Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm gearing up for November's National Novel Writing Month! I have a couple of characters who've been swimming around in my head for a while, dying for their own story to be told. So, I've dusted off my brainstorming book, worked out their GMC's, and am keeping my fingers crossed that all flows well.

What a person does for NaNoWriMo, is attempt to write an entire novel 175 pages or 50,000 words in 30 days. Sounds like a huge undertaking--that's no lie. I'm happy
to report that even though this is a monumental task, it can be achieved. And has by many many writers. To reach the ultimate goal--A complete novel--a person must be organized, dedicated, and above all, energized!!! Having your very own cheering and support section, doesn't hurt at all.

After reviewing my options, I decided not to officially sign up on the NaNoWriMo website. Instead, I'm going to keep my own unofficial talley and post my progress either here or on my facebook page. I should twitter it, but I'm twitter inept. LOL.

So...want to write a novel? Here is your chance to make an attempt. The work doesn't have to be pretty. Editing can go by the way side. Just get those words down on paper and get that draft completed. Here is the link to get more information on NaNoWriMo. They have all the tools and support you need in order to get started!

Happy Writing!!

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