Thursday, April 24, 2008


Because my current WIP involves firemen, I received this in an email from one of my critique partners and thought I'd share.

I just wanted to tell you that I am moving to Houston and when I get there, I am setting my house on fire!!!

Yep . a REALLY big fire so all of them will need to respond!!!! :)

I may even move to Houston! LOL.


Denysé said...

Well, Kathleen - they're not bad, but I still prefer an elegant Italian man fully dressed and holding a rose for me!!

Have a good one, hon!
Hugs ~~ Denyse

lainey bancroft said...

There's our Darling Denyse, always so sweet and romantic...I'll stick to raunchy and admit they set my pants on fire!

Burn,baby, burn! =)

Kathleen Grieve said...

I'm with you, lainey! I could easily turn into a pryomaniac! LOL.

Anonymous said...

now that's inspiring!

*lizzie starr said...

oops, pushed the wrong button. I'm still inspired. Really...