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How many times have we sat through a movie or read a book all the way to the very end...only to be disappointed?  Often?  Sometimes?  Rarely?  I stick through a book or movie until the very end because the optimist in me keeps saying, "It's just got to get better!"  And when I see the  "The End" credit  I'm like, "That's it?  What about....  They didn't address the fact that...."   Grrrrr!!!  I don't like to have my precious free time (cuz I have so very, very little of it)  wasted!  Nobody, does. 

Along with great characters that people want to care about, we all want to be drawn in and entertained  by an interesting, well thought out plot.  Problem is, there's only  a limited number of plots to draw from.  It can be difficult to put down on paper something fresh and tantalizing when it has all been done before. 

Lucky for us, the human mind is wonderfully inventive.   And, we have lots of genres and sub genres to write in.  So, a murder mystery in say....Regency England spun by an historical author isn't going to be written the same way from an author who writes Steampunk. 

Television has captivated my attention with some really great plots right now.  Thank GOD for the invention of the DVR, or I would never be able to see anything since I work nights.  But if you love great plots with some serious characterization...check out these shows:

TRUE BLOOD~  Where there's nothing better when the supernatural beings are as F&%$*ed up as we humans!!

BOARDWALK EMPIRE~A lot of details for us to chew on since there's a lot of American history here.  The actual historical facts contribute to the realism of the times.  The writers really hit the mark.  Sunday's season finale opened up a lot of great possibilities for season two!  I can't wait for April, 2011--It seems like forever away right now.

JUSTIFIED~A lot to say here and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE TIMOTHY OLYPHANT.  Oh, and his portrayal of a messed up U.S. Marshall isn't bad, either.  LOL.  Seriously, though.  You have a U.S. Marshall who gets into trouble and is punished by being sent home.  His father has spent quite a bit of time in and out of prison and the family dynamics are interesting.  In fact, the drug lord (his name escapes me at the moment, but he is the one the Marshall tries to put into prison in season one) has one messed up family of his own.  The characterization is fun to watch. And just when you think you know what the citizens of this back water town are going to do, the writers surprise you! 

WARNING: All information and works contained on this page are © 2010 by the author, Kathleen Grieve.

Now I can post as promised,  a small unedited excerpt from DATING IMPOSSIBLE, my current WIP:

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God

The mantra screamed inside JJ’s head as she’d trailed after Ambra and took her place in line with the other bridesmaids. Had she really just stuck her tongue out at  Cruz Avery? How freakin’ childish and immature. Not one of her finer moments. 

The excited whispers of the other bridesmaids buzzed around her. The organ music began. One by one, they filed down the aisle holding fragrant bouquets of red and white winter lilies. Dimly aware of her surroundings, she followed Ambra. Her frenzied thoughts continued. How could she have mistaken Cruz for Jett? Sure, the men were identical twins, but they were such opposites. JJ had always known which was which. Always. Well, until now, she conceded.


Her childhood crush was just that. A crush. She was no longer the flat-chested, gangly, awkward girl who longed for Cruz Avery’s love and attention. Without conceit, she was well aware her beanpole figure had developed curves in all the right places and her double D’s drew a man’s interest. They had certainly drawn Cruz’s interest just now. Her lips curved with pure feminine satisfaction.

Unable to resist, she snuck a peek in Cruz’s direction. As best man, he stood on the groom’s side of the alter. His attention should’ve been on his brother and Roxanne, but instead, he stared openly at her. Smoky grey gaze held a definite interest. He inclined his head. Outwardly, she knew she presented the picture of calm, supportive bridesmaid. Inwardly, her stomach fluttered with exhilaration. The young teenage girl that still lurked inside of her wanted to jump up and down, screaming her lungs out. God, she would’ve amputated her right arm to have Cruz look at her like that when she’d been in high school.

Easily six-foot tall, he’d slicked his short black hair to the side in his usual style. Clinically, she continued her assessment. Chiseled jaw… Check. Sensual mouth… Check. Broad shoulders that filled out his tuxedo jacket to a perfect “T”… Check. Heat spread across her cheeks.

Yowza! So much for being clinical.

He was still so freakin’ HOT! He winked, and her heart rate accelerated. Too bad he knew his affect on women. As a young girl, JJ often wondered if he’d known she’d been in love with him. She arched a brow in an attempt to feign aloofness and turned her attention back toward Roxanne and Jett as they promised to love each other forever. After all, Cruz had pretended to be Jett while she’d been trying to get into her stupid bridesmaid dress earlier. The rat!

A doctor of emergency medicine in her own right, Cruz Avery was her equal, and now her colleague. That thought dispensed an unwelcome chill. Recent events taught her not to mix business and pleasure. No dating co-workers. Not ever, ever again. Her fingers clenched the bouquet in her hands so tightly, a cramp developed. Slowly, she exhaled and loosened her grip.

Don’t think about what happened a voice whispered. It’s in the past. No one has to know.
But I know… JJ shoved unwelcome memories away.
Well....that's it.  Don't judge me too harshly, it is called a WIP (work in progress). LOL  Happy Wednesday, I'm sending you off with a peek at hunky Timothy Olyphant.  Season 2 of Justified begins in February, 2011.  Can't wait! 

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