Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Happy Hump Day! Welcome to this week's #MidWeekTease. It was a hectic weekend so I'm so glad it was over and I'm looking forward to having a few days of down time. Well, downtime for me is writing if I can squeeze it in. I have two more books under deadline, the first of which is due June first, but the only one I can think about right now is the one due in September. Fickle, fickle muse.

A special Thanks to Angelica Dawson for putting on this weekly blog hop :) This week's tease comes from Chicks Dig Scars which is part of the Prowlers & Growlers Paranormal Boxed Set.

Rachel glanced down at Seamus’ still body in the steel grey casket he lay in. She’d arrived early enough because she’d wanted to have this private moment to say goodbye before she had to face all her colleagues and his jerk of a son.

She caressed his hair. There was a little half smile on his face. A tear slipped down her cheek and she swiped it away with a tissue. “You look good, Seamus,” she murmured, admiring the dark navy blue suit and red tie.

A flash of brilliant light that was becoming all too familiar burst into the room next to her. “I do, don’t I?” Seamus said. “When do we get this party started?”

Rachel rounded on him. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for three whole days! Ever since your son accused me of sleeping with you to swindle you out of your money. Why didn’t you tell me about the inheritance so I could of at least been prepared for his accusations and the allegations of others? People are bound to talk once that little bit of information gets around.”

“Ah, Rachel,” Seamus said patiently. “I’ve been busy, girl. Me and Evie were getting reacquainted if you know what I mean,” he said, waggling his bushy eyebrows happily.

“There’s sex in the afterlife?” she asked, shocked.

He opened his mouth to speak and she held up a hand. “No. Wait. I don’t want to know. Your sex life is just a little bit TMI.”

“Well, Rachel girl, you’re the one who brought it up,” he said reasonably.

“No,” she said. “Your son did when he accused me of being a gold digging whore the other day.”

Seamus’ gaze widened. “I don’t remember him using those words, exactly.”

“You were there! And spying on us? Ah, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” she said and began to pace. “Why?” Rachel demanded. “If you knew all of this already, why did you let me stress out about it for the last few days!”

The sly look on his face was her answer. “Oh, right,” she said. “You were getting reacquainted with your wife. Can’t you talk to Devon? Set him straight about this entire business?” she pleaded, pausing her pacing to stop in front of him. “It’s humiliating.”

He slipped his palm up to her cheek and waves of warmth and calm infused into her. “There, now, lass,” he said. “Don’t fret about a thing. I’m confident that everything will work out just fine. The boy will come to his senses,” he soothed. “Besides, you’re the only one who can actually hear and see me for some reason. I’ve visited Devon. Made all kinds of ghostly racket sans chains, booing, etc…but the boy is deaf and blind when it comes to me.”

“Wonderful,” she muttered. “Just wonderful.”

“I’m glad you like everything,” Paul Levinson said, coming into the room behind her.

Rachel jumped and Seamus disappeared in a flash of dizzying colors. “Ah, um, yes,” she said covering her surprise. “The bouquet of Rock Sea-Spurrey flowers were Seamus’ favorite. I’m so glad you were able to get them to lay on top of the casket. The lavender color goes great.”

Paul smiled. He was a slight, balding man in his late fifties with sharp, intelligent eyes that missed nothing. He’d been a great help when her ex-husband had been stalking her.

“You know Seamus, organized to the very last detail,” he said. “He’d paid a local florist shop to keep them on hand for this occasion.” His voice got a little choked up. “I’m going to miss the old bugger.”

Rachel placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “We all are,” she said, wondering where Seamus had poofed off to now.



When death steps in...
Committed and compassionate intensive care nurse, Rachel O'Dea will do anything to save her patients. But when she loses a kind and loving man whom she forged a fatherly relationship with, Rachel unravels.

...or so everyone thinks.

The calm and soothing voices Rachel hears and the apparitions she sees are of the deceased man and his late wife as they navigate and persuade her to make important choices in her life, leading her right where she's supposed to be.

Free clinic doctor, Devon Jameson, needs more hands on deck. He can't possibly handle all the medical cases alone. When Rachel walks in, volunteering her services, he knows he has no choice other than to take her on board as she proves her worth when a pediatric trauma is left on his doorstep and there’s no one else to assist. As the two begin working together, their lives intertwine and the attraction intensifies. Scarred deeply by their past and their pain, Rachel and Devon begin a future only angels could predict.

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Enjoy the rest of your week! 

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Lucy Felthouse said...

Great snippet, Kathleen, and good luck with the deadlines! I have some of my own which are looming!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lucy!

Unknown said...

Seamus is definitely up to something. This scene drew me right in with the mix of humour and loss.

Best wishes for all your deadlines, Kathleen.

Anonymous said...

"poofed off to" Loved that, it really brought that image to life for me. Good luck with those deadlines :-)

Susanne Matthews said...

Great tease. I love the poofed off line too. Best of luck with the deadlines. Hope to have some of my own soon.

Christina Mandara said...

Let's hope the boy does come to his senses and soon! Great snippet :)

Siobhan Muir said...

OMG I love the ghost and the aspect of matchmaking. Great tease, Kathleen.

Angelica Dawson said...

No one likes a sassy ghost. oh, who am I kidding, we LOVE a sassy ghost! LOL

Elodie Parkes said...

Excellent teaser :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Kai! I appreciate that!

Unknown said...

Good luck with yours too, Susanne!

Unknown said...

Well of course he does. Seamus needs his HEA 😊

Unknown said...

Thanks Siobhan! I was actually told by an editor years ago that the elements of this story wouldn't work 😩😩 But I kept with it anyway 😊 Guess we will see what the readers have to say

Unknown said...

Awe... thanks Angelica 😘

Unknown said...

Thanks Elodie!

Unknown said...

Thank you Doris!