Thursday, January 17, 2008


What does quality mean to you?

As a nurse, I always hear the phrase "quality patient care". Quality is what I strive to deliver to my patients and their families every time I work a shift. In order to adhere to this standard of practice, I need to organize, prioritize, and research much of the clinical tasks I perform in a twelve-hour shift. At the same time, I need to emotionally connect with patients, families, and co-workers. They all need to have confidence that I care about what I'm doing, and possess the knowledge base to perform each task. This is a form of trust and respect.

When I compared writing to nursing, I found that I attempt to apply quality on a page, too. I organize, prioritize, and research what I want to cover in my WIP. Sometimes each word is agonizingly placed, only to find when the chapter goes through critique, I could have done a little something different. I look at each of my crit partners at WRITESPOT and realize my relationship with them is the same as when I'm at the hospital. Again, they need to have the confidence and knowledge that I care about what I am doing. That I can give constructive advice on their WIPs, and complete their critiques in a timely manner. And, that I care about the advice they give in return. Again, a form of trust and respect.

I never knew how my love of nursing and writing were so similar. Love what you do. Take pride in your work and let the quality shine through.


*lizzie said...

Excellent point about your crit partners needing to know that YOU care about what you're doing.

hmm, can I borrow that idea for the goals guru???

Kathleen Grieve said...

Absolutely! I'm happy to help the guru in any way I can!! :)

CherylStJohn said...

Whoo hoo, Kathleen, you did it!

Just a personal thing, but I HATE the verification. It takes me longer to unscramble those letters than to post a comment. I rarely get any spam on my blog without it, FYI.