Monday, August 22, 2011


Good morning!  When I get off of work in a few hours, I will be getting my mammogram.  I totally blew it off last year---bad nurse/patient that I am!  Not for lack of trying. I did schedule the appointment--twice--but had to cancel.  With my family history of breast cancer, this is one medical test I should do every year.


I've been good this year.  All of my annual exams/blood work have been done.  I just have this one last test and then some follow up blood work to check how my thyroid medication is working for me and hopefully I will be done with this crap, umm, necessary stuff for the year.

The boob squishing exam is not fun!  You're placed in this freezing room, half naked and have your breasts squashed one at a time into a pan cake while being contorted by the tech to bend and twist at an awkward angle.  Can't wait...NOT! 

In the meantime, I thought I would post this video I found on Youtube that makes me laugh out loud! 

Enjoy your Monday!!

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