Thursday, February 28, 2008


When you write, do certain music lyrics spark any ideas? I was driving to work tonight and heard a lyric in one of my favorite songs. I thought, what would happen if..... In fact, that is how the opening scene to my current wip, DATING 9-1-1 came to me.

But as I thought about it more, there were several phrases in songs that really strike a chord in me. Some just make me melt. Some are so prolific and deep and make me think. Here's what I decided to do. I took some of my favorite phrases from songs and wanted to know if anyone out there can name that tune. There are five lyrics listed below.

Test your music knowledge!

1) "....I'd stare a lifetime in your eyes...."

2) "....Life is a journey, not a destination....."

3) "...I'm not like this. I'm really kind of shy, but I get this feeling whenever you walk by. I don't want to doubt you, I want to make you high...."

4) "...You make me weak, I want to die. Just when you said we'd try....."

5) "....You put the magic in me. I feel the magic when we do what we do...."

OK! There is the first five. Tomorrow, I'll post the answers and you can see how you did! If you need a hint, the kind of music I enjoy is listed on my profile on my MYSPACE page at:


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