Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Morning!  What are your plans for ringing in the New Year?  I, myself, am working...but it is always fun to see how others plan to spend the evening.  There are a lot of "destination" hot spots like New York and Las Vegas are the obvious ones. 

But what if you wanted to go somewhere around the world?  Gayot.com has compiled a list of the top ten destinations to spend your New Years Eve.  Here is the link:  http://www.gayot.com/travel/features/newyears-more.html

I was pleasantly surprised to see Austin, Texas and Savannah, Georgia on that list, as well.  All of the rest of the destinations listed are from around the world.  Go, United States!! LOL

However or where ever you decided to spend your holiday, please be safe. 

Here is a picture of New Year's Eve in Kitzbühel, Austria.  Looks absolutely FABULOUS!!

If you're not planning on going anywhere this year, there is plenty of time to plan ahead to ring in the year 2012!!
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