Friday, December 10, 2010


Good morning!!  I chose the above picture because of the caption.  One of the things people are told when loved ones pass away is that "with time, the pain will ease--maybe even go away".  How a person may deal with his loss depends on the mental stability and coping mechanisms in place.

My hero in Dating 911, firefighter Jett Avery, loses his best friend in a fire.  He blames himself.  If only he had done things differently his friend would still be alive.  Jett over compensates for the loss.  The facade he presents to the outside world is not the man who day after day deals with bouts of depression and guilt. 

One of my favorite chapters I wrote for Dating 911 is chapter four.  It's pages are full of misconceptions.   No one participating in the speed dating is what he seems.  Each person  has his own agenda.  Our hero believes he is meeting our heroine for a 1 on 1 date when in reality she'd already had plans to attend the speed dating.  She didn't take too kindly to the fact Jett had "coerced" their meeting for the night.  And to her way of thinking.  Why date one when you havfe the opportunity to date a room full of men?  Things definitely go awry when Jett tells the other men interested in dating Roxanne a small little teensy weensy lie to get rid of his competition. 

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Here's a brief  unedited excerpt of my book, Dating 911 where Jett is trying to apologize for being an ass.  Well, his intentions were in the right place.  He was trying to apologize. LOL: 

“That hardly seems fair,” he said, using his most soothing voice. He pressed his lips against her forehead. “Me, ruining your life.” He brushed another kiss on her flushed cheek. “Why don’t you let me make it up to you?” he coaxed.

She tilted her head back and he glimpsed a flash of desire in her eyes. Her gaze fastened on his mouth. Her breathing accelerated as her pulse leapt under his fingers that still curled around her wrist.

“Jett,” she said in a tortured whisper. “I’m not sure this is such a good idea. We don’t even really know each other.”

He nuzzled her neck and nipped at her earlobe with his teeth. She sucked in a sharp breath. “That’s because I didn’t get my five minutes. I could be the man of your dreams.” A deep-throated husky chuckle escaped him. “At least for a night or two.”

That's the tease for now....Hopefully, 911 will be published soon and you all will be able to read how Roxanne reacts to his apology.

I'd like to show my female respect to all those hard working firefighters out there!  Gotta love a man in suspenders!   Or...Not!  
Happy Friday, everyone!

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