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Welcome to another Hump Day Hook!  Happy Wednesday, everyone. I hope Santa was good to you all.  Today's hook is from my wip, Dating Impossible, which I hope to have finished and subbed to Evernight Publishing by week's end so this will be the last excerpt from this story for a while!

Maybe it was a good thing Cruz was a no show.  Telling him the truth would ruin the fragile bond between them.  JJ didn’t know what she’d do without Cruz’s support.  She’d put her big girl panties on and could admit that she needed him now more than ever.
Ding Dong…
The glass half way to her lips stilled.  Oh fuck! Couldn’t be!  Heart thundering in her chest, she slammed the wine down in one long swallow.  The burgundy scorched her throat and warmed her belly.  Liquid courage was all she had, coward that she was.  Time to face the guillotine…  Would she lose him forever?

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Zombie/Mayan Apocalypse Blog Hop Blow Out

Welcome! First thing on your mind is what the heck is a contemporary medical romance author doing in a Zombie/Mayan Apocalypse Blog Hop? LOL.  Well, I've been branching outside of my normal writing into the paranormal.  I have a series of books planned that will showcase some strong, totally kick-ass heroines who are Phoenix, which is the Sun Council's type of CIA/peace keeping force between the human race and all things supernatural.  The project is in it's infancy and as I've developed the story line, I realized I need to do a little rewriting.  My first heroine, Agent Tatum Wilder is on a quest to hinder the dark forces trying to bring about the end of days... I'd love to know what you think! Comments are always appreciated!  Here's my sneak peek of part of chapter one of my wip, From Lust To Ashes...


“One. Two. Three. Jump!” 

     Helicopter blades whirling overhead, Agent Tatum Wilder obeyed the command without hesitation and leapt from the open door into the frozen, black night.  Snow swirled around her as she floated toward the ice-covered ground, easily manipulating the lines of her parachute.  Crisp winter air chilled her heated face.  She landed in the knee deep snow with a thud and dispatched her chute.

     The target was close.  She cocked her head, listening intently.  The whoosh of a blade sliced through the air, then there was a sharp crack before the metal cored through wood.  She closed her eyes and inhaled a ragged breath, using her inner sight to size up the male she’d been called upon to seduce.    Even at this distance Tatum could sense the heat of well muscled flesh.  Blood coursed through his veins.  She could even smell the distinct, delicious all male scent as he worked up a sweat. 


     He was younger than her last assignment--Thirty something.

A former Navy Captain with the nickname “Rockstar” because of his golden good looks and outgoing personality.  Her sex clenched.  She licked her lips.  Her body hummed with anticipation, panties already damp despite the snow drifting lazily to the ground.  Wonder how long he will resist before he caves and does as the Sun Counsel mandated? 

     Hopefully, a long, long, time.  Her lips curved. 

     As she drew closer to the cabin, she perceived an inner strength of will that ought to make the night a little more interesting.  In the end, his resolve will crumble, and it won’t be long before the former Navy Captain begged her for his own release.

     She stumbled a bit on the icy path. Damn.  Weakness began to consume her as Akthuá drew near.  Her core body temperature rose with every footfall.  Needing the distraction, Tatum had leapt at the chance when Magna offered her this assignment.  Her superior and the oldest member of the Sun Counsel, Tatum had been surprised Magna hadn’t realized how close Tatum was to Akthuá. 

Magna knew everything. 

     Tatum dismissed the slight wooziness clouding her brain and straightened her spine. She had enough power for good ole Captain Murphy. This was just a quickie.  Get in. Get out!  She snickered, amused at the innuendo.

Once her assignment was complete, she’d check into Sanctuary and prepare.  Not that the healers of Sanctuary could control the excruciating pain she’d suffer as Akthuá consumed her flesh, but the hallowed ground and sacred doors of the temple would keep her safe from Him during her weakened state.  Not even the Dark God, Osiris, would risk the wrath by violating Sanctuary’s bylaws.  Every supernatural being, hell, even humans were bound to obey.

