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Happy Wednesday! I can't believe it is already the middle of the week already and time for those teases. Each week Angelica Dawson puts together this bloghop so we can all share something from a current work in progress or published work. This week, I'm sharing from Chicks Dig Scars which is part of the Prowlers & Growlers Paranormal Boxed set which releases next week on 4/25/2017!! I'm so excited for this story! In this week's tease, Devon's dead father is trying to get his attention. I'm sure I shared a scene not too far back about Rachel getting attacked on #SexySnippets. The link is here:

Devon stared over the downtown Phoenix skyline through the large bay window of his living room. The multi-colored hews of the desert sunset a gorgeous site to behold, but he saw none of it. It was time, he realized. His gaze moved to the simple platinum wedding band that had been a part of him for five long years. Carefully, he removed the ring and placed it into the front pocket of his jeans. Rachel had renewed his spirit, giving him something to look forward to each day.

Hell, he’d found himself wishing these last couple of weeks that she had become pregnant from that whole condom debacle their first night together so he could make her stay with him. How fucked up was that?

Turning away from the window he began to pace. Would Rachel leave him once she learned the truth about Shannon’s death? Coward that he was, he’d only shared with Rachel that his wife had died with very little detail. With each passing day, guilt weighed heavily on him.

It was a lie. A lie of omission, true, but still a lie and it became harder to live with himself knowing that he kept the details from Rachel. She was so free and easy with her affection. He saw the love she had for him shining in her amazing green eyes. He should be standing tall and proud, but instead the deceit tore him apart.

In the living room around him, the lamps turned on one by one. He frowned looking on as one by one they brightened all around him.

“What the hell?” Devon asked, puzzled.

The entire room seemed to buzz with electricity. The hair on Devon’s arms stood on end and a buzzing sensation tingled the back of his neck. His flat screen television turned on of its own volition and began changing channels stopping randomly. Charge-filled undercurrents buzzed all around him, through him bouncing off the walls and zinging into him and he began to tremble.

He walked over, grabbed the remote and pushed the off button. But the screen remained on. “Fuck me,” Devon said slowly, scrubbing his palms over his face. “I must be going insane.”

The channels on the flat screen continued to skip and stop…skip and stop. Different voices speaking the same words over and over.



“Father’s house…”

“…bad man…”

Devon walked to the back of the set and pulled the plug, but the television remained on skipping channels. He didn’t understand what was happening. His cellphone began chiming with incoming texts messages. Yanking it from the back pocket of his jeans he gazed at the screen. Someone with no caller ID was blowing up his phone.

17:48 pm Unknown Contact: Holy living hell, son, are you dense?

17:49 pm Unknown Contact: It’s Rachel. Get over to my house now!

17:50 pm Unknown Contact: Why haven’t you left already?

17:51 pm Unknown Contact: Jesus Mary & Joseph! I thought I raised you to listen to your elders!

Devon stared down at his cell, mouth wide open. Senses returning, anger churned his gut. Someone was fucking with him. He went to recent messages and blocked the person, but the texts kept coming. “What the fuck is going on here?”

That's all I have for now... I'll be sharing more from these two soon as I gear up for release day. This boxed set is still available for .99cents for only a few more days! Don't forget to hop on over and check out the other teases today. Enjoy the rest of your day!


When death steps in...

Committed and compassionate intensive care nurse, Rachel O'Dea will do anything to save her patients. But when she loses a kind and loving man whom she forged a fatherly relationship with, Rachel unravels.

...or so everyone thinks.

The calm and soothing voices Rachel hears and the apparitions she sees are of the deceased man and his late wife as they navigate and persuade her to make important choices in her life, leading her right where she's supposed to be.

Free clinic doctor, Devon Jameson, needs more hands on deck. He can't possibly handle all the medical cases alone. When Rachel walks in, volunteering her services, he knows he has no choice other than to take her on board as she proves her worth when a pediatric trauma is left on his doorstep and there’s no one else to assist. As the two begin working together, their lives intertwine and the attraction intensifies. Scarred deeply by their past and their pain, Rachel and Devon begin a future only angels could predict.

Available here:

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Elodie Parkes said...

Cool teaser :-)

Kai Tyler said...

Okay. I'd be freaking out too, if that happened in my house. But he has to get it together. She's in trouble.

Angelica Dawson said...

Bahaha. Lippy ghost. Love it.

Jessica E. Subject said...

His guilt was definitely eating him up, but I hope he'll take the chance to save Rachel. Great tease! :)

Doris O'connor said...

Oh my goodness, that's quite a tease. I hope he gets a move on!

Author Lea Bronsen said...

OMG that was a crazy scene. Chilling. So well written!

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thanks Elodie!

Kathleen Grieve said...

Yes. Me too!! I don't like freaky shit. Lol

Kathleen Grieve said...

Yes. Seamus definitely speaks his mind! Lol

Kathleen Grieve said...

Yes. She definitely needs help!

Kathleen Grieve said...

Wow! Really? Thanks Lea! That means a lot!

Kathleen Grieve said...

Yes. He needs to get his ass in gear!!