Sunday, April 9, 2017

#SEXYSNIPPETS~19~Going Somewhere?~

Happy Sunday! Today's the day we all share a snippet of a work in progress or a published book thanks to the lovely and oh so talented Doris O'Connor who puts this weekly bloghop together!! This week's snippet comes from my upcoming release, Chicks Dig Scars which is included in the Prowlers & Growlers Paranormal Boxed set where you see a bit into my heroine's tragic past... 

“What have we here?” Mick said with a nasty sneer, face contorted into an all too familiar mask of rage. “Going somewhere, my pet?”

“Mick,” she said, voice a harsh whisper. His massive bulk blocked her exit. Muscles momentarily seized by fear, the slight hesitation cost her. He wedged his booted foot in the doorway as she attempted to slam it shut.

“Run!” Seamus shouted.

Finnegan’s protesting screech met her ears as she dropped the carrier. Frantic to escape, she turned and sprinted down the hallway into the kitchen. Oh, God. When had he been released from jail? At the back door, she fumbled with the latch. Mick yanked her head back by his firm grasp on her ponytail. A sob wrenched from her throat.

“Where do you think you’re going,” he said, hauling her roughly against his chest. His harsh breathing came in pants near her ear. 

That's all I have for this week! Don't forget to stop by and check out the other snippets for today! And don't forget Prowlers & Growlers is available for preorder for the special price of .99cents for only a week or two only!!!  21 unbelievable stories for under a dollar!!! 


When death steps in...

Committed and compassionate intensive care nurse, Rachel O'Dea will do anything to save her patients. But when she loses a kind and loving man whom she forged a fatherly relationship with, Rachel unravels.

...or so everyone thinks.
The calm and soothing voices Rachel hears and the apparitions she sees are of the deceased man and his late wife as they navigate and persuade her to make important choices in her life, leading her right where she's supposed to be.

Free clinic doctor, Devon Jameson, needs more hands on deck. He can't possibly handle all the medical cases alone. When Rachel walks in, volunteering her services, he knows he has no choice other than to take her on board as she proves her worth when a pediatric trauma is left on his doorstep and there’s no one else to assist. As the two begin working together, their lives intertwine and the attraction intensifies. Scarred deeply by their past and their pain, Rachel and Devon begin a future only angels could predict.

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Kathleen 💋


Doris O'connor said...

Oh my goodness, he sounds a nasty so and so. I hope she'll be okay.

Kiru Taye said...

Oh dear. She's in trouble. Hope she gets to escape him before it gets nastier.

Elodie Parkes said...

Intense snippet

Kathleen Grieve said...

Yes. He's definitely a nasty piece of work!

Kathleen Grieve said...

Me too! As a ghost, Seamus can't help her 😢

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thanks Elodie!