She rounded the bend and the log cabin came into view.  A single light shone from a downstairs window.  The sound of wood chopping grew louder as she approached the back porch.  There he was.  Sam Murphy in the flesh with arms raised above his head wielding an axe downward in a fluid stroke of strength and masculinity.  Hungrily, her gaze traveled over him by the glow of a single lantern.  Her keen sense of sight left no detail unnoticed.   

Sandy blonde hair damp from the falling snow and the sweat from his exertion grew unfashionably long and passed his shoulders.  The tendrils curled slightly at the ends.  Prominent forehead with darker brows and lashes framed penetrating hazel eyes.  Nose, straight and proud, was reddened from the cold.  A rough, unkempt beard covered the rest of his face and framed full, sensual lips.  His breath showed in little puffs of smoke in the freezing night air.

Dressed in a black and grey long sleeved flannel checked shirt, the material drew taught against his broad shoulders, bulging biceps, and tight pecks with each stroke of sharpened blade through the wood. Faded denim hugged tapered hips and dipped dangerously low with each lift of the axe over his head.  Her glance dropped lower and she appreciated how the material melded over well-muscled thighs. 

Fascination held Tatum in place.  Desire stirred deep within her core and her body temperature shot up another ten degrees.  Wetness pooled between her thighs. 

Careful, girl. Or the human won’t be able to touch you.

Her breath hitched.  Unacceptable!  She needed this as much as the Council did.  No, she amended. She needed this more.  One last physical release to help distract her from the unbearable pain she’d have to endure during Akthuá. 

“Who are you and what the hell are you doing on my property?” Sam asked.

Distracted by her raging need, Tatum hadn’t realized he’d stopped chopping wood.  Her gaze focused on his face.  The axe rested casually on one shoulder in a deceptively vulnerable pose.  Anger burned deep in his eyes and his brows drew together deepening the frown on his face. 

Tatum tugged at the drawstring of her hooded cloak and let the heavy material fall to the ground, revealing herself.  Thick, straight, deep auburn hair with varying shades of golden highlights wound down past her waist, lifted lightly by the breeze.  She was dressed in a black leather pantsuit that embraced every feminine curve she possessed.  She knew the picture she presented.  Painted red lips curled into a provocative smile.  “Agent Tatum Wilder, Captain Murphy,” she said, her voice infused with just a hint of a seductive purr.  She bent in a mock bow.  “At your service.”

“I’m no longer enlisted, so take your sexy vamp ass over the hills and back through the woods and find yourself another blood bag,” he said drawing the axe from his shoulder and holding the handle in preparation to strike. 

“A vamp?” Tatum said and laughter erupted. Absolutely ludicrous! “You…think…I’m… Vampire?” she said through gasps of merriment.  Tears of mirth filled her eyes and she held her abdomen, trying to get a hold of herself.

Uncertainty filled his gaze and the tip of the axe lowered a bit toward the ground.  “Well, aren’t you?”

In a swift move of velocity and grace, Tatum zipped behind Captain Murphy and disarmed him, tossing the sharpened axe blade in the center of the back door to the house.  A loud “crack” broke the tense silence as the wooden handle wobbled from the impact.  Her arm snaked around his neck and lifted his chin, forcing his head to rest upon her shoulder.  She pulled his body flush with hers, pushing her breasts into the strong corded muscles of his back.  The spicy scent of male mingled with sweat filled her and she drew him in.  Her tongue trailed liquid heat along his ear.  He stiffened within her embrace.  She closed her eyes, savoring the all male strength she held close and inhaled deeply. 

“Relax, Rockstar.  I’m not going to eat you,” she said, enjoying the feel and scent of the human male against her.  “And, fyi, I’m not a vampire.  If I was, you’d be drained already,” she said, voice husky and filled with unspoken promise.  “Why don’t we go inside your cozy little cabin, sit by the fire, and… talk.”  With reluctance, she released him and headed toward the porch. 

