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Welcome to the Evernight Holiday Blog Hop!
We love the holidays, we love making our readers happy and we love giving away swag. What better way to do that than to hold a blog hop?

Here's how it works... the more blogs you hop to (shown below) the more chance you have of winning prizes. Each site on the hop is offering a prize and Evernight is offering an iPad 2 as the grand prize! To be in with a chance of winning the site prize simply follow the blog you're visiting and leave a comment which includes your email address. Each entry on each blog is then counted towards the grand prize draw. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning that iPad 2! You also get extra points for liking the Evernight Facebook page!/evernightpublishing . Just make sure you let us know in the comments that you've done so.  We're also giving away and Evernight swag bag on our main blog at !!
Now for the fun part for me, I'm offering THREE $10.00 Evernight Publishing Gift Certificates as my prize from the hop!  To be eligible, you need to do three things! First follow me here on my blog, 2nd, follow me on twitter my twitter name is @kathleengrieve and lastly, "Like" my facebook author page at:
Here is a sneak peek of the second book in my Dating Series, Dating Impossible which is the sequel to Dating 911.  I'm planning to submit it to Evernight by the end of the month! For all of you who have wondered if Dr. Cruz Avery  would find love, this is his story.  You may remember that he is Firefighter Jett Avery's twin brother.  Every Wednesday I take post a Hump Day Hook , Last Week, I started with a paragraph from the following scene and since Evernight's Christmas Blog Hop is all this week, I decided to finish with more from that scene. This is unedited, folks, so have mercy:
At the doorway to the bathroom, Cruz leaned his shoulder on the doorjamb and absorbed the scene before him.  JJ lay in the middle of an oversized tub filled with bubbles.  The fragrant scent of roses filled his nostrils.  She held a beer to her plump lips and sang into the bottle like a microphone.  Water sloshed over the edge and onto the tiled floor as her hips swayed to the music.  Her taut pink nipples played peek-a-boo through the sudsy water.  A tempest storm of desire flooded his veins and his cock bulged against the fabric of his pants.

“…I'd be the last to help you understand...Are you strong enough to be my man…”

Just as she sang the last words her head turned to wear he stood.  Those amazing pale green eyes widened and she screamed, jumping straight up.  Soapy water splashed onto the floor and made its way over to his shoes.  Feet glued to where he stood, Cruz’s mouth dropped open as he openly appreciated the way the suds and water droplets slowly slid downward revealing all her lickable parts.

“What the fuck, Cruz!” she yelled and stepped over the rim of the tub onto the small bath rug that was now soaked.  “You scared the living shit out of me.” 

She set the beer bottle down onto the nearby counter and yanked a fluffy terry cloth towel from the rack above the toilet.  JJ wrapped the towel around her delicious body and tucked the ends of the cloth between the folds of her cleavage.  And just like that, all those lovely curves were wrapped up away from his view.

Words failed him.  Part of him felt like a voyeur marching into her house without being invited in, but the other part of him knew that she was essential.  Essential to his own health and well-being.  Like exercising, eating right, and breathing.  Without JJ, he wouldn’t be able to thrive, grow, and love. 

Cruz held up his hands in surrender, silently begging for mercy.  Propelled forward by his need for this one woman, he closed the short distance between them and reached for the loose ends between her fabulous breasts.  With one hand, he loosened the towel and it dropped to the wet tile at their feet, with his other he cupped her cheek. 

“JJ,” he said softly.  “Once again, I find myself coming over here to check on you, worried out of my mind when you don’t answer the door, and when I come to rescue you, find you in a delectable state of dishevelment.”

He ran the pad of his thumb over her moist, lower lip.  A bundle of emotions tumbled across her features as anger plummeted into uncertainty.  The fire in her pale green gaze brightened, changing from irritation and fury to white hot lust. 

“I thought I told you no,” she said, removing his tie.  “You’re fucking complicating my already complicated life.”

Not one hint of annoyance in her tone.  Triumphant at last! A smile curved his lips.  Cruz kicked out of his loafers, uncaring that his socks stuck to the wet floor. “Ah, baby,” he said.  “You ought to know that I don’t take rejection easily.”
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Dee Ann Williamson said...

Wow, love the scene--very steamy. LOL

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thank you Jennifer! Good Luck!

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thank you very much, Dee Ann! This book has been a lot of fun to write! I can't wait to get it submitted!

Phoenix Johnson said...

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Adonis Devereux said...

I'm so excited about the blog hop! Good luck to everyone, and hooray for Evernight! I hope I win the iPad2 so that I can turn around and give it away to a lucky, loyal Evernight reader. Cheers!


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Kim Turner said...

I'm learning about alot of new authors. My reading list is getting longer and longer.. Thanks for an awesome contest.


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I've been an Evernight and your follower for quite some time ;-) Looking forward to the other Cruz's story. Dating 911 was great!

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Thank you Jan! I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt! Cruz and JJ have a lot of chemistry!

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I'm glad you enjoyed Dating 911, Elizabeth! I'm hoping that Dating Impossible with be able to live up to the first book!

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Nice to meet you, Gayle! Hope you're enjoying the hop!

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Ciaran Dwynvil said...

Oh, he's bringing only the good kind of trouble into her life, isn't he? *grins* I love the scene and hope he won't be rejected.

I especially liked the part where he said she was essencial. That was a great way to express what he feels for her.

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Shadow said...

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Kathleen Grieve said...

The following 3 participants have been drawn from a hat!! Congratulations to Shadow, K.April, and Kim!! Thank you to all who participated in the first annual Xmas blog hop hosted by Evernight Publishing! All commenters names & email addys have been sent to EP for the grand prize drawing of an iPad 2. Good Luck! The GC should be arriving tomorrow...