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Today, I’m going to incorporate my Hump Day Hook into my Virtual Blog Tour for my latest release, Dating Impossible. Love sharing this story with you! Today we learn that Dr. Cruz Avery can’t dance, despite his numerous other charms…If you’d like to participate in my VBT for Dating impossible, the instructions are below my paragraph for your chance to win $100 Amazon Gift Card and free e-book copy of Dating Impossible!
           “Does that mean you girls are looking for a dance partner?” a familiar baritone drawled. “I believe I can take you both at once.”

“Cruz,” Ambra said, turning toward him. “I’m not dancing with you ever again. Not after the last time. You didn’t just step on my feet, you mutilated them,” she complained. She inclined her head toward the bartender and squinted at his name tag. “Hey, Josh. You dance?”

Surprise registered on Josh’s face. “Why, yes, I do.”

Ambra held out her hand. “Let’s go!”

Without hesitation, he grasped her fingers, navigated around the counter, and off they went. JJ watched their progress with her back to Cruz. She sipped the tequila Josh had refilled before heading off with Ambra.

“Well?” Cruz murmured next to her ear. His breath fanned her neck, igniting little coils of warmth low in her belly that had nothing to do with the alcohol.

“Well, what?” she replied, enjoying the sensation of having him near. Reluctant to turn in his direction and break the close proximity of their bodies, she kept her gaze trained on the crowded dance floor.

“That leaves you and me. Care to get a little dirty?” His tone purred seduction.

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Focused on her career, Dr. JJ Jones doesn't have time to date—and she certainly doesn't want to date the "player" of the ER none other than her girlhood crush, Dr. Cruz Avery. JJ found out the hard way that romantic relationships in the work place don't mix forcing her to relocate back to Arizona and change jobs. She's determined to spend her free time enjoying her Harley, reading true-crime novels, and learning about the new community she lives in. Dogged by the gorgeous Dr. Avery with his skillful hands, disarming smile, and hot lips, her resolve wavers. For now, she's having fun making his mission to date her down right impossible!


But damn if she wasn’t all prickly one minute and hot and yummy in his arms the next. His cock hardened and he shifted in his chair. Large almond-shaped green eyes, pink pouty lips, and that sexy belly button ring and tattoos. Cruz shook his head. JJ was definitely a mix of contradictions. She was all innocence and badass rolled into one. And smart.

None of his usual bullshit lines would work with her. So how was he going to get past her no-dating-a-co-worker rule and find out if they had the possibility of a real future together? Christ, she was making this entire dating thing impossible. He rubbed the tense muscles of his neck.

Sex two nights in a row doesn’t mean we are dating. Or in a relationship.

Her words looped over and over against his skull and were the other reason why he couldn’t concentrate on jack-shit today. What he needed was a plan. But what?

He sat up straighter in his leather chair. The kernel of an idea blossomed. What if she didn’t realize they were going out on dates? Yeah, baby. He liked the notion already. But he’d have to tread carefully. JJ was a clever girl. Cruz would just have to be one step ahead of her in order to make his plan work. And once she was hooked on him… He glanced at his reflection in the full-length mirror that hung on the back of his office door and pointed to himself. His lips curved into a perfect smile and he winked.

Who could resist this?

(secret word “away”)

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alicia taylor said...

Loving all these snippets :)

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thank you, Alicia! This was a fun book to write!!

Jessie Lansdel said...

Great snippets. Very sexy. šŸ˜‰

Sarah said...

Mmmmm...he's teasing her...I love that she doesn't want to turn and break that nearness. Steamy - and does she say yes? Great hook!

Lacie Nation said...

Great writing! Loved the chemistry.

Sabrina Devonshire said...

Looks like these two are about to sizzle on the dance floor and maybe elsewhere. Nice hook.

Jennifer Simpkins said...

She might not want to admit it yet, but "yes" she does want to get a little dirty. Great hook, Kathleen.

Lucy Felthouse said...

Fab chemistry, well done.

Gem Sivad said...

He's definitely a hottie and JJ had better be careful or Cruz is going to roll right over her...which might me a wonderful experience. :D

Anonymous said...

Terrific snippets. Congrats on the new release.

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

She'd better watch her step. He's got danger written all over him-- the good kind. Congrats on your release!

Mandy Earles said...

Looks like things are heating up. Wonder if she'll finally give in. Nice hook!

C. Moss said...

Love the tension you're starting to build here between the characters. I agree with another poster ~ steamy! Good hook! :)

Anonymous said...
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Kathleen Grieve said...

Thank you!! I love this couple!!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Oooh loved " to get a little dirty..." Nice!

Shannon Bereza said...

Every time I read this excerpt I get a little more excited to read the book. I didn't think it was possible to think it gets steamier but it somehow does with his arrogance when he looks in the mirror?

Anonymous said...

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Kayla West said...

Wow. Love the writing. Steamy as can be.