That's it! I hope you enjoyed. I can't wait to get it finished and subbed to my publisher!  Don't forget to stop by this link to check out the other hoppers today! http://ashlynnmonroe.com/


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Welcome, Drea! Can't wait to hear about your new release! This cover is HAWT! I know everyone wants to know about Rudolf...so take it away...

First I want to thank Kathleen for having me on her blog today!

Today I am visiting to share with you all my new Christmas book, Rudolf & Dancer, which is part of the Reindeer Games anthology between the Wickedly Sexy Writers. It was a complete pleasure working with these ladies on these stories and I couldn't be more excited too show you my little piece of this great set of stories!

With the weeks leading up to Christmas the television stations practically explode with all the Christmas movies being played on an endless loop. We all have our favorites. Mine is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (both cartoon and Jim Carrey version). DH absolutely LOVES the Charlie Brown Christmas he always searches for it. Where as my girls they will watch every animated Christmas show that comes on the screen.

I've loved the Grinch since I was a wee bit of a thang. I don't know if it's the story line or just the big green guy that melts my heart but I could watch that movie over and over again and not get sick of it.
What about you? What's your favorite Christmas movie?

Make sure you check out my story, Rudolf & Dancer, coming December 17, 2012 from Secret Cravings Publishing.


After years away from home, her brother’s freak accident brings Donna Dancer home to the man who broke her heart. Time hasn’t diminished the lust and love, and emotions can’t be denied. Donna is sick of playing reindeer games with her mate, Paul Rudolf, but there are only so many rejections a girl can take.

It takes a dedicated man to lead the group of reindeer shifters responsible for bringing joy to millions of children, and Paul takes his job very seriously. Women were nothing more than a distraction he doesn’t need, but he now finds himself feeling lonely and hating the job he’s loved for so long. Rejecting Donna was the one decision he regrets more and more with each passing day.

Will this Christmas be as lonely as the rest? Or will Paul and Donna finally find holiday bliss in each others arms.


“You’ve been gone an awfully long time, sweet pea. We honestly didn’t know if you would say yes.”
"I'm sorry, Daddy.  I just..."
"I know, honey.  Just don't go away that long ever again. Okay?"
"I promise."

Donna looked around, searching from one face to another, trying to keep her gaze casual as she scanned the crowd for the only other man she desperately wanted to see.

One face blurred into another as she took the crowd in at a slow pace. After a few minutes of searching, she almost gave up. Then, she locked gazes with the one man who held her heart. The world shifted, causing her to stand uneasy on her feet. An overwhelming need to shift and run took over her body as she dropped her gaze from his eyes and handed her bag to her mother, giving her an ‘I need to get away’ look.

Without another word, she turned her back to the crowd and sprinted toward the woods behind the house. Her deer half wanted to run as much as her human half did, and just like every other time she was in her mate’s presence, she lost complete control and could only give in to what her body and soul needed.

Ditching her dress on a limb just outside the tree line, Donna let the change come over her swiftly. Muscles burned and bones reshaped as Donna went from human to deer. When the transformation was complete and she was standing at the forest’s edge, Donna opened her eyes and took in the cabin and people as they milled around. Kids played with each other at the waters edge while parents watched closely from where they visited, not far away.

Once upon a time, she envisioned herself doing that very thing with children of her very own. Without a mate, that future was impossible and it tore her up inside, knowing she wouldn’t ever have that happiness.

With one last look at the party, she turned and sprinted through the forest. She didn’t know where she was going but anywhere was better than here right now. The pain in her heart was almost too much to bear. But in the end, she loved Paul with her entire being, and if he’d have her, she would gladly forget all the heartbreak and spend forever in his arms.

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The Blog Hop Spot: http://thebloghopspot.com/

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Welcome!  Usually, Wednesday's are for Hump Day Hooks. For my HDH you can find it at this link: http://kathleengrieve.com/kathleen-grieve/2012/12/18/hump-day-hook.html The Next Big Thing Blog Hop has happened here at Keeping A Pulse on Life & Romance! This is a means where authors can spotlight their latest release or project. Thank you Robert India for tagging me.  Here we go...

