed, the young nurse replies,"I don't know, im only here to sit you up or help you roll over."
Struggling, he again asks,"are my testicles black?"

Young nurse replies,"I don't know, im Not a doctor I cant check that."

He Again asks,"are my testicles black, I know you can check?"

Finally she raises his gown, holds his penis in one hand,and holds his testicles in the other,"There's nothing wrong with them!"

The man pulls off his oxygen mask smilin' and replies,

"That was nice,but are my test results back" ;o)

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Again, I'm not a reviewer of any kind, but I do read all sorts of books.  I love a romance with well written, believable characters that go through great odds!  One such story is Taryn Kincaid's new release, Healing Hearts which I just finished!  Absolutely wonderful with a plot twist that will keep you glued to the pages! 

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Researchers have been busy at work studying breast cancer genomes in a patient's DNA looking for mutations.  Why is this important?  Because, if your oncologist has your specific genome sequence, he/she could better prescribe a treatment plan to help cure you of your cancer. 

Currently, all the results are preliminary and are being presented this weekend at a conference in Florida.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that these guys are on to something FANTASTIC! 

Just think of the possibilities...No guesswork.  The Doc gets your bloodwork with your information and will then know exactly what type of chemo drug to use to help rid your body of the cancer cells!  How many patients go through several rounds of chemo? Or, chemo/radiation combinations in hopes to have their cancer cured?  Sadly, way too many to count!

As a person who has a familial history of breast cancer, definitely keeping my eye on this bit of research!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Happy Monday!!!  Err...Not!  I am so not a morning person! I wonder sometimes how most people get out of bed so darn early!  My kids are on spring break this week and they're excited to sleep in, too!  :)  They do take after their momma with their love of late nights... But let's move on to today's post. I recently read an article while sitting in the doctor's office waiting... It was written by a doctor who'd bought her son a dog, something he'd always wanted.

After eight years with their dog, Tiger, the mom noticed that he had increased thirst (polydipsia) and increased urination (polyuria) and suspected the dog had developed diabetes. She'd taken him to the vet and sure enough, her suspicions were confirmed. The dog's health rapidly declined shortly after that. Tiger started to waste away in front of their eyes as he refused to eat, and then lacked the strength to even try.

Her son was devastated. One day, he begged his mom to buy Tiger some baby food. The boy was convinced that he could get his dog to eat it. Not wanting to discourage her son's hope, but not sure that the dog would eat the baby food, the mom went out and bought baby food anyway. After all, what harm could it

With baby food jar in hand, the boy smeared a small amount of the baby food on Tiger's lips. An amazing thing happened, the dog licked the food off which is all he'd had strength for. The boy repeated the process over and over. After a good length of time had passed, the dog had eaten the entire jar of baby food.

Several days went by with her son feeding the dog in this manner. Soon, he had gained enough strength to lick the food from the boy's palm. Tiger's energy level increased and he was able to walk again. Over the next four weeks, Tiger seemed back to his usual health.

This part of my post  is taken from the article itself--JAMA, July 23/30 2008 Vol 300, No.4 "A Piece of My Mind--Baby Food".  Because I couldn't have paraphrased it so that you would get the same impact, I copied and pasted it here:

"...Brent commented the other day, "Tiger is a really strong dog. I don't think he will die." But the physician part of me has seen a substantial increase in the dog's polyuria and polydipsia over the past week. My prognosis is significant progression of his disease and death within a short period of time. Yet the mother part of me wants with all my heart for my son's prognosis to be the correct one. So I tell him, "You have given us extra time to love your dog."

After reading this article, all I could think was "Wow!" I'd never thought about how diabetes would affect people's lives if a beloved pet had the disease. How about you?

Take Care,

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Morning! Thanks for stopping by to view my Six.  Your comments are always appreciated!  I've been working steadily on my Dating series.  The first of the three books is Dating 911.  The characters have been on my mind a lot lately, so again, I've drawn my Six from that book.  Jett's PTSD is a daily struggle...

Panic stricken grey eyes opened, glancing around the room before he finally focused on her face.

“Roxanne?” he rasped. His ragged breathing echoed between them.

“Yes. I’m here, Jett.” Alarmed, she assessed him critically. Skin slick with sweat, face flushed, gaze wild with the remnants of the terror created within his unconscious mind. “It was just a dream. Everything is okay.”
But is it really?  Hmmmm....stay tuned.  Take a look at what the other SSS authors are up to today at this link:  I can promise you there are some great reads!
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Friday, April 1, 2011


It has been a long work week.  I've been busy writing, revising, & plotting...Well, as much as a pantser like me can plot!  LOL.

Thank Goodness it is FRIDAY!  Enjoy your weekend all!  See you back here for Six Sentence Sunday!