Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Morning! It's Wednesday and time for another Hump Day Hook! This week's hook comes from a free read I'm working on. My heroine is a peeping Tom...LOL..Enjoy! Don't forget to check out the other authors participating in this week's Humping at: http://humpdayhook.blogspot.com

Sierra hummed and left her apartment, noticing her sexy new neighbor's apartment door stood half open. She'd seen glimpses of him unloading boxes through the window earlier, and had shamelessly gaped. Silently sending the Dating God prayers of thanks, Sierra had gotten her binoculars out and examined every inch of what must be at least a six-foot frame of muscled USDA PRIME.

Oh. My. God! Absolute perfection!

Fanning herself with one hand, and still holding the binoculars with the other, she'd ogled the perfect specimen before her. Snug black t-shirt covered a broad, well defined chest. He'd stacked a box on top of another and lifted both easily, biceps flexing. Her mouth had gone dry. She angled the binoculars to take in the rest of the yummy view. Black jeans clung to powerful thighs and a firm ass.

Wonder what's up with the all black motif? The object of her attention had looked up then and had caught her--binoculars and all. Never one to be shy about her overt nosy nature, she'd smiled and waved.

Until next week! 


Jessica Subject said...

Sexy indeed! I'd stare, too. *grins*

Anonymous said...

A peeping Thomasina! How fun! She's already seen some good sights.

Sarah said...

Haha!! I like her already. Sassy. Can't wait to see what happens between those two!

C. Moss said...

Love the premise! & I liked how she waved at the end. Good hook. Thanks for sharing!

Thea said...

Heh, good for her for not being shy! Love it!

meryvamp said...

Hah, awesome. I love that she just waves like, "Yup, I'm enjoying the view." I think her and I would get along ;) Great snippet and can't wait to find out his reaction.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I love how forthright she is! Great hook :)

Catherine Green said...

Ha ha, I like it, very cheeky and alluring!