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Please welcome my sensational crit partner...Kerrianne Coombes here today to talk about her latest release, Snow White The Demon Huntress!

Thank you so much for having me today!

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Snow White The Demon Huntress, is the third book in my series of Demon Tales.

Snow and Sam are possibly my favourite couple I have ever written. They are complete opposites. Sam is cool, level headed and humorous. And Snow is fiery, short tempered and pretty dark.

But when you put them together they just work.

Snow needs no one to protect her, being a demon huntress that cannot be rivalled, she is in no way feeble. Her heart is cold and rational, until the moment she sets eyes upon Sam.

Sam, a king, a warrior in his own right and self professed comedian, knows that his time is coming to an end. For years he has accepted his fate and concluded that he doesn’t care…whatever.

But the moment Snow—demon huntress and figure of his dreams—comes into his life, Sam, for the first time ever, wonders what life would be like if he had a different fate.

Here is a little snippet of them together…

Snow said nothing as she allowed Sam to brush his hand through her hair, all the way to her scalp.  It felt nice to have someone look at her the way Sam was right now, as if he actually liked her—desired her.  His warm, strong fingers worked through the strands gently, the slight tug of each hair sending electric bolts all through her body.  The intense look in his eyes made her blood heat and sizzle, all the way to her core.

Sam sat on the edge of the bed, and Snow couldn’t find the strength to tell him to get off.  For once, she wasn’t alone….and it felt good, nice even.  Sam was looking at her with something other than fear, disappointment or anger.  Snow drowned in his dark eyes.

“You have nice eyes," she said honestly as she gazed into them.

Sam, the king, the man she was supposed to murder, had eyes so dark, so deep and so honest, Snow wanted to melt into them and hope never to come out.

He smiled, and Snow watched tiny creases pull at the sides of his eyes.  He looked roguish, boyish—yet all man as he hovered over her.  How had he got so close?  Snow no longer cared.



Hired demon hunter and paid debt collector, Snow White lives with her heart encased in ice and her mind set on survival—until she accepts the one job that threatens to turn her world upside down.

Blackmailed by hell gate demons, Snow has no choice but to accept the task of murdering a king. Dragged into a world of violence and death at a young age, Snow has no idea how to deal with king Sam, and his charm.

When Sam’s evil bitch mother died fifteen years before, she left a him with the knowledge that one day, she would return unless Sam breaks the spell.

Living with the knowledge that he has to die on his wedding night in order to break his mothers spell, Sam has never allowed himself to dream of love…Until a little assassin breaks into his castle and steals his heart.

But deals have been made and magic has been cast. Fate has no power over what is in the past…
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Thanks for having me! 'Sensational' *Blushes* You are awesome!!!!

Kathleen Grieve said...

Your entire series is awesome! Good luck with it!

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*Gives you sloppy kisses*