Sunday, January 22, 2017


Happy Friday! It's almost the weekend! My plans include to complete edits for my upcoming release, Chicks Dig Scars. I chose this guy this week because he looks like my hero, Dr. Devon Jameson who has more than his share of scars, inside and out. This book is due April 4th. I can't wait for you all to read about my lovable ghost who has made my hero and heroine his unfinished business!


When death steps in...

Committed and compassionate intensive care nurse, Rachel O'Dea will do anything to save her patients. But when she loses a kind and loving man whom she forged a fatherly relationship with, Rachel unravels.

...or so everyone thinks.

The calm and soothing voices Rachel hears and the apparitions she sees are of the deceased man and his late wife as they navigate and persuade her to make important choices in her life, leading her right where she's supposed to be.

Free clinic doctor, Devon Jameson, needs more hands on deck. He can't possibly handle all the medical cases alone. When Rachel walks in, volunteering her services, he knows he has no choice other than to take her on board as she proves her worth when a pediatric trauma is left on his doorstep and there’s no one else to assist. As the two begin working together, their lives intertwine and the attraction intensifies. Scarred deeply by their past and their pain, Rachel and Devon begin a future only angels could predict.

Enjoy your weekend all!
Kathleen 💋

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