Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Recognize these signs:

~Regularly walking, eating or working in a rushed way.
~Regularly thinking and worrying about the past or future.
~Frequent tension in the body (esp. neck, face, shoulders, back and chest, and stomach) which often goes unnoticed until one slows down, breaths deep and carefully surveys the body.
~Feeling of the "weight of the world" on your shoulders.
~Emotionally "on edge."
~Regular tiredness during the day.
~Significant need for outside stimulation to feel good (coffee, sweeteners, food, sex, TV, alcohol, money, accomplishments, etc.)

Try to incorporate these stress reduction tips into your life to try and achieve some inner peace:

Add something beautiful to your life on a daily basis (e.g., flowers).

Do some enjoyable activities whenever possible.

Walk, work, and eat at a relaxed pace.

Take a short break after meals to relax.

If possible, go outside at least once per day and notice the simple things such as the weather, scenery, etc.

During the day, whenever you remember, notice and tension in your body (jaw, neck, diaphram, shoulders, etc.). Breath deeply and gently stretch and relax any tense areas.

If you notice your mind racing or worrying about the past or future, take a minute to breath deeply and gently focus on something in the moment such as your breath, scenery, birds.

Take breaks during the workday to relax.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing when possible. Take off your shoes when you can.

Avoid holding in feelings day after day, but instead, find a safe place to feel, express and embrace them.

Tips found at holisticmed.com and they invite you to print off stress relief strategies as a daily reminder.

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