Thursday, May 22, 2008


My husband has had a busy couple of weeks. No wonder he's been snoring so loud! LOL. But seriously, when it comes to art projects, he is the ABSOLUTE BOMB! My 9 year old daughter, Sydney had been studying the Rain Forest and had to do a report about an animal, complete with the construction of one! She picked a Cassowary. Here is what a Cassowary looks like:

And here is the one my husband helped my daughter build:

And here is Sydney at school during their Rain Forest Cafe where all the kids displayed their animals:

Not to be outdone, my twelve year old son, Mikey, has been working on a report about the United Kingdom. Being older, his has been a more in depth process. First, he was given guidelines to write a report. And although the Internet and libraries have a lot of research about the UK, he was still missing some key points he needed for his paper.

That is where networking and friendship came in! The contacts I've made as an author of romance have become invaluable! As many of you may know, Jane Richardson, fellow author from The Wild Rose Press, resides in the UK. I emailed her asked her a few questions. She was more than generous with her time so that Mikey's report would be accurate and complete. Here is Jane's latest release now available at :

And remember all of the proceeds from Jane's book goes towards diabetes research! Make sure you pick yourself up a copy! Not only will you have a great read, but you'll be helping a lot of people that suffer from diabetes.

Now, back on topic. The next two pieces of Mikey's project was to create a landmark of his chosen country and cook something to share with his class that is native to that country. WHOA! Did that slip of paper that just came home said "cook"? Doesn't the teacher know I can't boil water in my own country much less cook a dish from another? Jeeze! This is where my husband comes in. "Oh, honey...."

Remember Sydney's Cassowary? Well, my husband is a GENIUS! Keep reading and you'll see why!

Again, Jane Richardson's help was invaluable. She sent us several landmarks off the beaten path, but after each one was studied, Mikey settled on The White Cliffs of Dover because he'd mentioned that in his report on the UK. Here is a picture of The White Cliffs of Dover:

And here is the one my husband and son made to take to school:

Isn't Mikey adorable?

Next, Jane had sent her grandmother's recipe for scones. YUM! Here is my husband and son hard at work creating them last night. These next couple of pics are with Mikey and Dad creating the scones, how the scones came out, and one of Sydney enjoying a scone! They were awfully tastey!

Thanks Jane! They were delicious!

And one last thing....hop on over to to bid on all the wonderful items up for auction to help raise $$$ for diabetes research!

Take CARE!


Jane Richardson, writer said...

Aw, wouldja look at those SMART kids!!! Clearly they take after their, er...parents!!!

Glad it all went well. Save me a scone, Mikey!

Jane x

Kathleen Grieve said...

I'd email you a scone, Jane, but that technology hasn't been figured out yet! I'm sure it will be coming soon!

Mikey got an "A" on his report. The grades are not back on the project of the landmark or the food.

Not to be outdone, Syd received an "A" on her Cassowary, too!

I'm soooo proud!

CherylStJohn said...

Hey, post that scone recipe, will ya? I love baking scones!