Monday, April 8, 2013


Yeah! So the first week of Major League Baseball has commenced! I hope you're supporting your local teams ;) 
As I stated last week, my home team is the Arizona Diamondbacks and I'm going to recap a bit of Opening Day in our season opener against the St. Louis Cardinals.

We had a great time getting back into the groove of baseball! The field...the smells of stadium dogs and nachos...and the baseball hotties! Here is Hill hi-fiving Marte, one of our new outfielders!

Batting practice...

Before the game I got an autographed opening day baseball from new pitcher Brandon McCarthy!
Our guys were having a bit of fun coming in from the Outfield!
And of course, we did beat the Cardinals 6-2 so it made for a perfect Opening Day at Chase Field! Complete with Fireworks! Whoop!

So who is your favorite baseball team? And how did they do on Opening Day? Don't forget to stop by Eden Connor's site for her in progress baseball wip here:

And Jennifer Simpkins is bemoaning her Yankees poor start to the season here:

Sorry should only get worse for your team...

Dbacks are ahead in their division 5-1!! Whoop!!


Eden Connor said...

What fabulous pics; next best thing to being there. Nice dig at the Yankees, too.

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thank you Eden! LOL

Sabrina Devonshire said...

Great photos!

Jennifer Simpkins said...

I loved watching batting practice when I went to watch a Yankee game at Tampa. Ahhh...thank God for baseball pants. :)

And you and Eden are going to be eating your words when my Yankees make it to the playoffs...again.

I loved your pics. Can't wait to next week.