Thursday, April 10, 2008


Every one I know is getting sick. About two weeks ago, I was sick. It seems the cold/flu season is still hanging on. Hand washing is your best defense against the spread of germs. In order for handwashing to be effective, you must vigorously rub your hands together at least 15 seconds.

Here are some fun facts I found while looking on the internet for this post:

1)Up to half of all men and a quarter of women fail to wash their hands after they use the bathroom. (EWWWW!)

2)Right handed people tend to wash their left hand more thoroughly than their right, and visa versa. (I didn't know that one. Did you?)

3)We have between 2 and 10 million bacteria between our finger tip and elbow. (Interesting.)

4)Damp hands spread 1,000 times more germs than dry hands. (Now I have to tease my daughter more about her "sweaty palms" LOL)

5)The number of germs on your fingertips doubles after you use the toilet. (Ahem. Are you paying attention to this one people who are guilty of #1?)

6)Germs can stay alive on hands for up to three hours.

7)Millions of germs hide under watches, bracelets, and rings.

(information gathered by the Southeastern District Health Department)

Here's a little nursing humor I couldn't resist~especially since I write romance.


*lizzie starr said...

as a professional in the food service world, handwashing is so high on the list of things to do. In fact, when I had the cast on my wrist, the first thing I longed to do was wash my hands properly.

Don't forget that everyone should wash 20-30 seconds--sing happy birthday to yourself twice. Or the jeopardy theme music. LOL

One of our state nutrition folks pushes a phrase that I think originated from U of Kansas... It's an eww moment, but works.
Don't Eat Poop!

and on that note...

jj keller said...

Well, heck, I always wash my hands and I use the CAL STAT too...sometimes you just get the germs.

But I love having the diagram. I might post it on the workplace bathroom wall for others to observe.

Thanks for sharing, Kathleen.