Wednesday, February 13, 2008


OK! I took my youngest son with me shopping (well, he hopped in the car and invited himself a long. What's a mom to do?) to get my husband his present for Valentine's Day + our wedding anniversary is Friday.

What does the stinker do? He blabs at the dinner table! AARGGH! So much for the element of surprise. The rest of the kids laugh. I'm aghast, and my husband is quite pleased with himself.

I need a vacation!

But seriously. Here are the top ten gift ideas for men for Valentines Day this year according to ASKMEN.COM are:

10) Magazines
9) DVD's
8) A Bar Set
7) Champagne and Truffles (I like this one!)
6) Grooming Products
5) Cologne
4) Gift Accessories (they gave examples such as a wallet, hats, gloves...)
3) Handheld Organizer
2) Intimate Bedroom Gifts
1) A Classy Watch

My husband received a new Chocolate Cell Phone and a large box of candy. I guess I flunked this top ten! *g*


Anonymous said...

Kathleen, this is a great list. It can be used year after year.

Thanks for sharing.

Kids will be kids...

luv2write said...


I've had that happen before! My daughter blurted out what my husband was getting for Christmas. Oh well, I'm over it--that was about eight years ago!