Monday, August 15, 2011

Mixed Emotions~

Okay, since the end of December, 2010, I'd changed my life style to eat healthier and exercise.  Goal: lose those last ten pounds that have been hanging on.  Weight has fluxed--lose a few...gain a few.  But, primarily has remained the same.  I've toned some muscles in my arms, legs, glutes. 

Basically, I cut out all fatty, greasy foods; soda; processed foods, and cut way--unfortunately--way back on Starbucks.  The change in lifestyle hasn't been hard.  I've felt better and feel good about making choices that are good for me.

Other than the last couple of weeks (Cuz life got in the way with crazy schedule and then vacation) I was at the gym 4-5 days a week and running 16-20 miles.  I kept close tabs on calorie intake and calorie burn and was burning more calories than eating. 

So, why wasn't I losing the weight?  It's a measly 10 pounds!  The contestants on the Biggest Loser do that and more in a week!  Discussing the subject with friends and fellow health care providers I got all sorts of advice. 

--Try muscle confusion... 
--You need to up your circuit training.... 
--Oh, you're just building muscle, so you won't lose weight on the scale...

Well, I went to the doctor to get my yearly physical stuff done and my lab work came up with something abnormal--a high TSH level.  TSH is test is the test of choice for evaluating thyroid function and/or symptoms of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.  If the level is high, your thyroid is not making enough and if it is low, your thyroid is making too much.  Kind of odd way to measure it, huh? I was a little confused by that at first.

Let me back up a bit.  The thyroid is responsible for regulating your metabolism.  My doctor basically explained my problem like this.  "Your TSH level is high which means your metabolism is sluggish.  It's like revving a car engine and you're not going anywhere.  The harder you hit the gas, the higher the level and instead of burning out the engine, you're burning out your thyroid." 

Now I have the reason why I haven't been able to lose those ten pounds.  Good news, right?  I guess.  But now I have to take synthroid every day for the rest of my life.  Synthroid is a medication that is a replacement for a hormone that is normally produced by your thyroid gland to regulate the body's energy and metabolism.  

Cripes!  I can't even remember to take my vitamin every day!  I've resorted to setting the alarm on my phone to remind me.  How pathetic is that? Whatever works, I guess.  But in addition to taking the medication, I had to have an ultra sound of my thyroid done just to "make sure you don't have a tumor or something that could be affecting your thyroid".  More cheery news, doc! 

Oh! And it gets better.  Me--MISS NEEDLE PHOBIC-- (Yes, I deal with needles every day at work, but they aren't pointed in my direction!!!) has to have lab work drawn off an on until my TSH is where doc wants it.  Forgot the parameters because while I was digesting the lab draw part, he was rattling on about ruling out other "diseases" that affect the thyroid and while I'm getting my TSH redrawn, he was going to have the lab draw additional blood for those tests, too.  Oh, JOY!

I did the ultra sound yesterday.  Looked like this chick below, but I actually fell asleep while the tech was doing it cuz I'd gone after work in the morning and was super tired. LOL.

Guess I will find out what's in store for me within the next couple of weeks.  Just feel like my body is in EPIC FAIL mode.  If the 40's are supposed to be the new 20's (or 30's?) then why do you get stuck doing all these medical tests and get stuck taking medication for the rest of your life?  

Okay, rant is over.  Thanks for listening! LOL.  
Enjoy your Monday!


Anonymous said...

Oh hun! Both my mum and Father in law have the same probs, they take the pills everyday too. Sorry to hear about all of the tests - but better safe than sorry huh?. I hope all is ok, Chin up xx

Kellie Kamryn said...

My sister has to take medication for her thyroid as well. It's always difficult to change our life this way, and it's worrisome when we have more tests to think about. But I always think that it's better to know what condition we have than because then we can arm ourselves with knowledge and fight it. Sending good vibes your way and I hope all the tests turn out in your favor! HUGS

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thanks Kerrianne and Kellie for your support! I'm super proud of myself for remembering to take my synthroid! It's been about a week and so far so good. I'm skipping gym for the next couple of weeks because I have a self imposed writing deadline and haven't figured out how to shove work, writing, and gym time all into a day! Yeah, my priorities are a little questionable...but writing first, then gym torture! LOL