Friday, May 9, 2008


Check out the blurb below and if you want to find out more about THE GHOST INSIDE or its author, jj keller, go to to be released some time in 2008! I'll post the cover when it becomes available.

The Ames Mansion has been in Jacey Hewson’s family since 1825. Mysterious and foreboding, it’s believed to be haunted. Jacey intends to search, not for ghosts, but for antique swords rumored to be hidden somewhere on the estate and then SELL.
Griff Carpenter runs a tight construction business, but he needs cash to pay off a blackmailer. Griff takes the job to renovate the apocalypse estate. What he didn’t count on was his growing attraction for the new owner. Will Griff find a way to keep Jacey in Cyan? When and if Jacey finds the swords will she be able to tear herself away from Griff's comforting and sexy arms?

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jj Keller said...

Thanks, Kathleen.

Griff is hot. He's a sweet and kind. A good ol' Samaritan.

Except, when it comes to a ghost holding his girl hostage.

Thank you for posting the cover and blurb. The Ghost Inside is a fun, spicy story!