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Morning to all and Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Life has been chaotic and well...LIFE! Which has interfered with daily blog posts.  Now getting back on track!  Yeah!  I love when that happens.  I posted a cover of my book, The Doctor's Deception, because I came across a recent customer review posted on yesterday.   Such a pleasant surprise!  

The review was done by Naughty Editions Reviews and here is the link:
Thank you SO MUCH!  I'm so glad you liked my story.  At this time, there are no plans for a sequel.

I thought it would be fun to have my character from THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION, Dr. Stone Lassiter, interviewed. The interview was conducted by romance author,  jj Keller.  I'll turn the forum over to her.

jj Keller: Thanks, Kathleen for the opportunity to have this little chat with Dr. Lassiter. There have been some things I've been dying to ask him. Oops. Maybe I shouldn't say "dying" when preparing to interview a heart surgeon. LOL. But you get the idea.

Okay. Picture this: I arrived at Dr. Lassiter's home in Deereborne County, Nebraska. The housekeeper led me to the library of his two story brick home and politely asked me to wait. The ceilings are vaulted in the already large and spacious room. My fingers lightly touched a few of the volumes on the loaded book case that lined the entire length of the wall. Sunshine streamed in from the large bay window that took up one side of the room.

Positioned by this window, are two large ornate cherry wood desks, pushed head to head. One is completely immaculate with a only a gilded silver frame of Dr. Lassiter's wife and newborn son. The other desk is cluttered. A quick glance and several titles of medical journals pop into view, a yellow high lighter, several pencils with the ends chewed, and a small box of Godiva Chocolate with several pieces missing.

Dr. Lassiter: "That desk belongs to my wife." He laughed good naturedly. "She claims to have her own filing system."

jj Keller: I faced the doctor and smiled…(he’s hot, I look at him and show my appreciation for his hotness). I should have been prepared for this moment. I had known how handsome he would be. After all, I critiqued every page of Kathleen Grieve's manuscript while she'd worked on The Doctor's Deception.

The truth? No amount of preparation would have made a difference. What had Kathleen written? Six feet of well-muscled M-A-N? She wasn't kidding! His honey blond hair was slightly tousled, curling slightly around the collar of his green surgical scrub top.

Deep brown eyes friendly, he held a hand out. I placed my fingers in his firm grip, trying to still my beating heart. If I pass out, would he revive me? Of course he would! My lips almost puckered in anticipation of a mouth-to-mouth encounter. I caught myself just in time.

"Please call me, jj, Dr. Lassiter. I want to thank you for agreeing to meet with me today. I know with the new transplant center, your time must be very valuable." My voice sounded even and I'd spoken coherently.

Thank Goodness!

Dr. Lassiter: "Call me, Stone," he said, releasing my hand all too soon. "Why don't we sit down. Would you care for something to drink?"

jj Keller: "No thank you, Stone." He directed me to the sitting area to the left of the desks. A large carmel colored leathered couch sat on a beautiful Persian rug, flanked by sleek glass end tables. A large vase of red roses dominated the matching coffee table in a crystal vase. Their fragrant scent helped to ground me.

He sat in a large overstuffed easy chair to my right as I took the space on the couch he indicated. I set my Gucci handbag on my lap and pulled out a small tape recorder. "Do you mind? It will be easier than pen and paper."

Dr. Lassiter: He shook his head. "Not at all."

jj Keller: I turned on the device and set it on the corner of the coffee table that jutted between us. "I promise not to take up too much of your time. I just have a few questions for some of the readers out there. Not the basic, how long have you been a doctor type stuff. Something a little more personal to get to know you better and build more awareness about your heart center. Kathleen assured me it would be okay."

Dr. Lassiter: "I'm not on call tonight, so I'm all yours."

jj Keller: Mine? I gulped. I wish! I cleared my throat and wiped my damp hands on my slacks. "Umm. Let's start with your story. How do you feel about having it available for everyone to read?"

Dr. Lassiter: He raised a brow. "I am completely okay with my story being out there for the public. Kathleen did a great job with getting the details correct. I know I shouldn't have lied, but my reasons were sound." He grinned. "Besides, I never would have gotten to know Faith better had I carried on as I had been. And without Faith in my life, my transplant center never would have been a reality."

jj Keller: "True. But you had something to offer Faith, too. You helped her with her test anxiety. Even with your unconventional methods, she did pass the MCAT. She's a cardiologist now, right?"

Dr. Lassiter: His eyes brightened with mischief. It seemed as if he was remembering that time. "That's right." He rubbed his chin. "She's an excellent doctor."

jj Keller: "What would you like people to know about your work?"

Dr. Lassiter: "Well, I still need to find time to make an appearance on Kathleen's blog. I promised her I'd do a little something on cardiogenic shock. But, there are a couple of things I would like for your readers to know. First, heart disease can be reversed. You may not be able to control the hereditary risk factors like your family history, age, or race. But there are risk factors you can control like not smoking, eating a healthy diet, and exercising..."

jj Keller: As Stone talked, I was glad I'd decided to bring the tape recorder in. While he spoke passionately about a subject obviously dear to his heart (no pun intended, LOL) I listened to that sexy baritone voice. The soothing tone slid over me and my stomach quivered. His wife was a very lucky lady, indeed.

Faith Lassiter: "And don't forget to mention how many lives you've saved."

jj Keller: I glanced from Stone to see a slender woman with long blond hair pulled into a careless twist at the nape of her neck, a baby bundled in her arms. Her deep emerald eyes stared lovingly at her husband. Stone stood as she breezed the rest of the way into the room, energy and vitality emanating from her in waves.

Dr. Lassiter: "Hi, sweetheart." He carefully took the child from her and gave Faith a leisurely kiss. She settled onto the couch next to me and Stone sat back down holding his son.

Faith Lassiter: "He's way too modest, you know. Since the transplant center opened, he's performed 20 successful heart transplants. Quite a record for a new facility. The community here is completely behind him!"

Dr. Lassiter: He smiled. "jj, meet my biggest fan, my wife, Faith. Faith, jj Keller. She's the author of THE WATCHER series you loved so much."

Faith Lassiter: "Oh! It is so nice to meet you. I love Melody's Song. Congratulations. I heard it made the best seller's list."

jj Keller: "Yes. This is an exciting time. I'm so glad you liked it." I glanced at the sleeping child in Stone's arms. Pale blond hair covered the baby's head the same shade as his mother's. I wondered what color eyes he had. Green or Brown? "You're son is beautiful. How are you enjoying fatherhood, Stone?"

Dr. Lassiter: His gaze dropped to the baby cradled in his arms and his expression softened. "Better than anything I would have ever dreamed."

jj Keller: "I know there was quite a discussion over his name. What did you two decide?"

Faith and Stone looked at each other. The love for one another almost tangible as they shared an unspoken communication.

Dr. Lassiter: "His name is Stone Henry Lassiter, II."

Faith Lassiter: "Rocky."

jj Keller: They'd spoken in unison, then they laughed. I glanced from one to the other and chuckled. It seemed the discussion was still ongoing.

To find out the amazing journey of how Stone and Faith found love, read THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION now available in print and download at at this link:
End of Interview

Hope you enjoyed the interview!  Happy Thursday, everyone!


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