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I know.... Right? Yowza... ๐Ÿ˜ฒ I came across this picture and just had to share him. He will be the perfect Dr. Xavier whom you've seen a glimpse of already in my book, Dating Impossible, where he has a run in with Dr. JJ Jones in the ER.

In the 3rd book of my Dating Series, Dating Trouble, you get another glimpse of this yummyliscious Dr. HardAss... So much so, that I think he will be the star of the 4th Dating book and I'm actually toying with the title, Dating Dr. HardAss... LOL. Because, come on... he is a serious hard case with a bad attitude! If the nurses thought Dr. Stone Lassiter from my book The Doctor's Deception was impossible to work wait til you get a load of Dr. Xavier!

But seriously, THIS piece of man candy IS Dr. Xavier. Those intense eyes **shivers** I can't wait to figure out why he is such an asshole and who will be the woman to take him down, heart and all! My muse is itching to work on him now, but I can't... Under deadline for Chicks Dig Scars which will be coming April, 2017!

So I thought I'd give you a bit of a glimpse of Dr. Xavier in action in my wip, Dating Trouble. This is unedited, so please be kind. Enjoy!


Work in Progress, Dating Trouble:

A glance at the patient from her new vantage point made Ambra cringe. She’d been a registered respiratory therapist for almost ten years and she’d never gotten used to sights like this. A male she guessed to be in his early twenties lay unmoving before her. His clothes had been cut off and lay scattered around the trauma bay. Blood poured from several wounds in his chest, left thigh, and shoulder.

Roger gave her a grateful smile. “Thanks,” he said. “My fingers were beginning to cramp.”

“Gunshot or stabbing?” she asked.

Roger’s solemn gaze met hers. “Stabbing.”

Her lips formed a silent “O”. Her job was to save lives, not judge how others lived. But she couldn’t help but think how sad for this young man and his family. There was a very slim chance he’d survive his current predicament. What a waste of potential. Life was too short to be caught at the wrong place at the wrong time…

“Where the hell is the trauma surgeon?” Cruz asked.

“Need a heartbeat in order for me to fix anything,” Dr. Xavier said, coldly. He stood a few feet inside the doorway reviewing the chest x-rays with the radiologist tech on the x-ray viewer. His voice held thinly veiled contempt. “Do your job, and I’ll do mine, Cruz. By the look at John Doe’s films, we may need to open him right here. Where’s the chest cart?”

Dr. Xavier was the same general surgeon that had given JJ, Cruz’s fiancรฉ and another of Ambra’s besties, hell a few months ago when she’d come on staff here in the ER. His shit attitude continued despite all the staff complaints to administration. Nothing was ever done because he made so much money for the hospital. He usually looked like he swallowed a pile of sour dog shit and today was no exception. Say what you wanted about Doctor I Got A Stick Shoved Up My Ass, but if Ambra needed emergent surgery, there wasn’t another pair of hands she’d allow to touch her other than his. He’d performed some amazing saves—many of them right here in this very room. Ambra thought there was a story there, but no one had figured him out, yet.

“It’s here, Doctor Xavier,” Roxanne said and slid a red cart that looked just like one of those Sears Craftsman Tool chests to one side of the gurney. “Size eight gloves, sir?” Her tone held nothing but the upmost respect. She knew what this man could do and that if the guy on the gurney had a chance of survival, Doctor Xavier was it.

“Yes. Airway secure?” he asked while he tied a surgical cap onto his head, slid into a sterile gown, and put his goggles on to protect his eyes from blood splatter.

“He’s not intubated,” Ambra said. She glanced at Cruz. She didn’t need to see the tick working in his jaw, or the way he clenched and unclenched his fists at his sides to know he was pissed off at Xavier’s behavior.

“Well, do it, girl. What are you waiting for?” Dr. Xavier said.

The Emergency chimes blared from the ceiling overhead. The PBX Operator’s calm, clear voice called out, “Code Blue room 525. Code Blue room 525.”

“Christ! Full moon?” Roger asked.

“Naw, that was last weekend sweetie,” Ambra said with a smile. “It’s still sunny outside and 115 degrees. This is called job security, baby.”

“Ambra,” Cruz said. “You got this?”

“Hell’s to the ya. I got this.” Ambra loved to intubate. And she was one of the best with difficult intubations. Technology was such that they now had an array of fun toys to play with during emergencies such as this that made things a piece of cake. It was always a thrill to place a tube just passed someone’s vocal cords and into his trachea and watch as the oxygen finally reached a person’s bloodstream from having a good airway in place and he pinked up… Well, Ambra had no real words to describe the feeling. To say it was satisfying wouldn’t even touch the tip of what she really felt. “Go. Roger will assist you with the code upstairs,” she said nodding to her partner.

“Dr. Xavier,” Cruz said, striding for the doorway. “You’ll have your airway by the time your sterile field is set up. I’ll leave you to it.”


So there you have it. Just another day in the life of the ER! I hope to have this one completed and submitted by next summer. I know several of my readers have been chomping at the bit for Ambra's story. This nurse meme always cracks me up. Poor Dr. Mc Dreamy... The breathing tube Ambra places in her patient is just like the one hanging out of Dr. Mc Dreamy's mouth, but placed properly, of course. LOL 

If you're interested in reading about Dr Xavier, Ambra and the whole Dating clan the first book is Dating 911 which can be purchased here: 

Enjoy your weekend!

Kathleen  ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

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