Friday, February 22, 2008


Do you have this character spinning around in your head? How do you get him or her down on paper? Characterization worksheets help, but I'm a visual learner. I need to have that reminder of what this person looks like. I know a lot of authors will make collages of their wips, complete with pictures of their H/H. I save mine to my desk top or my myspace page.

If you've stopped by my myspace lately, you will see the guy above. I'm at: This is exactly how I envision Fireman Jett Avery, complete with his dark hair mussed and the fire raging in the background.

But what about my heroine, ER nurse Roxanne Carter? From the beginning when the opening scene of Dating 911 kept me sleep deprived until I finally typed it out on my computer, I saw actress Meagan Fox. She is the nurse in my story.

To read an unedited excerpt, you can go to my myspace page and read chapter one of Dating 911.

How about you? What do you do to keep focused on your characters?

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