What is the title of your book?
The Doctor's Deception

Where did the idea for the book come from?
I am an intensive care nurse with a background in cardiovascular open heart surgery recovery.  Sometimes, a heart surgeon can be frustrating for a nurse.  I took every one I worked with over the years and wrapped him up in a nice hawt package! More importantly, he had to be redeemable by the end of the story!

What genre does your book fall under?
Contemporary Romance

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
It is published through Evernight Publishing

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Roughly three months. It was a fun story to write and mostly wrote itself.

Give a one sentence synopsis of your novel:
A stubborn heart surgeon is about to lose everything he's worked for and in order to attain his goal must tell a little white lie to the one ICU nurse who shows him the true meaning of teamwork and love.

What other works would you compare your story to?
I haven't read anything like it~but since I work in the medical field, I don't read medical romances.  It's funner to write them! LOL

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
It was finally time to do something in my life that I wanted to always do, which was write.

What else might peak the reader's interest?
If you love shows like Greys Anatomy and ER, then you will enjoy my books which are based on what happens in a hospital setting.  I describe actual treatments and standards of care that we use daily.  I love romantic comedy and that is what I write.  If you love to laugh and have an obsession with chocolate, then you will enjoy The Doctor's Deception.

Hard-headed, straight-laced Dr Stone Lassiter is one heart surgeon about to lose everything he's worked his entire career for.  He is locked in a battle of wills against the nurses of the surgical intensive care unit of Deerborne County General.  At first, the new doctor was definitely drool-worthy.  Sexy or not, the nurses have had enough! Their secret weapon? Unsuspecting SICU nurse, Faith Daniels, a cool green-eyed blond that turns Dr Lassiter's head every time she's near.  Poor Faith has the "worst luck" in drawing the short straw and is forced to work with Dr Lassiter repeatedly.  Will the nurses' plan to have Dr Lassiter fall in love with one of their own work in softening him toward the nursing staff? Or will the little white lie Stone tells Faith to enlist her aid to obtain his goal destroy the fragile bond of love that has developed between them?


Faith moaned and woke to the constant chiming of her doorbell and pounding on the front door.  The wonderful, erotic dream of Stone painting her with melted chocolate burst. 

She lifted her head and glanced at her clock. 7:00a.m. Groaning, she pulled the covers over her head and rolled onto her stomach, trying to recapture her fantasy.  Maybe whoever it was would go away if she ignored them.

Ding-dong… Ding-dong… Ding-dong…

“Oh, give it a rest already!” she yelled, climbing out of bed.  The cool morning air hit her bare legs and arms, and she shivered.

She reached the front door and yanked it open. 

Stone Lassiter stood on her step, hand in air, ready to pound the unrelenting wood again. 

Staring, her fogged brain tried to wake up.  Hadn’t he just been in her room? 

No, that wasn’t real you nit-wit!   

You!  What’s the big idea?  Do you realize how early it is?  It’s my day off!” 

Not to mention, I was in the middle of the best dream of my life.

Available now through


Evernight Publishing~http://www.evernightpublishing.com/the-doctors-deception-by-kathleen-grieve/

Where to connect with Kathleen Grieve~

Keeping A Pulse On Life & Romance Blog: http://kathleengrieve.blogspot.com

Twitter @KathleenGrieve

Next up~Kerrianne Coombes on January 2nd at http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/

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Welcome to my fellow Evernight Publishing Author, Cara Michaels who has a brand new book out which is a top pick over at Evernight!  Thank you for stopping by! Take it away, Cara~

Available now from Evernight Publishing, aChristmas ménage to heat up those cold winter nights:

Elf Noelle Duncan thought life among the humans would be a nice change of pace after two hundred years in Santa’s workshop. Instead, retirement is lonely and the prospect of spending her remaining centuries among humans doesn’t hold much appeal. With Christmas approaching, she wants just one night to feel alive and loved.

