Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The other morning, I heard a song that made me feel real bad for the singer.  He just seemed so lonely and heartbroken.  Then I wondered, are there really that many songs written and sung by men that completely put their hearts and souls out there for the world to see?

Now much has been made of Taylor Swifts writing style and that she basically does what every writer out their does...she writes what she knows.  Ommiting names, of course.  But each song she writes comes from her real life experiences.  She's young and talented and as she grows, I personally think that we will see a lot of great things from her in the future.

Makes sense, though.  If you are knowledgable about a subject, you will be able to build an experience for the reader who has picked up your book, or in this case, listens to your song.  People love to be able to identify with the story on a personal level.  They need to care about what you write about.

I can think of many songs over a lot of different genres that are sung by women who have poured out their deep sadness and soul.  But men?  Not so much.  So, if you can enlighten me...please do.  The knowledge you share will go under that category in my brain of useless...mindless...facts... But most of all, it's driving me CRAZY!!!  Because I know they are out there but I can't think of a single one.  Been making myself batty trying...

The first melancholy song I'd like to share with you is by Kenny Chesney, called "SOMEWHERE WITH YOU"  He hasn't gotten over her, but he's doing his damndest to do anything but confess his love to her.  Sounds like a lot of heros that we write about... 


  The next song is by Jason Aldean, called "The Truth".  His problem is that he doesn't want his girlfriend or wife to tell their family and friends that they've split, so he basically asks her to lie...  So the title of the song has a bit of irony to it.  Which is something I absolutely LOVE!!  But what he asks has also been done in romance novels across the genres by both hero and heroine.  If done right, the story can be extremely entertaining.


The last lonely song I'd like to share is by Joe Nichols.  I recently had the opportunity to see him live at Toby Keith's Bar here in Mesa, AZ.  An absolutely amazing performance.  This song is called, "The Shape I'm In".  He sings of getting by by basically taking things one day at a time, moving forward doing everyday tasks and of trying to get to that place of acceptance.  At least, that is my interpretation...His voice is smooth and sexy, which deepens the melancholy.

Kind of ironic that all three songs are country artists.  I'm interested to see if you know of any heavy medal or classic rock artists that "bleed" their heartbreak in a song?  If you do, please comment below.  I know they are out there and it is driving me crazy trying to think of who they are....

Here's wishing you a little mistletoe with one of Santa's Helpers!  Christmas is only three days away!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

OK Kathleen, here is a few songs that I found. Not sure if they are what you are looking for. :) Nonetheless, enjoy! Radiohead: Creep, Street Spirit, Thinking about you. Toni Braxton: Unbreak my heart. Journey: Lovin,Touchin, squeezing. Eminem: Love the way you lie, Kim, No Love. 3 Doors Down: Here without you. Bjork: Unravel. Hinder: Without you. Just a few.

Kathleen Grieve said...

I will have to check these out. I have never been a person to remember the names of songs...So looking up each one will be a must! Thanks so much for reading!

Diana said...

Just checking in on your blog. Liked this post, but here's a few heart broken men that aren't country:
I'm kind of cheating because I have a "Broken Heart" playlist on itunes.
If you want a CD of the playlist, let me know! :)

Barenaked Ladies: The Wrong Man Was Convicted
Roy Orbison: Crying
Coldplay: Fix You
Colin Hay: Maggie
Colin Hay: I Just don't think I'll Ever Get Over You
Tom Petty: Only a Broken Heart
Eric Clapton: Old Love
Eric Clapton: Tears in Heaven
Eric Clapton: River of Tears
Chicago: Look Away
Chicago: Don't want to live without your love
Breathe: Hands to Heaven
Chris Isaack: Wicked Game
Collective Soul: Not the One
Extreme: More than Words
Cars: Drive
Depeche Mode: Somebody
Mister Mister: Broken Wings
Peter Gabriel: I Grieve
Blink 182: I Miss You
Boston: The Man I'll Never Be
Cake: Never There

Anonymous said...

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