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Morning! Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Tales where a group of authors get together to create something all to the same writing "prompt".  This week's prompt is LIPS.  I was able to fit it in the opening chapter of my wip, Temperatures Rising.



     “I need three Coors draft, a margarita, and a Bohemian Rhapsody,” a female voice shouted down the length of the bar. The wait staff knew how to make themselves heard over the buzz of music and conversation from the numerous patrons that usually frequented Jolly’s Taproom.

     While the crowd laughed and drank with obvious pleasure, Katy Perry’s sultry voice blared from the speakers announcing to anyone listening how she kissed a girl—-and liked it.

     “You got it,” Anne Raines replied.  She marked her page from the pharmacology book she’d been using to confirm the medications for her first nursing clinical experience.  Pivoting to the cooler, she retrieved the large frosted pilsner glasses for the beers.  As she stood at the tap pouring the golden, foaming liquid into the ice cold mugs, she suppressed a yawn.  Her legs hurt and her feet seemed like they were on fire within her sensible black shoes.  She wished she knew of a Swedish masseur named Sven to fulfill her aching body’s every fantasy.

     Anne chuckled and placed the beers on the tray for Liddy, and proceeded to fulfill the rest of the waitress’s order.  Despite her fatigue, excitement bubbled from deep within her.  Tomorrow morning she would take the next step toward her new career to become a nurse.  Even the thought that she had three more hours before Jolly’s closed at two AM, followed by a long night of preparing for the day ahead, couldn’t squelch her high spirits. 

     The old rock tune, Wasted Time by the Eagles began a slow beat overhead.  Anne reflected on how she’d drifted through her life so far.  Flitting from job to job.  Her inability to take anything or anyone seriously.  How she’d never accomplished a damn thing.  Always too busy having a good time, she’d thought she’d have plenty of time to make something of her life later.  Much later.  Her lips twisted.  Definitely a lot of wasted time.

     “Order up, Liddy,” she called as she placed the martini on the tray.  Her gaze swept the drinks of the current peeps closest to her, checking for anyone in need of a refill.  Most glasses were still half full.  Satisfied, she moved back to her pharm book and the short list of medications of her first patient.

     At least there weren’t a lot she’d have to memorize for her first day—only four types of pills.  This helped tremendously since she had to be out of bed and over at the hospital by 6:30 AM.  Her vision blurred on the page she’d been staring at and she blinked.  A pang of regret for a lush morning spent snuggled deep beneath her goose down comforter sprang to the forefront of her mind.  Anne shoved the notion aside.  She could sleep when clinical ended at noon.  She’d just have to suck it up.

     Working her way through college was her only option, even with the small amount of life insurance her mother had bequeathed to Anne after her death.  There would be no getting around the crazy hours she’d have to work at Jolly’s to make her dream a success.  This time, she’d be responsible.  Even if she had to choke on her obligation.  Besides, she owed herself a bright future and challenged herself not to screw up this time.

     A roar from a crowd of men stationed behind her at the mahogany bar drew her attention.  They enthusiastically slapped their hands in high fives as they greeted a newcomer to their group.  He was extremely attractive in an Ewan Macgregor kind of way with wavy brown hair, prominent brows over eyes she could easily immerse herself in, a squared jaw with a hint of five o’clock shadow, and a fantastic pair of lips.  A sigh of bliss escaped her. 

     All contemplation of the commitment she’d sworn to herself vanished from her brain as the cells sizzled.  Heart thundering between her ears, she smiled and approached where he leaned against the bar.  The buttoned down long sleeved shirt lay open at the throat and revealed smooth, tanned skin.  Sleeves rolled back to his elbows provided a great view of strong, well muscled forearms.  She swallowed, mouth suddenly dry.

     As she placed a napkin on the gleaming wood in front of him, his green gaze swept the length of her.  Anne could swear she heard the heat radiating off her skin with a crackle and hiss.  Sort of like the breakfast cereal.

     Boy, would she like to snap, crackle and pop with this guy!

     She chuckled, coming down off the momentary high that often accompanied the sight of a gorgeous hunk of man in her vicinity.  “Welcome to Jolly’s.  What can I get you?”

     A smile played about his lips.  That killer grin combined with the steamy glitter in his eyes extremely suggestive of what he’d like to order.  Sparks of heat licked a trail down her spine straight down to her toes.

     After the stress and grief of the last year, Anne welcomed the distraction.  Between classes and Jolly’s, she’d been working very hard and wishing for a teensy weensy break.  What could a little play time hurt?

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love it!!!

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Mmm, now he seems like a yummy distraction!