Kristian Winters and Nicholas Haversham are partners in business and love. They’d like nothing more than to find a woman to share their love, but they’ve yet to find one open not only to two lovers, but a pair with unusual appetites. Noelle is the only woman they want, and Nick isn’t about to let Christmas go by without making their wishes known.


“This is your last chance to walk out the door, Noelle,” Kris said, his voice rough. “Now you have an idea what we want.”

“Stay the night,” Nick said, “and we’ll give you all the pleasure you can take.”

“On our terms,” Kris added.

“You’ll…hold me down?” Her entire body tingled at the thought.

“Tie you down,” Nick said.

“Tie me down?” Her breath caught. She’d never imagined being bound for her lover. Being bound for two? Heat flooded her breasts, arrowed down to her thighs and the moist heat between them.

“And up. Over. Around. How flexible are you?”

She laughed, clamping a hand over her mouth. A look back at Nick showed his hazel eyes dancing with mischief and hope. Kristian’s dark chocolate gaze gave nothing away now. He’d played his cards, as the human saying went, and let Nick tease her.

“There’s more,” Nick promised. “So much more.”

Nick trapped her hands once again, this time in just one of his own. He spun her against him. She sucked in a breath as her breasts collided with his harder chest. He scooped her hair into one hand, tugging until her head dropped back for his kiss. Struggling against his hold provoked a devilish grin from him and his grip tightened just to the edge of pain. He took her open mouth like a conqueror.

About Cara: Cara Michaels is a dreamer of legendary proportions (just ask her about the alien pirate spaceship invasion). Her imagination is her playground and nothing is quite so much fun for her as building new characters and new worlds with at least an edge of the fantastic. She's writing whenever the opportunity presents itself and can typically be found tinkering with half a dozen projects. Occasionally all at once.




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Good morning!  I have fthe lovely and talented Angelina Rain here to talk about not one, but TWO books this this chilly Monday morning! So, take it away, Angelina and warm us up! LOL

Have you ever fantasized about pleasuring a firefighter? That is a pretty common fantasy amongst women. It was my own version of the fantasy that turned into this short story about one single woman, a wicked night, an unfortunate house fire, and five hunky firemen coming to the rescue.


Ginelle Jinx, recently single, heartbroken, and unemployed, decides to cast an impotency spell on her cheating ex. She doesn't expect the spell to have consequences, but her house catches on fire.

Five hunky firemen come to Ginelle’s rescue, one of them being Seth Tompson, her high school sweetheart. With one fire out, she finds old flames and new ones mingling as she indulges the pleasures her five firemen have on offer.

But what will happen when she realizes she still loves Seth? Does he feel the same? Can an old flame become a raging inferno?

Be Warned: menage sex (FMMMMM), m/m sex, multiple partners, anal sex, orgies


She showered quickly, making sure not to use up all the hot water as she was certain he would need to shower too. But, she did stay under the spray for several minutes enjoying as the heat washed away the stress from the night.

Once she was done, she pulled the curtain away and grabbed the large bath towel Seth had supplied. She rubbed it over her long blonde hair, down her face, neck, chest, and back. It wasn't until she ran it over the back of her hand that pain shot through her as though her skin had been peeled off.

"Ouch! Fuck!" She screamed and hissed in pain, remembering that she burned her hand. The shocking events of the night had momentarily blocked the pain and now it throbbed as though making up for lost time.

A ruckus sounded outside the bathroom door and it opened quickly as Seth rushed in, worry etched into his eyes. "Are you okay?"

She stared at him. The pain quickly subsided as she took in the man before her. He had showered too and now only wore a pair of denim shorts. Seth had a perfectly muscled chest and she wanted to run her fingertips along the ridges and crevices of his spectacular body. No, she wanted more than just to touch it. She wanted to kiss it and lick it and taste every inch of this man. Her nipples hardened and her pussy pooled with warm juices.

