Friday, December 3, 2010


Life is funny.  And I don't mean funny "hahahah".  I mean, one day, you're moving right along, you've made a series of choices and BAM!!  You wonder, "How in the heck did I get in this mess?" 

Although, I know that for a CERTAIN, the place where I am at right now is a very good place, I'm sitting here, under fire from a most unexpected source being lectured because of one of the choices I made along the way.  How many times do I say, "Yes.  You are absolutely right.  Maybe I shouldn't have done things the way that I did.  I am sorry for that one small piece."

But there is really a bigger picture here.  Why can't this source see this  BIG PICTURE in its entirety???  I'm baffled over the fact that everyone thought life was perfectly okay to keep going on the way it was.  How could I be the only one out of 6 people to "see" the flaws in a life that kept someone tied to an existence of constant control and monitoring???  Why should a person merely exist?  Shouldn't people be happy?  Or, is the Catholic doctrine that has been apart of my life speak for itself?  Humans should live day after day, serving others in a kind of purgatory here on earth before we die.... (a little dramatic, I suppose...)

I work in an environment where people suffer from pain and illness every day.  I do my best to ease their physical pain.  Life can be taken away from you expectantly or unexpectedly.  We never know when our light will be snuffed out.  So, why not take matters into your own hands and build a life where you are happy and not merely a life where you simply exist from day to day? 

I just can't understand why certain somebodies insist on placing blame in a situation that really is the fault of 2 adults.  Two individuals made mistakes.  Two individuals caused pain.  Two individuals went their separate ways. 

Why is only one individual being punished? 

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