Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Welcome to another Hump Day Hook!  Happy Wednesday, everyone. I hope Santa was good to you all.  Today's hook is from my wip, Dating Impossible, which I hope to have finished and subbed to Evernight Publishing by week's end so this will be the last excerpt from this story for a while!

Maybe it was a good thing Cruz was a no show.  Telling him the truth would ruin the fragile bond between them.  JJ didn’t know what she’d do without Cruz’s support.  She’d put her big girl panties on and could admit that she needed him now more than ever.
Ding Dong…
The glass half way to her lips stilled.  Oh fuck! Couldn’t be!  Heart thundering in her chest, she slammed the wine down in one long swallow.  The burgundy scorched her throat and warmed her belly.  Liquid courage was all she had, coward that she was.  Time to face the guillotine…  Would she lose him forever?

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Jennifer Simpkins said...

Is it Cruz at the door. I want to know... Good luck with submitting your ms.

Ciaran Dwynvil said...

bless the burgundy for stoking her courage. Hopefully she won't lose him. Good luck with submitting your manuscript. I hope to see it as a book soon.

Sarah said...

Oooh, intriguing! Good luck with submission, I'm definitely hooked and curious as to the rest of the story!

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

We all need that swallow of burgundy now and then! I'll miss Cruz the next few months. Best of luck with your submission!

Catherine Green said...

I'm intrigued! And yes, we have all been there with the liquid courage... Sounds promising!