Her breath caught in her throat as a moan of need and desire escaped her lips before she could contain it. She looked into Seth's eyes and saw the same lust that reflected her own.

He took two large steps toward her and his hands entangled in her wet hair. Seth tilted her head slightly and his lips crashed over hers. The need she felt within her, she also tasted in his mouth.

Buy link:

Evernight Publishing                ~    Amazon   ~   All Romance eBooks   ~   Bookstrand

Don't you hate stereotypes? I know I do. They are so annoying! This holiday season I decided to undo the stereotype surrounded around Santa Claus.
Yes, I know he's old, fat, jolly, works in a toy factory, and wears a red suit. But…. What if he were young, blonde, muscular, hunky, worked as a doctor in children’s hospital, and drove a red car? Isn't that mental image so much better? What if, we add peppermint and milk chocolate flavored 'candy cane' (for a lack of a better word)? Now we're talking, right? Want to know more about this alluring Santa?
Check out Sucking Santa's Candy Cane!
 Noelle has always been a good girl, but when she meets a man named Santa Claus, her naughty side is unleashed. She indulges in her sexual desires with this handsome stranger with the very bizarre name. Santa Claus isn't real! Is he? Will Noelle learn to believe in magic and miracles while in the arms of her handsome lover?
“Let’s cut the crap, I want to eat your pussy.”
            She glanced sharply at him. “Did you. . .” Surely, she just imagined it. This stranger wouldn’t dare say that to her.
            “What’s up?”
            “Did you just say something to me?”
            “What do you think I said?”
            There was that knowing smile, and the tone of his voice suggested he was playing with her.
            “I. . . I’m just hearing things,” she answered.
            “Are you now?”
            A car drove by on the expressway and Noelle chose to concentrate on that. Where was that damn tow truck? Did she really want it to arrive?
            “What do you think you heard?”
            She glanced down, embarrassed. “Nothing. It doesn’t matter.”
            He climbed off the trunk and came to stand before her. Santa rested his hands on her thighs. Noelle’s heart thumped heavily inside her chest when the realization hit her. She had heard exactly what he said. He wanted to eat her pussy. She wanted him too. But. . . But she wasn’t Wendy. Wendy would have had him in every hole by now, but that just wasn’t her. Could she really let a stranger get this intimate with her?
            Santa inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. “I can smell your arousal.” He opened his eyes and bent forward, kissed her knee. “I want you.”
            “We’re strangers. We’re in public. Someone could see us.” Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!
            He put his finger to her lips. “Relax, no one will see us.” He moved the finger from her lips and rested his hand on her hips. The other hand started on her knee and slowly traveled up her thigh. “Uncross your legs,” he ordered.
            Her knees shook as she obeyed. She wasn’t sure why she did it and why she let this stranger do what he was doing. Was it the thrill of possibly getting caught fucking a stranger? Or was it that she hadn’t felt pleasure in so long she would take it any way she could?
            She spread her legs a few inches away from each other and breathed deeply. What was she doing? She was crazy.
            “Relax,” he whispered. “Don’t be nervous.”
            How could she not be? A complete stranger was feeling her up in public.
            As Santa’s hand slid under her dress, Noelle’s heart pulsed inside her chest. The thump, thump, thump of it rang in her ears, drowning out all other sounds. Her pussy soaked with desire juices.
            His fingertips grazed her cunt. He hooked a finger into her panties and groaned. “Your panties are soaking.”


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Welcome to the Evernight Holiday Blog Hop!
We love the holidays, we love making our readers happy and we love giving away swag. What better way to do that than to hold a blog hop?

