Monday, November 29, 2010


Last April, I decided to send my 90 year old Dad a text message and bless him, he has been learning to keep up with the ever changing technology of the 21st century.  Because of his hearing loss, it is difficult to hold a telephone conversation with him.  He really only catches about every couple of words. We live in different states, so, I thought that texting him would be ideal because his vision is pretty good (post cataract surgery, tee hee). 

My sister recently went out and purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab for him so he would be able to email and text better.  The screen is large and it's lightweight enough that he is having a great time trying to get it all figured out.  I'm proud to say that he is doing extremely well with it.  I have received daily text messages from him since last week, which I think is super cool.  And, he stumbled across my blog and saw my tribute to him, which I think is even cooler! 

Tonight at work, I received a text message from him saying how much he liked the piece I wrote about him.  He asked me where I got all the information about him which I got a kick out of.  Seriously, Dad?  Don't you think I've been paying attention to all the stories you've told me about your life over the last 36 years? LOL

Besides his Galaxy Tab, my Dad also has a Kindle Reader.  Last I heard, he was reading Oprah's "Unauthorized" Biography.  I remember him telling me while I was visiting him last June, that there's lots of "juicy" stuff in there that he's sure Oprah is not happy about.  LOL.  Apparently, my Dad is into gossip these days! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Looking forward to Christmas this year, even though I'm scheduled to work every single holiday between both jobs.  :(   But this is the first time in a long time that I've spent a holiday where there wasn't any drama.  Gotta love that!


Unknown said...

Here's an update to this story...
My dad texted my for my birthday. I received the text as my phone buzzed because I'd happened to be up and I'd texted back right away. Then I get a text from my sister that said, "Dad is so funny. He just got your text and he wasn't expecting a reply to come back so fast! He got a real kick out of it."


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