Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Has anyone heard about this? I only caught part of the news clip, but apparently, there are male models out there starving themselves because it is "fashionable" for them to be very skinny. The newscaster said that "muscles & bulk" used to be in and now things have gone completely the opposite. They are calling it the "noodle look". I had a great chuckle over that one!

So, I'd like to start a debate. How do you like your male models?

Do you like this guy? He is sporting a pair of suspenders like one of my fantasy firemen!

Or would you like a guy like this? These men are a few of the male models on a catwalk in Milan, Italy:

In my opinion, SUSPENDER HUNK beats out SKINNY GUY any day of the week! He is what I imagine any hero in a romance book epitomizes. My first picture posted in this blog of a heartbeat symbolized how SUSPENDER HUNK gets my heart pumping! *g*

What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment!

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I'm looking forward to all of your comments.

Take care!


*lizzie starr said...

OMG! Even if I didn't look the way I do, I'd still have issues with the high fashion 'model'. Now it's guys too? Yikes. Let's make even more of the world unrealistic. There are more than enough people in the world who CAN'T eat, we shouldn't be 'deifying' those who DON'T eat.

Okay, that was just a tiny soapbox rant. ;)

I've always liked slender guys. hmm, think David Bowie. But even slender, there's still some body there. Not that I don't mind well defined, but not over done muscles! A nice balance--that's what life's about.

Thanks for keeping your finger on the pulse of life, kiddo.

Jules said...

oh sweet heaven, I like my men with a little bulk on em! get those noodles outta here (=