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How'd it get to the middle of the week already? Anyone else feel the time just flying by? It's a very exciting time as we have launched our Pre-order sale of the Prowlers & Growlers Boxed Set, A collection of shifters, vampires, witches and more! So, let's get down to this week's tease which is a weekly blog hop where we share a bit of a current wip, published book, or upcoming release. I am going to share from my story, Chicks Dig Scars, which is included in the Prowlers & Growlers Set! Rachel and Devon have so much chemistry between them...

Rachel found his condo with ease. Before she lost her strength of will, she knocked on his door. He opened it quickly, as if he’d been standing only a few feet away. Damp hair from a recent shower combed off his forehead, black T-shirt stretched taut over lean muscles, and faded denim slung low on his tapered hips. He’d left his feet bare, which only added to the entire sexylicious package.

“Hi,” she said, suddenly shy.

“Hi,” he said, heated gaze traveling down her body with blatant possessiveness.

He reached for her, slammed the door to his condo with his foot. Before Rachel knew what hit her, Devon had her stripped of her carefully chosen black cocktail dress, then pushed her face to the wall in nothing but her bra and panties. The rough denim of his jeans with his rather impressive bulge pressed into her ass, reminding her of all his earlier promises of how he wanted to fuck her.

Exhilaration coursed through her tightly-strung body as rough fingers flicked her back and her carefully chosen sheer bra dropped to the floor. He curled a finger around her matching thong, and with a yank the silky material descended down around her ankles. He held her in place with one hand centered on the small of her back and the other tangled in her still-damp hair, tilting her head back slightly so the delicious sting of her scalp flamed her blood and her clit tingled in anticipation of what he’d do next.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t afraid he’d hurt her. Mick had been a clumsy lover and with his drinking couldn’t even get it up half the time. He’d beat her from drunken rages, but was sweet and oh so apologetic over his actions once he’d sober up.

No, Devon was different. Rachel knew that deep down to her core. No one had ever taken such a completely arousing command of her body the way he did. All rational thought flew out the door along with her shyness. She wanted this life altering experience. Wanted him. Probably more than she’d ever wanted anything in her life.

His mouth moved over her neck as he licked and teased his way down her back. The roughness of his scruffy chin igniting tiny flames of achy need and had her arching her back to feel more of his erection. She moaned his name as a shiver vibrated down her spine.

“Be a good little girl and stay still until I tell you to move,” he said near her ear.

Devon’s hand coasted over her bare ass and between her legs, edging her feet apart. His thick fingers circled her clit while she rubbed against his stiff cock eliciting loud, needy groans from them both. The sound of the zipper from the fly of his jeans scraped over her skin, stretching her nerves taut. Expectation held her breathless. He guided his cock against her folds and his breath came his harsh pants against her neck as he leaned into her.

“Now,” he said, voice husky with need. “I’m going to fuck you six times til Sunday.”

“Do it, already,” she demanded wriggling her ass against his hard length. “I’m beginning to think you’re all bluster and no flare.”

Rachel didn’t recognize the unrestrained wanton woman in Devon’s arms, but she was beginning to like her. It was like someone else had overtaken her body. His hand cracked over her ass, eliciting another moan of pleasure from her lips as his rough palm smoothed the sting away.

“Now why am I not surprised you have a smart mouth?” he asked, nipping her shoulder with his teeth. “I’ve got some definite ideas of ways to shut you up in mind.”

“You,” she said on a long exhalation. “Talk a really big game, Dr. Jameson. I—”

He speared his finger deep into her wet pussy and his thumb came down hard on her clit. She clenched her inner muscles around him and she felt his shuddering breath against her shoulder.

Oh, God. Those fingers…moving in and out. Those fucking magical fingers…

Devon chuckled. “You were saying?”


That's all I have for you this week! Be sure to check out the other participants in this blog hop! The link of names is at the bottom. Comments are always welcome and appreciated. Below is the blurb and buy links for where you can get your copy of Prowlers & Growlers so you can read Devon and Rachel's story in its entirety.

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