Monday, March 24, 2008


As many of you know, I have been posting something related to diabetes every monday for quite a few weeks in an attempt to raise awareness for Brenda Novak's online auction and raise money for diabetes research. For Diabetes Monday instead of a post about eating too much sugar on Easter, (which we all have probably overdosed on by now) I'm fortunate to be able to post a message from Brenda Novak herself.

When you stop by her website to check out all the fabulous details of the May, 2008 Auction, if you're an avid reader like me, don't hesitate to click on the first chapter excerpts of her STILLWATER TRILOGY. And don't forget to check out her May, 2008 release, TRUST ME.
I promise, if you love mystery and suspense, you won't be disappointed!

My name is Brenda Novak. Many know me as a published
author writing romantic suspense for MIRA Books and
contemporary series romance for Harlequin's
Superromance line. Many others know me for organizing
an online auction to benefit diabetes research in honor of my youngest son.

I'm currently recruiting donation items for my 4th
annual event that starts on May 1st and runs through
May 31st, 2008. This auction caters to readers and
writers alike with a wide variety of items from Big
Name Authors and networking opportunities. Would you
consider adding yourself to the list of donors? I wish
I had the time to personally ask each and every one of
you for a donation. Instead, please allow me to share
with you the highlights of donating to this auction:

If you are a published established author, this is a
great way to get national exposure through the
auction's advertisement in Writer's Digest,
Publisher's Weekly, RT Book Reviews Magazine, The
Sacramento Bee (newspaper), The Romance Writers Report
and many, many other print and on-line venues. In
addition, it will be featured in the May 12th issue of
Woman's World (they have 2.5 million readers!).

If you are a published new author, why not create a
gift basket with other up-and-coming authors as a way
to introduce yourself to the bidders? If you are still
working towards becoming published, we accept many
kinds of items. Please check out what has already been
donated for ideas
http://brendanovak. auctionanything. com/

If anyone is interested in donating an item to benefit
the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, here is the
direct link:
http://www.brendano donate.php
If you would like to know more about the Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation, here is their website.
http://www.jdrf. org/

My goal is to expand the auction into all genres and
get more national media coverage to support it--I
think it will bring some fabulous attention to the
authors/publishers who donate and it will boost the
amount we raise by a very large margin. In May, I look
forward to seeing your bids at
http://brendanovak. auctionanything. com/

Thank you for your help to find a Cure for Diabetes!
Brenda Novak

Brenda Novak is a member of the Sacramento Valley Rose RWA Chapter


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Chrissy said...

I haven't heard of this Brenda Novak before but I'm sure it's a great book.

A trilogy I've just completed is called The Osogoode Trilogy, by Mary Martin.
I think Mary Martin does an excellent job of weaving the law and mystery with the thread of brilliance