Tuesday, February 5, 2008


What kind of music do your hero and heroine (H/H) listen to? Is this trait something you think about when you're developing a character? And how important is music to deepening your character?

These questions woke me up yesterday and I couldn't go back to sleep. Which was a major bummer, let me tell you. Working the night shift at the hospital plays havoc with a person's system enough as it is, but that is a whole other post!

Music is important in my character developement. But I find myself imposing my musical tastes on my H/H and have to be very careful. They need to be their own individuals, right?

So, how about you? Do your H/H listen to the music they would listen to? Or, music you would listen to?


tricia said...

My hero and heroine would listen to their own. Since mine is set in the 17th century, either bawdy tavern ditties sung off-key by drunken patrons and sailors for my hero, alternating with church hymns, or
the strains of a virgial and lute for my heroine.

Me, I listen to Hard rock metal..gimme Nickleback or Hinder.

Kathleen Grieve said...

OH! Tricia, being a writer of contemporary, I didn't even give a thought to historicals. Interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Hi Kathleen!
Music is essential to help me develop the characters. Can't do without it! I can have a whole soundtrack for a story, but there's usually one particular piece that says something about a character, and when I hear it, they begin to come alive. The heroine I'm writing now is Joni Mitchell's 'All I Want,' and my hero in the book about to be released is right there in Green Day's 'Boluevard of Broken Dreams.' So it's my music in the first place, I suppose, but it becomes theirs quite naturally. I also find that having a kind of soundtrack helps to keep me 'in' the story, keeps it kicking around in my head. :)

J x

Kathleen Grieve said...

Jane, so glad you stopped in to say hello! I know EXACTLY what you mean. My current WIP started with the Police's song, "Roxanne". Why? I haven't a clue, but I knew that would be my heroine's name. I also knew that by my hero playing the song to get her attention, would get him into trouble. Makes for an interesting first five pages! :))