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Good morning! I've been busting my butt completing another book and I'm happy to say that Chicks Dig Scars is with my editor and now has an April 4th publication date! **Happy Dance** Now on to this week's tease which so happens comes from my upcoming release.  Thanks to Angelica Dawson who hosts this weekly hump day hop so we can all share our work with you.  I started this scene on Sunday in #SexySnippets so if you want to read the beginning you can go here:

“I’m not pregnant!” Rachel insisted. “I just need to…” she shook her head. Ah, fuck. The look on Maria’s face silenced her. The woman was convinced she was knocked up. “Never mind.” Following the directions Maria had given her, Rachel found Devon in his office. The black of his scrubs the same as his mood.

“What the fuck do you want?” he barked.

“Why are you such a hostile asshole?” she asked anger flaring to life. “I haven’t done anything to you. I don’t want anything from you. So what’s your problem?”

“My problem is, sweetheart,” he sneered the endearment while he stood and leaned over his desk splaying his palms on top of the solid oak. “That I want to know exactly how you managed it. No lies. Spill it.”

Confusion defused her anger. “Managed what exactly?”

“Oh, come on, don’t act innocent. You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Rachel searched his ruggedly handsome face flushed with anger. His sapphire colored eyes hard as the gems they resembled. She shook her head slowly. “No. I. Don’t.” She enunciated each word deliberately, her voice as frigid as his. “Why don’t you sit down like a civilized human being and we can talk about whatever has pissed you off. And while you’re at it, why don’t you spill why Seamus’ body is still at the morgue. He needs to be laid to rest properly.”

Devon flinched as if she’d slapped him; his reaction confirming what his father had told her earlier. So Seamus really was still at the morgue? Somehow, she still half believed she was going crazy by seeing and hearing him. But ghosts must really exist. Anger deflated, she slumped back in the chair opposite Devon, stunned.

Ghosts were real. Seamus was still with her.

For the briefest moment elation filled her. She frowned. That wasn’t how things worked. Right? Wasn’t he supposed to go to the great beyond spending the rest of his existence at peace with Evie? Was he still here because he hadn’t had a proper catholic burial? Or was it really because of Devon? What kind of trouble was the man’s son in?

Rachel glanced at Devon speculatively. Was he his father’s unfinished business? She tried to see him with objectivity. His black hair looked like he’d finger combed the strands with haste, curling along the nape of his nape. His beard still needed a trim in a very bad way in a few more weeks he’d be in Duck Dynasty territory, and his black scrubs were wrinkled as if he’d yanked them on from a pile off the bedroom floor or something. She could only imagine.

He grabbed a file folder off his desk and tossed it her way. “Just how close were you and my father?” he demanded. “How many times did you sleep with him to get what you want?”



When death steps in...

Committed and compassionate intensive care nurse, Rachel O'Dea will do anything to save her patients. But when she loses a kind and loving man whom she forged a fatherly relationship with, Rachel unravels.

...or so everyone thinks.

The calm and soothing voices Rachel hears and the apparitions she sees are of the deceased man and his late wife as they navigate and persuade her to make important choices in her life, leading her right where she's supposed to be.

Free clinic doctor, Devon Jameson, needs more hands on deck. He can't possibly handle all the medical cases alone. When Rachel walks in, volunteering her services, he knows he has no choice other than to take her on board as she proves her worth when a pediatric trauma is left on his doorstep and there’s no one else to assist. As the two begin working together, their lives intertwine and the attraction intensifies. Scarred deeply by their past and their pain, Rachel and Devon begin a future only angels could predict.


Thats all I have for now. Comments are always welcome and I'd love to hear what you think. Don't forget to stop by and check out the rest of the Teases by some really great and talented authors! Link is below! 

Happy Hump Day!
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Oh, yeah, these two get along great. *eye roll* Seems you have tons of tension and conflict to work with.

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