Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As women, we wear many hats trying to juggle our careers with family. When you add author into the mix, the challenge rises ten fold. Yes, I'm talking trying to find time to write, network, promote....The list is never ending!

I've spent the last five days with my family and haven't worked on my WIP. They have been going through major mommy/wife withdrawal. Now it is time to get back into the mode. I have the rest of my book plotted out, now I just have to find the time between work and home to write.

This was a MAJOR accomplishment for a pantser like me. I owe that to the wonderful women who taught the Rose's Plotters Bootcamp. If you haven't checked this course out, I give it a major high five. It is put on by the gals over at ROSE'S COLORED GLASSES. Here is the link: http://www.rosescoloredglasses.com/ The instructors went above and beyond to give personal feedback on every lesson submitted. I would definitely take this course again. They also offer other courses any of you writers might be interested in taking.

OK, back to my Monday duties which was the whole point I'm trying to make. Yesterday, my family dragged me off to the first day of Spring Training. I'm talking BASEBALL here. The Chicago Cubs have arrived in sunny Arizona. So, it was really hard for me to spend a beautiful day watching a bunch of men warm up and practice baseball! LOL. Of course, it was purely research. As an author, it is necessary to study body types and mannerisms. *g*

We even received a few autographs. One of my favorites is Ron Santo. I know I've mentioned him before. He no longer plays, but is the radio announcer for the Cubbies, now. He also suffers from diabetes (and those of you following my blog have to know about Brenda Novak's auction for diabetes research, and if you don't go to www.brendanovak.com) and has lost both his legs to the disease. But what an amazing man! He took time with the kids signing autographs.

I posted a few pics for you all to enjoy! Including a nice one of me and the family! Yes, I did have my i-pod on. Mom needs some space--especially after five days!


Anonymous said...

Ah, balance. Is balance between duty, obligation, love and desire a thing of the past?

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Kathleen, I salute you! The gruelling things we writers put ourselves through in the name of research - what a fine woman you are! I myself will soon be attending La Dolce Vita exhibition in London, sampling Italian food, drink, and possibly even chocolate, checking out contemporary clothes and jewellery, maybe the odd Ferarri or two, and as if that's not enough, forcing myself to spend hours chatting to a whole bunch of handsome Italian men and look like I'm enjoying it - all for research, of course. Sigh. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.
(VBG!) looks like you had a fab day!

Jane x

Kathleen Grieve said...


every time I tell my husband I have to do a little bit more research on firemen for my book, he rolls his eyes! LOL. I told him it was a SERIOUS fact finding mission, and if he didn't believe me to check out my post on the Phoenix FD for himself. The eye candy picture was purely entertainment! *g*