Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Welcome to another rendition of Tuesday Tales, where a group of writers get together and all write to the same "prompt".  This week's post is a little something I'm going to add to my wip, From Lust To Ashes...Hope you enjoy!  Oh, the the picture has nothing to do with my story, I just couldn't resist sharing it as it was sent to me by a friend!

KATHLEEN GRIEVE ~Unedited~ (Contemporary Medical and Paranormal Romance)

ALERT!!! This Content contains material that may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18~heat level-EROTIC!!

Unable to resist the allure, Sam grasped the scrap of red silk and pressed the panty to his nose, inhaling deeply.  Tatum’s unique scent a mixture of something wild and untamed yanked his cock to attention.  The wave of desire slammed into his gut and his knees buckled forcing him to sit on the edge of the cold, empty bed.

 Sam lay back on the mattress, mindless of the tangled sheets.  He let the panty hover over his face like a flag and drew in another deep breath.  Tingly waves of lust raced along the sensitive nerve endings throughout his body.  A fiery sensation unlike any he’d ever experienced before.  
Vaguely he wondered if she’d cast some kind of spell upon him.   He shook his head and her potent bouquet sent another rush of lust that curled his toes.  A Phoenix didn’t use witchcraft.  Did she?  

What the fuck did that matter in the grand scheme of things?

His free hand strayed down to his boxer shorts and he freed his
painful erection from the cotton.  A tortured moan escaped his dry lips.  He grasped the length of his shaft and squeezed.  Spasms ripped through his torso with each stroke.  Every single nerve ending in his body was aware of the roughness of the palm of his hand as he pleasured himself. 
Somewhere in the back of his mind Sam knew this was crazy.  All his time spent up in the mountains in his self-imposed purgatory, he’d never had the urge to whack off.   Not once.  But here he was, after one night with the red haired supernatural beauty, and he  was lost. 

Almost with a will of its own, his hand pumped faster and faster.  Slightly disoriented, fresh excitement surged with a flash of heat and intensity.  His body wound tighter and tighter.  With a husky cry, Tatum’s name detonated from his lips as he exploded into his palm.

He opened his eyes unaware that he’d squeezed them shut with the force of his release.  His own ragged pants echoed off the walls around him, the only sound in the dark empty hotel room. 

Fear crept silently and with devilish intent, winding its way around his heart and he knew he fought a losing battle.  

There would be no denying her or her fucking Sun Council. 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into From Lust To Ashes!  Don't forget to check out some other free reads over at Tuesday Tales at this link: http://tuesdaytales1.blogspot.com/

Happy Tuesday!!

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Lindsay said...

This story was so totally hot I'm glad I was home when I read it. Let's just say, I needed a cold shower after I finished..... Fill in the blank