Here's how it works... the more blogs you hop to (shown below) the more chance you have of winning prizes. Each site on the hop is offering a prize and Evernight is offering an iPad 2 as the grand prize! To be in with a chance of winning the site prize simply follow the blog you're visiting and leave a comment which includes your email address. Each entry on each blog is then counted towards the grand prize draw. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning that iPad 2! You also get extra points for liking the Evernight Facebook page
http://www.facebook.com/#!/evernightpublishing . Just make sure you let us know in the comments that you've done so.  We're also giving away and Evernight swag bag on our main blog at www.evernightpublishing.blogspot.com !!
Now for the fun part for me, I'm offering THREE $10.00 Evernight Publishing Gift Certificates as my prize from the hop!  To be eligible, you need to do three things! First follow me here on my blog, 2nd, follow me on twitter my twitter name is @kathleengrieve and lastly, "Like" my facebook author page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kathleen-GrieveAuthor/251669291518939?ref=hl
Here is a sneak peek of the second book in my Dating Series, Dating Impossible which is the sequel to Dating 911.  I'm planning to submit it to Evernight by the end of the month! For all of you who have wondered if Dr. Cruz Avery  would find love, this is his story.  You may remember that he is Firefighter Jett Avery's twin brother.  Every Wednesday I take post a Hump Day Hook , Last Week, I started with a paragraph from the following scene and since Evernight's Christmas Blog Hop is all this week, I decided to finish with more from that scene. This is unedited, folks, so have mercy:
At the doorway to the bathroom, Cruz leaned his shoulder on the doorjamb and absorbed the scene before him.  JJ lay in the middle of an oversized tub filled with bubbles.  The fragrant scent of roses filled his nostrils.  She held a beer to her plump lips and sang into the bottle like a microphone.  Water sloshed over the edge and onto the tiled floor as her hips swayed to the music.  Her taut pink nipples played peek-a-boo through the sudsy water.  A tempest storm of desire flooded his veins and his cock bulged against the fabric of his pants.

“…I'd be the last to help you understand...Are you strong enough to be my man…”

Just as she sang the last words her head turned to wear he stood.  Those amazing pale green eyes widened and she screamed, jumping straight up.  Soapy water splashed onto the floor and made its way over to his shoes.  Feet glued to where he stood, Cruz’s mouth dropped open as he openly appreciated the way the suds and water droplets slowly slid downward revealing all her lickable parts.

“What the fuck, Cruz!” she yelled and stepped over the rim of the tub onto the small bath rug that was now soaked.  “You scared the living shit out of me.” 

She set the beer bottle down onto the nearby counter and yanked a fluffy terry cloth towel from the rack above the toilet.  JJ wrapped the towel around her delicious body and tucked the ends of the cloth between the folds of her cleavage.  And just like that, all those lovely curves were wrapped up away from his view.

Words failed him.  Part of him felt like a voyeur marching into her house without being invited in, but the other part of him knew that she was essential.  Essential to his own health and well-being.  Like exercising, eating right, and breathing.  Without JJ, he wouldn’t be able to thrive, grow, and love. 

Cruz held up his hands in surrender, silently begging for mercy.  Propelled forward by his need for this one woman, he closed the short distance between them and reached for the loose ends between her fabulous breasts.  With one hand, he loosened the towel and it dropped to the wet tile at their feet, with his other he cupped her cheek. 

“JJ,” he said softly.  “Once again, I find myself coming over here to check on you, worried out of my mind when you don’t answer the door, and when I come to rescue you, find you in a delectable state of dishevelment.”

He ran the pad of his thumb over her moist, lower lip.  A bundle of emotions tumbled across her features as anger plummeted into uncertainty.  The fire in her pale green gaze brightened, changing from irritation and fury to white hot lust. 

“I thought I told you no,” she said, removing his tie.  “You’re fucking complicating my already complicated life.”

Not one hint of annoyance in her tone.  Triumphant at last! A smile curved his lips.  Cruz kicked out of his loafers, uncaring that his socks stuck to the wet floor. “Ah, baby,” he said.  “You ought to know that I don’t take rejection easily.”
Check out my current releases with Evernight! The links are below and you can read excerpts/blurbs also on this blog:
Below is the linky's list of participating authors!
Happy hopping!