Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Good morning! Hope you're off to a rockin' Hump Day! #HDH is a weekly blog hop where authors of all genres share a snippet of their work. For the complete list of authors participating, go here:

For this week's hook, I'm going to share a bit from Nurse Faith Daniel's pov. Let's see what she really thinks about Dr. Lassiter in The Doctor's Deception. LOL

Faith turned to her open locker and grasped her stethoscope.
She wrapped it around her neck, then slammed the door shut with enough force that it bounced back open. She was going to have to deal with him for the fourth shift in a row. The thought depressed her.


Dr. Stone Lassiter.

God’s gift to cardiovascular surgery…At least in his own,
over-inflated opinion.  A derisive snort escaped her and she closed her locker. Since he’d come to Deerborne County General last year, she’d made it a habit to avoid him as much as possible. But, when forced to deal with his anger when he was on a roll, she fired right back with an overexaggerated
sweetness guaranteed to get on his nerves. Her behavior
was childish, she knew, but she couldn’t seem to help herself. His superior, know-it-all attitude made him an easy target.
What he needed was a healthy dose of his own medicine now
and then, and Faith was very good at medication administration.

That's all for today's snippet. If you liked my snippet and want to learn more about Faith and Dr. Lassiter, you can go here:

Happy Hump Day~Peace Out!


Paloma Beck said...

Watch out for Dr. Lassiter! Such a great picture of him through her eyes.

Sarah said...

Oh, what a fiery woman she is! I love this...I felt like I was stewing right along with her. Great hook! I want to see how she handles this Dr.

Robyn Seitz said...

Nice! You really get the sense he's an arrogant jerk to her. Great hook!

Robyn Seitz said...

Great hook. I don't like the doctor already! Lol...

Anonymous said...

The doctor needs his comeuppance, and I think she's just the one to provide it!

Jessica Subject said...

This is great insight into the story! I love all of the tension! :)

Sandra Sookoo said...

Nice hook. Sounds like they'll be quite a pair!

C. Moss said...

Great snippet and good insight into a wonderful story. thanks for sharing!