Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Check out this sexy cover! I'm honored to say I know Kim Louise personally. In fact, she did a FABULOUS workshop on HOW TO WRITE A LOVE SCENE last September at Heartland Writers Group's monthly meeting. What a lot of fun that was! Almost as fun as Fiction Idol. The month we do FI is still my favorite meetings!

Anyway, if you've received your ROMANTIC TIMES for March, you will see Kim's review. CONGRATS on a great review!

Kim 's book, SWEET LIKE HONEY, is an April Kimani Press release. I've posted a blurb below! Enjoy!

Honey Ambrose is a hot mess-literally. Her online sex-toy business has become a huge success, leaving her house overflowing with her ever-popular inventory. Honey's brother hires professional organizer Houston Pace to help her out, but when Houston arrogantly insists that anyone who needs gadgets doesn't know what they're doing in bed, Honey takes matters-and her toys-into her own hands.
He'll teach her all about love

Houston begins to fall in love, but Honey's fear of intimacy stalls their promising relationship. He is willing to patiently earn her trust, but when Honey's past-and her family-interferes, he'll have to step up to prove that real love is strong, true and oh so sweet.

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Rebecca Ryan said...

That's Kim on the cover. She told me so :)