Sunday, February 26, 2017


WOW! It's Sunday already? And the last Sunday of February. Where does all the time go? SMH...  Let's get this party started, shall we? As always, I'd like to thank the lovely Doris O'Connor for putting this weekly blog hop together where we all share a snippet of a published book, a work in progress, or upcoming release. Since we just received the cover for the Steamy & Dreamy Boxed Set, my Diary Of A Naughty Nurse story has been on my mind a lot as we are gearing up for release sometime this week. Tentative date is 2/28!  So my snippet is from that upcoming release! :) Here is a little bit of insight as to the why this Cougar has taken up with a younger man...

Jake kissed her deep and hard. Deanna welcomed the blatant possessiveness, as he demanded more, sliding her fingers into his spiky dark hair. He made her feel desirable and that was something she hadn’t felt in a very, very long time. Part of her couldn’t believe she was here, in Dr. Jake Miller’s bed but there was no mistaking his hands, that mouth with his clever tongue, and that deep sexy baritone voice. She wanted—no—needed this right now. This sense of being treasured, almost coveted by a member of the opposite sex filled a gaping hole inside her and she greedily sucked the sensations in.


And there you have it--this week's snippet! Don't forget to check out all the other authors joining me in today's blog hop! I will leave you with the Blurb and I hope to have buy link soon!


Dear Diary,

Oh Diary, I have been so naughty--naughtier than I've ever been in all of my forty-eight years. I feel wonderful as I sit here and ache in the most delicious places. Usually, I follow the rules, but I didn't this time. Nurses aren't supposed to sleep with doctors--especially ones who are thirteen years younger. Wow, that's such an unlucky number, but I feel more fortunate than I ever have before. Hell if I'm lucky enough, I plan to break the rules with this man over and over again. And the best part is that he is relentless in his pursuit as well as in bed. He's younger, hotter, and more aggressive than any man I've ever had. I cannot wait to tell you what he does to me next. I just know its just going to get better and better. 

Until tomorrow...

One very satiated nurse.

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Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, All!

Kathleen 💋


Anonymous said...

Fabulous snippet, Kathleen. He does sound rather yummy, doesn't he? :-)

Kathleen Grieve said...

Definitely! LOL Thanks for stopping by, Doris!

Kiru Taye said...

I got lost in the kiss, in her emotions. Sounds like she needed it.

Elodie Parkes said...

Lovely snippet, lovely kiss...sighs :-)

Kathleen Grieve said...

Wow! That's awesomeness. Lol

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thank you! I'm so glad that what was in my head came across on paper! Whoop!