Monday, September 12, 2011


Kathleen Grieve (Medical Romance/Paranormal)

Morning!  Welcome to my third installment of Tuesday Tales where a group of authors get together and write to the same prompt.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  This weeks's prompt is "secrets" and I was able to work it in to a snippet of my current wip, From Lust To Ashes.

(Unedited~G Rated)

Femme Fatale Agent, Scarlet Reed watched as the balding overweight man scurried across the street.  In his haste, he stumbled, not once, but twice.  Sweat and fear emanated from him in waves. 
Humans, a sad pathetic race.  Easy prey for all the supernatural beings in the grand universe.   Always ready to give up their greedy little secrets placing them in need of the Sun Council’s rescue.  Little did they know how important they were to keeping the delicate balance that currently existed between species.  Some believed humans to be the weakest link in the chain and would take great pride and joy in driving them to extinction.
It was her job to make sure that never happened.  If it weren’t for the Sun Council saving their asses, humans would’ve been extinct hundreds of years ago. 
Scarlet glanced down from her second story perch of the roof of the abandoned building just as her target entered the topless bar.  Straightening, the night wrapped itself around her.  She cocked her head, listening to the sounds of music and the shouts of lustful men.  At 204 years of age, she was one of the youngest Phoenix, but was already bored with her existence.  She wondered how the rest of her kind lived for hundreds of years keeping the apathy at bay.
When she returned, she’d ask Magna.  At over a thousand years old, she was the oldest living Phoenix in existence.  Scarlet slipped off her five inch stilettos and leapt from roof and landed on the sidewalk with ease.  No sense in ruining her favorite Jimmy Choos by being careless.  Replacing her heels, she adjusted the black leather mini skirt and golden sequined tank top she wore, taking the same path as her target.
Judging by the pheromones of the man of interest to a certain vampire faction, he’d be putty in her hands.  Her lips curved as exhilaration rushed through her veins replacing her earlier apathy. 
Thank the Goddess.  She lived for this shit.  

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Enjoy your Tuesday!!

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