Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Researchers have been busy at work studying breast cancer genomes in a patient's DNA looking for mutations.  Why is this important?  Because, if your oncologist has your specific genome sequence, he/she could better prescribe a treatment plan to help cure you of your cancer. 

Currently, all the results are preliminary and are being presented this weekend at a conference in Florida.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that these guys are on to something FANTASTIC! 

Just think of the possibilities...No guesswork.  The Doc gets your bloodwork with your information and will then know exactly what type of chemo drug to use to help rid your body of the cancer cells!  How many patients go through several rounds of chemo? Or, chemo/radiation combinations in hopes to have their cancer cured?  Sadly, way too many to count!

As a person who has a familial history of breast cancer, definitely keeping my eye on this bit of research!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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