Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I wondered about something the other day...do people really learn from their mistakes?  Or, do we as human beings go through life with a genetic penchant for always making the wrong choices?  As I thought it over, I think that maybe it's a little of both.  But, then as I thought deeper about life and the choices we make, it seems some people continue the same patterns, whereas others veer off and make a different choice--taking their life in a different direction.

Why is that the case?  I guess if I really knew the answer, I'd make millions in self help books and videos! LOL.  Why isn't making the right choices in life as easy as when we place a hand to a hot stove and our brains register "HOT!" and we snatch our hand away--we immediately KNOW that it's probably not a good idea to be doing that action again.

Some people are unlucky in love....  But are they really?  Or, are they just programmed or destined to continually choose the wrong partners?  In romance books, its usually whatever the writer chooses for the hero or heroine--the baggage that keeps them apart until the end of the book.

Some people are unlucky financially... struggling to scrape by to make a living.  But don't some people live outside their means--Constantly trying to keep up with the "Jones'" until they are so far in debt that they can no longer afford the basics?  Is that a product of their environment? Or, human nature, struggling to get to be the "king of the jungle" so to speak?  Again, financial hardship or lack thereof is a great tool to create conflict in a story.

Some people thrive on chaos and the dominoes continue to fall this way and that....  I have known people in my lifetime who are absolutely miserable.  The only time they become animated or are partially happy is when things around them are falling apart.  Its like they make a poor choice on purpose just because of the reactions they receive from others.  Or, they're happy because some tragedy has befallen someone else and they gossip about it--becoming animated and appear to "thrive" in the midst of someone else's misery.  Why is that?  I just can't seem to wrap my brain around that and I'm deeply saddened and disturbed when I see this happen--which is far too frequent....  A character like this can help move a story along, either creating the chaos that helps to move a story forward or flourishing in the midst of the H/H's misfortune.

Some people seem to have the kind of luck where everything they touch turns to gold.... But they can't handle their own success.  What is THAT all about?  I must shake my head here, because I don't understand that at all.  Mostly celebrities come to mind--you know who I'm talking about...

My beautiful daughter (she's 18)  has recently made a life altering decision regarding her higher education.  As a parent, I can only sit back and support her in the choice she has made and pray things work out for her.  The experienced adult in me is stomping my feet, screaming, "NO! This is a big mistake!"  But I can tell her that until I turn blue and die from asphyxiation.  She's young and won't truly know what I'm talking about until she experiences and learns for herself the hardship she is setting herself up for.  At least, that is what my voice of "experience" is telling me.

Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe everything will turn out the way she wants it to.  There are times where I certainly don't mind being wrong!  This is certainly one of those time.  Although, those that know me may find that hard to believe.

Before I sign off this morning...I'd like to give you my current NANOWRIMO word count....  Currently up to the same 3024 words!!!  Yeah!  Yeah!  *Whistle*  Because I did make it that far, however BOOOOOO HISSSSS BOOOO.... For my damn computer crashing this weekend and pretty much putting everything into a tailspin.  My story is backed up on a flash drive, so that was not the issue.  The issue was getting my computer reloaded with the basic programs.  What a royal pain in the rear!  Hopefully, by tomorrow night, I will have more to report.

Have an inspiring day!


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